Sunday, February 20, 2011

Awards from the House of Germs

A Heart-shaped Boston Crème Donut to every Pixie! Happy (belated) Valentines.

It was a long week around here before the stomach bug hit and it has only gotten longer since, so these are going to be short and insufficient awards.

Pixie love to Anontoday, as s/he sets and enforces the boundaries of hir home.

kathy a. gets the Old Skool Award for her “affliction of a personal nature caused by antibiotics. “

The Creepy Creepazoid Award to the boss’s boss’s boss who sent his secretary to hand pink roses out to the women...and ONLY the liz’s office.

Neighbor Lady gets the Traveling Star for her “lovely visit with mother in law this weekend in a place that was warm enough for no coat.”

Esperanza gets the Carpe Momentum Award for her anti-whine/whine combo:
AW: the Baboos played together, happily, for over an hour last night.
W: today, not so much.

Sarah at ratatat has our sympathy for her recurring whine: “VDay is my son's birthday. I can't strike the right personal balance between celebrating his birthday and celebrating Valentine's Day, a day which I halfheartedly celebrate, at best.” Happy birthday, son!

Another Old Skool Award to JenR, who “spent the whole day thinking it was Thursday. Now I have an 'extra' day to deal with tomorrow.”

Sue gets the Bats in the Belfry Award for her close encounter of the shadowy kind:
“W: I was reading in the bedroom just now, and I could have *sworn* I saw something black flying by me in my peripheral vision. I went running out of the room, shut the door behind me, and told hubby that there was a bat in his bathroom (the ensuite is his).
Double Whine: No bat. Except the ones in my belfry.”

kathy a will be our hostess next week. See you all then!


kathy a. said...

thank you, thank you!

lovely awards ceremony, redzils! you win a strength in the face of adversity tiara for hostessing despite the yucks -- hope you are feeling better!

Sue said...

thanks redzils - feel better soon!

liz said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Traveling Star is a lovely award! Many thanks!
Hope you are feeling better soon!
--Neighbor Lady

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for all the support. It looks like he took it to heart, has been sober since our fight.

I hope it lasts. I don't want to end our marriage, but I will if he drinks again.