Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011!

This week's awards are brought to you by a Brand! New! Year!, coming soon to your location. Or, you can just pick a handy time zone and start celebrating now!

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Sarah, celebrating 17 years since she began dating her beloved, for her fabulous anit-whine: there was no facebook then, which considerably cut down on the general busy-bodiness regarding the circumstances of the romance. Brilliant!

Techie of the Week Award to Sue, for embarking on that long journey toward figuring out her New! Free! Camera! I don't see why these gadgets don't come with a permanently attached cheat sheet; the manuals always seem to drop into a black hole before I figure out that the features may be intuitive to a martian, but they are not intuitive to me.

Good Career Vibes to the fabulous Redzils, who is wondering what she will be when she "grows up," since this job hasn't proven to be the land of milk and honey. Best to all Pixies who share the quest, including Emily and Sarah, and thanks to Liz and Sarah for words of wisdom.

Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow Awards to Name Under Development, in two divisions: [1] Occupational, for landing a full-time job offer, top salary! and [2] Parental, for her excellent anti-whine about daughters returning home for the holidays: "All three girls have become women I’m proud to know and love—not every parent can say that."

Perspective Award to Sue, for handling a tragic and thorny situation with her usual good grace. Thoughts for you, the family, and all who are affected by this sudden and untimely death.

Raising a toast to all the Pixies as we leave this year behind and embark on the new one! May illnesses and sorrows resolve; may our families be well, work be manageable, and households achieve cleanliness, order, and basic hygeine standards; may happiness find us, at least a little bit every day; and may something really fantabulous happen every so often. Cheers!

(Yeah, the chances of my particular house achieving order, or the pook and bark disappearing, are about zipperino. It would be no fun if all the whines went away, no?)

ETA awards for NUD's wonderful, late-breaking antiwhines.


Sue said...

Great awards kathy! Happy New Year to all the Pixies at the Pixie Ball!

Special congrats to NUD! Yaaaay!!!!

esperanza said...

Just catching up with teh interwebs after a week away. Hugs to the whiners and high fives to the antiwhiners.

AW: We are home.

kathy a. said...

Happy New Year, Esperanza! Please feel free to do any necessary catchup whining. :)

Miranda said...


Happy New Year and lots of love to you wonderful women. I am so happy to know you all in this space. xoxoxoxo