Thursday, December 9, 2010


Quite an exciting week here at Whiner's Central!

Old Skool Awards go to Liz, for the mealy apple; and Miranda, for the classic battle of deciding whether something needed is worth a trip to the ~shudder~ mall.

EWWWWW! Award to Esperanza, who recovered not one but two deceased ladybugs from Mini's mouth, and also found her inner Iron Mom when Sweet announced, from the bathtub she was sharing with the baby, and I quote: "Poo."

ICK! Award goes to Sue for bark through the nose. (Thanks to Esperanza for the nomination.)

The ER Adventure Award goes to Liz, whose boy is OK! Yay! But chest pains and a referral to the pediatric cardiologist are scary as heck, and not quality holiday entertainment. NOT.

Also not good holiday entertainment is being hit by a fireplacing car! KLee wins the Road Warrior Award, Pedestrian Division. Her assailant, and all of the other drivers practicing Extreme Shopping, win extended visits from the Cluestick Posse. Sheesh.

Best AntiWhine Award to Sarah, for "Aren't we glad we don't live in igloos? That's my AW of the day." Sarah also wins the Seasonal Spirit Award, noting that the snowy frosting on her landscape really helps!

Miranda wins a Parenting Triumph Award, for the joy of seeing her son blossom into a fine young man!

They Love You! Award to Sarah, whose notice to the old job is being interpreted as an offer to keep doing that job in a poorly paid consultant capacity. Heh! This award comes with some Quality Cluesticking, and the following festive holiday message: "Which part of 'I quit' is unclear to you?"

Holiday Photo Award to Days, whose son devotedly insisted on the family dog's presence for the family portrait, resulting in some excellent dog + son photos, and some pandemonium in the actual group shots. Oh, well -- at least the photos realistically depict family life? ;)

Hugs and a sigh of relief to Jenevieve, whose beloved's meds are finally kicking in! Jeni also wins the Bizarro World Award, for the cognitive dissonance of receiving a totally wonderful [and expensive] grandparental gift at the exact time her family is struggling with her long hours, and pay so grinchy that everything's a struggle.

Passing the chocolate all around, and warm beverage of your choice. Best to all the Pixies struggling with illnesses, overwork, financial situations, bodily fluids, relatives, shoppers and shopping malls, seasonal overload, the weather, and igloos.


liz said...


Sue said...

Yes, the barking has ended, so I'll have some yummy chocolate now. Thanks!
Great awards kathy a!!

kathy a. said...

Feel free to keep whining, should the need arise.

I will: My cousin's husband died after a long struggle with Parkinson's. He only went into hospice a few days earlier. She is also caretaker for their adult disabled daughter, who I think may have trouble with the services and all. Trying to figure out what will be helpful to her...

liz said...

Oh, Kathy, send our love to your cousin.

Days said...

Oh, ((Kathy)).

Our friend's 8 yo old DD, whom I mentioned a few weeks ago, passed away yesterday morning. Fireplacing cancer. We are waiting for arrangements to be finalized before we tell the kids. It's heartbreaking.

kathy a. said...

(((( days )))) fireplacing cancer. that is so terrible. much love to her family and yours. xoxox

liz said...


There just are no words. Sending love to you all.

Jenevieve said...

Oh, Kathy and Days. Hugs to both of you.