Friday, December 24, 2010

Almost the Night Before Christmas...

It's time to pass the cookies and eggnog, and review the Pixie Motto: This Too Shall Pass.

Old Skool Award to Liz, whose husband does the laundry and then stashes it somewhere, without telling her it's ready to be folded, and she discovers it is done only when the underwear drawer is empty. Who can't relate to a little laundry whineage?

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Sue, for "I could have been talking to the meatballs in the slow cooker," describing the conversation with a future [and future ex] in-law. As for her stepsister, the Cluestick Posse shall be accompanied by a number of elves and several volunteer reindeer.

By popular acclaim, Days wins the Bodily Fluids Award, Pet Division, for her extremely classic whine: "Cat bark on my pillow; dog pee in my laundry basket. That is all." Such a stylish entry!

Lots of competition for the Bodily Fluids Award, Human Division, which goes to Liz (on behalf of MM), Sue (on behalf of Hubby), and Neighbor Lady (on behalf of Neighbor Boy), all regarding nosebleeds -- who knew they were contagious? -- and Esperanza (on behalf of Sweet Baboo), with 5 days of the messy product of a digestive upset. Eww. These awards include festive bottles of bleach.

Wonders of Antibiotics Awards to those in need, including Esperanza's Sweet Baboo and Amy's Tater. Oy, ear infections.

Belated Happy Birthday to Purple Kangaroo! And a Dishwasher Award; there's been a lot of that going around recently. Ugh.

Bah Humbug Award to KLee, who suffers the trifecta of sickness, an unhelpful doctor, and a grumpy hubby. Hoping the bug disappears, obviating the need for the second, and the Posse will be by with some cheerfulness cluesticks for Mr. Grinch.

Most Stylish Comment Award to Liz, for hers beginning with "Oh, for the love of fuzzy ducklings."

Best Anti-Whine Awards to Sue, for Skyping the church cantata, and the holy massage; Sarah, who now has "the internet in my pocket"; PK for her fabulous hair; NL on the dedication of new worship space at her temple; and JenR for projecting "mostly" readiness.

The "We Couldn't Do That" Award to Esperanza, for assembling the big gift for the Baboos without cussing.

Thinking of Friends Awards to YT and Gary, whose friendship and classic entries of the past continue to grace and inspire us.

Much love to Neighbor Lady, whose family lost 2 grandparents in 2 weeks; Sue, whose hubby had a scary blood sugar event; and Liz, whose sister was diagnosed with the fireplacing cancer. Fingers crossed, Liz, and all good wishes that this is easily treated. xoxoxo

Here's hoping that everyone celebrating this weekend has a lovely time! Barring that, a good story. Consider this an open thread for the W's and AW's of the season.


Sue said...

Thanks for the awards kathy a!! Awesome as always. Blessings to all for whatever form of holiday you might celebrate.

Here's to a holiday week with minimal whines and maximum AWs!!!

kathy a. said...

Merry Christmas!

dropped a can on my little toe yesterday. the toe protests.

evil little dog has only tried to bite one person so far. the cats have decamped to their secret bunker; i'm sneaking them rations.

working on side dishes. waiting for son and his lovely girlfriend. :)

kathy a. said...

evil little dog drew blood when she went after son's girlfriend!

nice day. half the family fell asleep immediately before the scheduled dinnertime [isn't that supposed to happen after?], so i've decided dinner will be a little later.

amy said...

Thank you, kathy, for excellent awards and for keeping the whining open. I'm losing my mind. Tater is still sick -- I think the antibiotics are not working -- and (naturally) the Tot is working my very last nerve. Tater has been crying All Day, and the Tot has some kind of internal wiring that makes her more interested in his toys when he is least able to keep his head. EVERY TIME I get him to stop crying, she takes the opportunity to start playing with one of his new toys, which causes him to lose it.

Don't get me wrong -- I love Christmas, and I love my kids, but right now I just want to run away and join the circus.

kathy a. said...

oh, amy. poor little tater. ear infections are so miserable. xoxo

esperanza said...

Amy, do I ever hear you. I don't think Sweet is as sick as Tater, but she's also got the ear bug. And the tantrums and whining and crying. Ugh. Despite our best attempts to keep the present-opening low key, we had two melted Baboos by lunchtime. Mini was suffering from lack of sleep, and Sweet...who knows exactly.

I'm doing laundry and trying to get us packed to leave tomorrow after church to go to the g-parents. No hope of low key present-opening there (occuring on Monday), so I'm expecting some more melting. Could be mine.

I would also not be surprised if AF decided to show up for the first time since Mini was born. I suppose I shouldn't complain, since she's 11 months old, huh? Just bad timing.

AW: such nice and helpful people to play with the Baboos during church last night. Aah.

kathy a. said...

oh oh oh, esperanza! wishing you good travels, plenty of supplies, excellent antibiotics, and the will to foist le babes upon the grandparental units so you can get a little time-out already. xo

i'm so whiney, i can't stand myself. apparently, my MIL and her evil little dog are staying until at least monday. the sibs and family are coming tomorrow -- which is OK, it will be low-key and we have lots of leftovers. but i'm tired.

and my poor cousin, the one who lost her husband a couple weeks ago. her daughter's been in ICU for the last week or so, is back on a respirator, has a second bout of pneumonia, etc. cannot believe how bad things have been. i'm going monday, and pulling together the best gift bag i can muster. which will be a load or few short of what she needs. phooey.

Days said...

Hugs(especially for the sick pixies and wee pixies) and holiday well-wishes to all. Antibiotics, turkey soup and/or hot toddies for all, as necessary.

Low key and very nice holiday was had here. Kids were for the most part great, grateful and gracious. Food was delicious. Hubby aced the gift-giving for all, and has earned the crown and the duties of Teh Holiday Shopper henceforth.

SIL and her little dog have stirred up my son, who now feels we treat our dog cruelly since we don't let him sit on a chair at the dinner table or eat off our forks, and we force him to go outside to do his business instead of using those puppy training pads, etc., etc. SIL also provided a running tally of how much she had spent on each family member. Last estimate was twice as much on the dog as on the rest of the family combined. Kids are confused about why she treats the dog like people, and people like $hit. Actually, I'm confused too.

kathy a. said...

oh, days -- it sounds like the good outweighed all! yay for a great dinner, fine presents, and the awesomeness of hubby and kids.

but SIL is definitely on the cluestick list, for multiple violations.

liz said...

Holiday great. Stop. Husband loves his footed pjs. Stop. Son loves all things Wii. Stop. Now we are all going to clear out his play room to make room for Wii rock band drums. Stop. No, really. Please make it stop.

kathy a. said...

drums? oy. but yay for a great holiday, liz!

MIL and evil dog left this morning. it was great to see her, but we do not miss the dog. and days is my secret sister; omg, feeding the dog from the table. another relative who wasn't here this year is the one who calculates the price on everything. oy oy oy.

we had a really nice boxing day with leftovers, nice conversation, lots of laughs, 2 sisters, my BIL [who is canadian!] and nephew. i went fancy, suspecting that my canadian WW friends were just pulling my leg about jammies being OK for all day, and wore jeans and a christmas light necklace.

liz said...

Wii Rock Band drums. Rubber. No sound. MM loves them.