Friday, December 3, 2010

Awards! With Bonus Shopping Advice!

Check the whining thread for excellent international shopping advice! Cluesticks to all family members, friends, and giganto corporations who do not provide the means to transport necessary goods across borders.

By popular acclaim, the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullett Award goes to Days, for this gem (though technically more than one sentence, it is pure Mullett genius): This household is terrified of change. Changing the empty toilet roll, changing the empty milk bag, changing the dirty hand towels and dish towels, changing the water in the dog's dish or changing socks is apparently too frightening a task for anyone other than me to conquer.

JenR gets the Old Skool Award for her whine about jackets with too-tight, non-slidey sleeves. Oh, does that ever annoy. And thank you for whining an Old Skool whine that allows me to avoid the toilet paper roll controversy.

We have a tie for Style Awards this week, so we have two divisions:
Flutterbye gets the Style Award, Concise Division, for "AAAAGH." Enough said.
Style Award, Haiku Division to emily for her haiku couplet on--what else?--shopping!

Job-Related Antiwhine to Sarah at Ratatat for the new job (so sorry for the disappointed colleagues--clearly you are a prize!). Job-Related Whine to kathy a. for unbloggable, feet-dragging colleagues.

Prizes also to all seeking shampoo, dishwashers, cold remedies, couch cleansers, and toilet paper roll changers. Hugs to Days, whose Big C whines are always welcome, no matter the season. (Well, I mean I wish you didn't have them to whine, but if you do, we're here to listen).

May your candles stay lit, may your candies be sweet, may your shopping go well.

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kathy a. said...

wooot! excellent awards, esperanza!