Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why - why - why whines

Our carPod plays hundreds of songs in alphabetical order by song name. We're on the Ws, so we had a run of What -- When -- Where -- Who -- and of course Whyyyyyyyyyyy . . . .

So tonight I ask, if I am so tired of traveling, WHYYYYYYYY did I just sign up for two work trips on which I can take my daughter along? One is to visit Daddy and go to a conference near where he is sabbaticalling, and with my flight covered it's half price. The other is to one of my favorite cities, where Daddy has a conference the same week. It will end up being a bunch of hassle, but we'll see some good friends and eat good food and miss the last week of school before winter break. Enh, why not?

Dear me, I seem to have mislaid my mind.

Whyyyyyyyy are you whiney this week?


liz said...

Bitch, PhD is going dark.

I have too much work and not enough blogging time.

It's midnight and I should be asleep. (see above, re: not enough blogging time).

Madeleine said...

Had to pick up dog poop next to my front step. C'mon, people, if I wanted to pick up dog poop I'd get my own dog.

AW: SG spotted it among the fallen leaves before either of us stepped in it.

liz said...

Hurrah for eagle-eyed SG!

Sue said...

Madeleine, travel is always that double-edged sword, yes? There's the packing, travel stress, laundry when you get home - AH! but think of the fun! It really does sound like it will be a bunch of good times.

It's early in the day for a pook whine! Well done SG!

Liz - Noooooooooooooo - why is BitchPhD going dark? Douced? Or just tired of the blogging?

Whine: Serious downturn in the blogging. So many of my former favourite haunts are no longer active. Crap. That means I might have to get an actual life. Wah.

Anti-whine: The Board has already taken action on "Grumpy Old Man-gate" from last week. A sign has been posted that says, "All users of this hall and kitchen are respectively asked to leave it in the same condition they found it." I know - you wouldn't think that was something that needed saying, but it does. Because this is crazy land.

Whine: Bridezilla on Saturday. I so seriously do NOT get paid enough money to deal with b-words like this one. Seriously. I might take a half day off to reward myself for not going all postal on her.

Anti-whine: A visit last Friday from a blogger who still blogs!

liz said...

It looks like they all just got tired.

Woot for bloggy meetups!

Woot for Board action!

Boo to Bridezillas!

kathy a. said...

sue, good on the board! cluesticks to bridezilla.

W/AW: the other night a friend said her son was busted for DUI, and she wanted a referral for a lawyer. but her request was framed as "we" have to get a lawyer for this boy, he has no idea what he's doing, we have to help him, and i'm so furious he didn't even call us from jail. the son is 26!!! mama and i had a little chat about how he is a big boy, and has to handle this one himself. fortunately, a lawyer friend can advise him.

[this is just one of those learning opportunities, where the court and DMV can deliver a more effective message than any amount of parental nagging.]

Sue said...

Exactly kathy. A friend's son went through the same thing, and as difficult as it was for the parents, the young man just had to learn a life lesson the hard way. Your friend is fortunate to have your wise counsel.

Anti-whine: SCORE!!!!!! You remember back when the Board said that our worship was "too traditional in style and content"? Well, I decided I could either stew on that (which I did for a while), ignore it, or give them what they wanted.

Door #3 please: Two weeks from now, our community theatre group is going to give us a performance (one Act) of "The Laramie Project" - the play about the Mathew Sheperd case. We're nestling it in the middle of worship in place of a sermon.

Woot!!! It is going to be AWESOME!!!

esperanza said...

AW: Hoooommmeee! We are home from our trip,the baboos and I. And we are all three quite happy to be out of the car and in our own space.

Further AW: I did a much better job this time of protecting my baboos' need for sleep and opting out of some "fun" activities. My own sleep, well that's another story.

W: Family Drama with Mr E's brother's coming-out. Not surprisingly, it's not going as smoothly as he anticipated. Sigh.

Cluesticks to obnoxious brides, pooky neighbor dogs' owners, clueless twentysomethings, and anyone else who needs one.

kathy a. said...

sue, amazing!

esperanza, yay for home! sorry about the family drama. hopefully everyone will settle on down, and know that mr. e's brother is still the same person he always was.

liz said...

What Kathy A. said.

Sue, you so totally ROCK. The Laramie Project!

kathy a. said...

international anti-whine: the rescue of the miners in chile. isn't that amazing?

liz said...

I am thrilled about their rescue.

Sue said...

Yay baboos for being good travelers!! Boo to family drama re: coming out. I feel so sad when that happens. Hopefully a bit of time will put things in perspective as kathy suggested.

Yay on the rescue efforts in Chile!!!

Whine: on behalf of the miner whose wife AND mistress are waiting for him when he is shuttled to the surface. Ouch. That's going to be awkward, yes?

Anti-whine: He's alive.

Madeleine said...

"I am *not* having a tantrum. It's a meltdown." said Snuggly Girl.

kathy a. said...

oh, another antiwhine. have you seen any of the videos in the It Gets Better Project? they have sprung up as a response to the several recent suicides of gay teens, and the dozen or so i've seen are fabulous!

back to the whines -- why why whyyy am i so easily distracted from the work i should be doing?

kathy a. said...

hahahaha, madeleiene! meltdown's a nice all-purpose word, useful all the way through the teens.

Madeleine said...

For some reason, kathy, I am not happy to hear that.

esperanza said...

sorry to be a bit unclear. The coming-out drama is primarily with his work life. Family is affected by that, of curse. Family response has been supportive.

Sue said...

I'm glad the family is supportive. That will make all the rest sort out much much better.

Whine: Dizzy tonight. Like I've been at sea (not that I've ever been to sea, of course, so I'm guessing it's like this). Making me icky. Gravol to the rescue. There is an ever-so-slight chance that I may have overdone it today.

esperanza said...

Sue, I had that dizzy feeling the other night, after the eight hour drive on five hours' sleep. You, sister, have seriously overdone it. (yes, I frequently preach to myself. Why do you ask?).

W/AW: the best thing I can say about doing this after school program at hubby's church is that it is a strong confirmation that I am not cut out to be a teacher. At one point I thought I was, but it is oh-so-clear now that I am not.

Sue said...

I hear ya esperanza. I've taken my gravol and I'm off to bed.

But first - major A/W: They're all out of the mine. I heart the Chilean president for greeting each miner for over 24 hours.

Best part: The miner whose wife had a baby girl while he was underground? They have named her esperanza. How cool is that????!!!!!

esperanza said...

I saw that! Very cool. I haven't really been following the story (apparently the only person on the planet not to) but I did hear that.

Free Spanish lesson..."esperanza" translates as "hope." But in its verb form (esperar), it can mean both to hope and to wait. Perfect for that wee one, for sure.

Days said...

Hurrah for the safe rescue. Too much couch time + too many news networks on the satellite make Days overly engaged in such things.

W: I has been radiated. I has been radioactive. I has been deprived of close contact with my wee darlings.

AW: Not anymore!

Madeleine said...

Days, its good to hear from you! Glad to hear you are reunited. Hope your strength is returning.

kathy a. said...

((( days ))) glad you are getting your darlings back!

liz said...

YAY DAYS!!! (and hugs)

W: Spent waaaaay too long on a response to a comment on a post on my blog. Lots of links. 44 Comments on that post, all from 4 people including me. It's been kind of exhausting.

AW: I've had some great backup on the commenting front from Kathy A!

Thank you, Kathy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, hugs to all for the whines and the antiwhines.

I told spouse I wanted financial information, a tour of where everything is kept, how to access & do everything money-related, etc. He was happy about that. Has been wanting me to be more involved in that for years. Then I asked about putting a block on the accounts so there would have to have both signatures to empty it out or move large (heh, if you can call it large, LOL) amounts of money around.

Him: I don't think we have enough money to hit that threshold with the bank. And if I was going to do something like that I'd plan ahead and there probably wouldn't really be any way to stop me. But I hope it is as ludicrous to you as it is to me to imagine that I could ever do something as horrible and awful as that!!!

Me: Nothing seems completely ludicrous to me right now.

Him: But you can't actually think I'd do something like take all the money and leave you, would you?

Me: If I told you I'd been lying to you for three years, and had actively planned ahead and practiced in order to teach myself to lie convincingly, would you feel like you knew what to believe I would or wouldn't do?

Him: No. I'm sorry. *Head in hands*. I'm so sorry.

Me: That's nice, but it doesn't make me trust you.

I'm sticking to my guns, Pixies. He's doing everything he's supposed to do, being textbook-perfect, saying & doing all the right things. I love him, and I'm happy to see the progress we're making. But I'm witholding judgment and doing what I need to do to protect myself. I joined a support group, too--only the first week, but I think it's going to be good.

liz said...

Anonymous, I am so proud of you! And sending many hugs.

JenR said...

anonymous - in a somewhat similar situation earlier in the year, I took the money. Or half the money. I put it in an account with only my name on it and did not give him any warning. He lost my trust and it made me feel safer. I told him about it after it was done. I also told him that I did it in order to feel more safe, and did not plan on spending it. He understood.

Long story short - if it will make you feel better, don't wait for his cooperation. Take what you need to feel safe and don't feel bad about it. You can always put it back later.

JenR said...

Yay Days!

w: weird, thankfully short-lived illness that left me sitting on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night with stomach cramps trying not to pass out. I felt better in the morning but it was scary for a bit.

liz said...

JenR: YIKES!!!

esperanza said...

Good to have you back, Days. And glad you are no longer radioactive. (Here's another free lesson--don't try to cross an international border right now. They can detect your radioactivity and you'll get quite the inquisition. In case you were planning on globetrotting, you know).

I nominate Anonymous to head up the cluestick posse this week. She's tough and on a roll!

Sue said...

Yay Days!!!! Sending pixie hugs and good wishes!

Anon and JenR - ((((hugs)))) Stay strong! You are both amazing. Srsly.

A/W: Less dizzy this am. Turned over in bed a few times during the night and had the whole "Bed Spins Without the Party" experience all over again.

W: Had to come into the office anyway, as our office admin has today off and someone has to catch the phone. Ugh. Going home at noon.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Yay for Days. Wow.

Brava to Anonymous.

So short on time. Love to the pixies.

Quick w/aw to solidify my courage - I am mailing out an application for a job I think I will like more. Pay will still probably be peanuts. Cross your fingers that they will like me.

liz said...

My appendages are crossed for you, Sarah!

Sue said...

Crossing everything here too Sarah!

kathy a. said...

days, wishing you the very best, and so glad this terrible part is over. cancer sucks. you do not. xoxox

esperanza deserves some kind of prize for her globetrotting advice. ;)

anonymous -- good for sticking to your guns! socking some away in your own name isn't a bad idea. sounds like your group will be good. xoxo

oh, sue. the dizziness sounds yuck. hope nobody calls [ha], and that you really do go home early.

appendages crossed here, too, sarah!

amy said...

My students are college-ages, but many of them this semester act like children. I have set aside all qualms about telling them this, but I hate having to think of ways to motivate them. I mean, if I wanted to deal with 6 year olds who don't listen, I'd either teach first grade or I'd GO HOME to my own children. At least at home I can wear jammies while I yell at them.

kathy a. said...

ack, amy.

Anonymous said...

Hugs to Days and Anonymous and JenR. Fingers crossed for Sarah.

Hugs to Sue and esperanza about the dizziness. been there often. hate it. In fact, my whine of the last few days is that I have had mild dizziness. Got my flu shot on Sunday, and think my immune system is fighting--that often triggers it.

Antiwhine: today has been better (knock wood)

antiwhine: today is my birthday!!!

My lovely neighbor (and friend) dropped off a stash of gourmet dark chocolate. One bar has wasabi and black sesame seeds in it! Can't wait to try it!
Passing chocolate to all the pixies.

Also, the lovely middle school kids where I work decorated my office and hung hand-made signs wishing me a happy bday, and my supervisor got me a beautiful plant and a chocolate cake.
Passing virtual chocolate cake too!


--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

woo-hoo! happy birthday, neighbor lady!!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday NL!!!!

Days said...

Happy birthday NL!

kathy a. said...

JenR -- hope you are feeling better!

still whiney. there is this stupid thing i have to do on a regular basis, and so i did it and sent it to the list, and -- there are some tiny bits of information that everyone knows, but it turns out i'm supposed to do the whole thing over with the couple of extra info-bits that everyone knows. snail mail, people. this is a disappointment, since i felt so happy yesterday to get the thing out early and actually had enough stamps at hand.

esperanza said...


kathy a., that sounds annoying and whine worthy.

NL, thanks for the chocolate. I'm needing it, as hubby is super-busy at work this week, with stress overflowing all the way to our house. And, one almost-sick baboo (Mini, with a dry hacking cough) and one definitely-sick baboo (Sweet, with a mysterious fever and fierce attack of the whines). Both are sleeping at the moment. Cross your fingers that they stay that way.

liz said...

Happy Birthday, NL!

Kathy A. I HATE when that happens.

Looks like the troll may have crawled back under a bridge due to my gentle but firm snarkiness.

Thank you Kathy A. for your help in dealing with the troll!

Sarah at ratatat said...

Happy Birthday Neighbor Lady!

Get well soon Baboos! If only orders like that worked.

Amy - what a trial. Maybe they'll grow this semester? Or you'll resort to M&M bribery?

Sue - yuck on the dizziness but a salute for your assertiveness at work.

Sue said...

Thanks Sarah.

Oy to Amy. That is harsh!

A/W: Not dizzy this morning. Seems that two days of it was enough. I hope that one doesn't re-occur for a long, long time. Bleh.

Double A/W: I forgot until yesterday's reminder call that I have a massage booked for today! Woot!

liz said...

Woot! Now don't go for a long walk and forget it!