Friday, October 15, 2010

Prizes! Fire in the Hole Edition

Can I say that this is the third week in a row when I am just so thrilled to get to Friday night? I don't recall needing the weekends this much normally. I'll put it down to the combo of work insanity and temporary single parenting. But enough of my whining . . .

Ain't it the Truth Award to liz, for "too much work and not enough blogging time." We all miss the days when you were new on the job and didn't have much to do!

Battle Pay for Sue, who is taking on Bridezilla this weekend and breaking out teh non-traditional worship in a couple of weeks! Come whine with us when the Board says "We didn't mean THAT non-traditional." (Or am I too cynical?)

Battle Pay also goes to esperanza for courageous action in protecting the baboos from the ravages of other people's schedules.

Battle Pay for amy, too, for dealing with college students who act like six year olds.

Aaaaand . . . Battle Pay to liz for an extended fencing match in her comment section. Engarde!

If WW was a Gossip Blog Award to Sue, for sharing the important information that one of the miners had two women waiting for him . . .

Typo of the Week Award to esperanza, for "The coming-out drama is primarily with his work life. Family is affected by that, of curse."

Vertigo-A-Go-Go Award to Sue – hope the dizzies stay far, far away!

"Dahling, you are simply glowing!" Award to Days, and sooooo glad to hear you are no longer radioactive.

Well, That Was Weird Award to JenR, and thank goodness that stomach illness didn't last. (I'd say food poisoning, based on intensity and duration, but IANAD.)

Darn, Darn, Darn Award to kathy a., who has to resend a big pile of snail mail for lack of minor and universally known facts.

Big cheers for Anonymous, who is standing firm, standing tall, and standing her ground.

Pixies all have their fingers crossed for Sarah's job applications.

And most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Neighbor Lady, one day late! So glad you had a lovely birthday and I hope you are celebrating all weekend.


esperanza said...

Ha! I did not see that typo at all, and I'm usually a teensy bit obnoxious about typos. I love it! Thank you for the awards--stylish and funny!

liz said...

LOVE the awards. I was too late to whine about the 3.5 hour meeting today. I'll save it up for next week.

kathy a. said...

fabulous awards! and here's to the weekend.

Madeleine said...

Post-awards Award to liz for OMG 3.5 hour meeting! Was there food?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all the pixies for the birthday wishes!
It has been a lovely celebration, and I *think* but am not supposed to know for real that there is a cake in the works today from my husband and kiddos.
A lovely birthday all around!
:) Neighbor Lady

liz said...

For all I know the meeting could still be going on, I had to leave to get my son.