Friday, October 1, 2010

Awards! What a Crazy Week Edition

Thank you, everyone, for keeping me company during this first week of absent-daddy and the ongoing insanity of the job that is loving me too much. It's good to have some grownups to talk to, even if you are all inside the computer.

Bon Voyage? Award to Sarah – enjoy your trip, as best you can, and I hope your friends show you a great time to make up for not having a HOUSE for you to STAY IN. Wow, I'm prickly on your behalf.

Mixed Emotions Award to esperanza, with hopes that the speech therapy works well and soon.

Allergies Can't Cramp My Style Award goin' out to Liz, for two weeks running of turning snot into poetry.

Creeping Crud of all Kinds Award to Amy, for colds plus fruit flies! Ugh. Are the kids old enough to enjoy making traps for you? (Bottle, paper cone, tape, vinegar/wine/fruit/honey water. Not in that order.)

Anti-Whine of the Week Award to A. Nonnie Moose, who not ONLY got the family drama over with, finally, but used the resulting inheritance to get an albatross off her neck. Hooray for paying off student loans!

We have a large corps of Pixies riding out tonight. Not only are we sending the Cluestick Posse to handle Anonymous' husband, we've also got the Legal Eagles, the Child Care Contingent, and the Animal Lovers League on tap. Wishing you all the best as you work through the repercussions of the news you didn't want to hear but maybe expected.

We'll also be delivering a newborn babe to every pixie for neck-sniffing. And then we'll take it back before it needs changing! How's that for a magical treat?

See you all again next week when Miranda will kick off the festivities!


kathy a. said...

fabulous ceremony, madeleine!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Madeleine!

And I wanted to say yay! for A. Nonny Moose too.

amy said...

Thanks much! You and my husband were on the same wavelength that day. He built a trap, which has worked in combination with cleaning to get rid of the fruit flies. Thank goodness, I tells ya.

P.S. There is no way my kids would have gotten in on that, but I like your thinking. Thanks! :)