Monday, August 30, 2010

Sliding into September

Was your summer too long, or did it fly by incredibly fast? I'm wondering where mine went. Except for a couple of meltingly hot days, we had a lot of overcast and cold. The nice weather seems to have just arrived.

AW: An old friend just brought by 4 tickets to a major league baseball game, a gift to my son and his friends. Son is beside himself with this unexpected good fortune!

W: There's nothing like a friend dropping by to make one realize one's multiple housekeeping deficiencies.

AW: Daughter is home a couple more weeks, before heading off to the U again. She had a good visit with her grandma, is taking some saxophone lessons with her old teacher, is getting ready for school and the First Apartment.

W: She just slept through her dental appointment.

Unbloggable whines on the work front. I'm compensating with some extra sewing and reading for entertainment, which doesn't solve those problems but is emotional comfort food.

How are things for you?


Madeleine said...

OMG! Work craziness. Three trips to the same city in four weeks, all for different projects. I am (hopefully) declining to extend one of those trips an extra day for a fourth project.

While waiting to hear about that fourth thing earlier today I folded the small stuff at the bottom of the laundry basket that I previously ignored and washed a sink full of pots, just to find a little order in my life. I should probably clean my desk and get it over with.

On the topic of summer, we are on "Extreme Heat Alert" today, and the place I'm going on Wednesday is even hotter. Thank heavens for AC.

esperanza said...

W: Mr. E's aunt is visiting. She is driving me nuts. Exhibit A: She rearranged my silverware drawer. The first time, I thought it was a mistake, that the tray was empty and she just didn't know what went where. No biggie. I fixed it, and an hour later, it was back her way.

AW: This is making me oddly thankful that I don't have a MIL anymore.

kathy a. said...

oy, madeleine! hope the destination has decent food as well as a/c. and no delays.

esperanza -- my MIL used to clean and re-arrange my kitchen, too. and for some reason, she talked the whole time -- "big fork here. OK! spoon there. uh-huh." yadda yadda ad infinitum ya. is this aunt visiting through the birthday open house?

Sue said...

AW: Yesterday was our 30th anniversary. Clearly hubby and I were married at the age of 12. We can't possibly be this old and look this fabulous. Just sayin'...

W: Last. Day. Of. Vacation.

AW: Mostly a good vacation. And I'm fortunate to have a job to go back to. I know way too many people who don't, so I probably shouldn't whine. Not that this has ever stopped me before...

Liz Miller said...

HUNGRY. And I'm the cook.

Liz Miller said...

Husband saved me. Chicken and corn. Happy now.

kathy a. said...

congratulations, sue! and hope the vacation was sustaining and joyful.

liz has a good thing going...

Sue said...

And it was Wednesday,
the first day back to work,
and it was fiercely early.

And God saw what God had done and looked upon it and said,
"Wait, it isn't noon yet! Why is everyone up and doing stuff?"

And it was the first day and God decided it was okay,
though anyone caught singing "Morning Has Broken" would suffer the full consequences of Her/His holy wrath.


kathy a. said...

I did a really stupid thing. Could not find a check that I hadn't deposited, and ended up calling the checkwriter, asking for a stop payment and a new check. And then this morning, I remembered that I put it in a "safe place." Arrgh.

Anonymous said...

whine: head is aswim with paperwork, HR forms, back to school paperwork for kids, emergency phone number requests, sign ups for this and that and .....

antiwhine: love love love my new job! can't believe i get paid to do something i love so much

--Neighbor lady

ps sue, I hear you on the early thing. Why does middle school start so early???? also, happy anniversary! and kathy a., I probably have three checks i've lost at the moment, but i'm so bombarded with stuff, i don't even know it! At least you found it and can set your mind to rest about it!
Yay for chicken and corn, especially when someone else makes it. and good luck to esperanza with the drawer rearranging. arg.

Liz Miller said...

Canker sore, leading to TMJ headache on right side of head for the last two days. So far, Advil has been useless.

However, as a headache, it's merely at the "whoa, this is really annoying" level of the pain scale rather than the "I need an ice pack and a dark room" level, so I'm counting my blessings.

I'm hoping it'll be gone by the time I need to drive 6 hours to visit with my relatives this weekend.

emily said...

Just took the 11 yo out for some back-to-school shopping. Gotta ask: The Jegging. Who thought this was a good idea?

Neighbor Lady--glad to hear that you enjoy your job!

I'm also in the "my relative rearranges my silverware drawer". In my case, it's my mother. She stopped (after 5 years or so) but the memory is still traumatic:-).

esperanza said...

kathy a, we lost the whole damn checkbook. Somewhere in the house, unless Mini Baboo ate it.

emily, what is jegging???

I had no idea so many people were subjected to silverware-rearranging relatives. My sympathies. I guess I'm lucky she's also a "tp over the roll" person. Auntie has gone to visit some other relatives but will return Friday or Saturday for the big BD party on Sunday. Will try to channel the OCD for *my* purposes upon her return. Keeping her busy is a challenge.

Sue said...

esperanza: jeggings are like leggings only they are made of stretchy denim. Bad. Idea. In anyone weighing more than a twig, the results are highly reminiscent of several cats fighting in a denim bag. Just sayin....

Liz - sorry about the TMJ headache. Sooooooo icky.

Anti-whine: Headache? What headache? *grin* Still holding. Only two headaches last month, both apparently weather related.

Whine: Totally crappy first day at work. Apparently I missed a meeting during my vacation during which the Powers That Be decided that the answer to all of our church's problems could be solved with "new and dynamic" worship.

Translated that means that the lower numbers attending and lack of volunteers to do anything is all on ME. Because, you know, I'm not "new and dynamic" enough. (Not to brag, but just let them try to find anyone *near* my preaching and leadership capability who will move here - ya. good luck with that.)


Resume time...just in case. I feel a witch hunt on the way.

Oh, and kathy a. - I do that ALL the time. Frustrating, yes?

Sue said...

Thanks NL for the anniversary wishes. It was wonderful.

Sue said...

Almost forgot this one!!!

AW: I got my report from Dr. JerkFace's office today. Everything is okay, especially now that I'm off the Advil. Best part? I NEVER have to see that as*hat again. His Supervisor directed him to call me, but he never did - Coward!! I'm just as glad. I don't need to hear his voice ever again either.

Bonus AW: If I should ever need the procedure done again, there are at least four other docs in town who can perform it for me. Yay!

JenR said...

The whines of work busy-ness will never end here it seems... I haven't had time in weeks to do much more than check my personal email once a day. But next week - vacation! Hopefully it will be relaxing, but at least it won't be work.

{{{ pixies }}}

Liz Miller said...

Sue, seems unfair for them to blame you re: dynamism when they get their feathers ruffled everytime you call them to action on things like accessibility, charity, and the like.


Sue said...

Liz - exactly. Sooooooo frustrating. Argh.