Thursday, August 26, 2010

Menu: Awards Dinner

And on the menu for this evening, ladies and gents...awards!

Appetizer Course
Old Skool Award for Miranda's pajama work day that was nearly thwarted by the, you know, work left at the office.

Soup/Salad Course
Girl Scout Award to kathy a., for the duct tape and tablecloth solution to the picnic relocation.

Main Course
Done with Summer Award for all those suffering with heat and especially those without air conditioning.

Side Dishes
Teeny Tiny Furniture Still Takes Up Space, and so Does Paperwork Award to KLee.
Pants Shopping is Just One Step Above Bra Shopping Award to Madeleine and Snuggly Girl.
Take Advantage of Me? Take This! Award (and a hearty Welcome Back!) to the ever-stylish YT.
Sour Grapes Award to amy for Jerkboy's penny pinching with the donations.
Email Pontificating is Easy to Delete Award for Nonny's ongoing family drama.

Dessert Courses (because why shouldn't there be more than one dessert course? Who makes these rules?)
Mullet Award to Miranda for "Team InNOOOOvation"
Hugs to all 17 year olds, all who have 17 year olds, all who will be 17 year olds, and all who ever have been 17 year olds
And a Cherry on Top to Neighbor Lady for the latebreaking JOB!!!! antiwhine!

Additional hugs to all pixies, just for good measure, especially those whose whines I missed.


Miranda said...

Esperanza, what a delicious meal you served up here.

In a travel related AW addendum: I also accepted an award from my team for my contributions. The nomination noted that I collected my myriad duties through "inheritance." Beat. "And not the kind of that comes with stocks or trust funds."

kathy a. said...

fabulous awards!

and congrats to NL on the new job, and to miranda for her excellent work award.