Thursday, August 12, 2010

Frozen Awards with Festive Little Paper Umbrellas

It's been one of those weeks, eh? So without further ado, on to the ceremony.

The Wardrobe Malfunction Award goes to Liz, who managed a trifecta: berry splatter on cream top; a bra failure so spectacular that duct tape was the recommended quick fix; and critical button poppage on today's blouse!

Liz also sweeps the Style Category with her work of genius, "I want a new bra." Brava!

Esperanza spun the Wheel of Fortune when her cellphone was accidentally soaked in an ice water incident, and ~click click click~ yay! The cellphone miraculously recovered! Bonus Stars for the associated antiwhine: that it was so darned hot, she didn't really mind being doused in ice water.

Positive Role Model Award to Jenevieve, who so impressed a teenager when she was tending to a porcine emergency that he wants to be a vet, just like her! We're so proud.

Would You Care to Rephrase That? Award to Esperanza, who was twice called "cute" in a professional capacity. Note to the Universe: "cute" is not a compliment outside the Theme Park Cartoon Character profession. Would you congratulate another person in Esperanza's profession for being "a major stud-muffin?" We did not think so.

This week's Meeting of Doom Award goes to the intrepid KLee, who apparently survived the festivities and therefore gets two (2) paper umbrellas.

Old Skool Award to Days, for her classic whine: "My kids are full of I'm bored and it's too hot and there's nothing to do, and s/he's bugging me, and gimme gimme gimme etc, ad nauseum and it's driving me up the walls." I'm sure she is not the only one looking forward to the start of school. Runner-up is Emily, who managed to put coffee grounds in the water part of the coffee maker, then had to clean it out without benefit of that much-needed first cup of coffee.

The Delicate Condition Award goes to Sarah on the occasion of a yeast infection, and profound wishes that the new meds clear things up.

A hearty Welcome Back to Madeleine, returned from travels and now dealing with all the stuff that people snuck onto her desk while she was away.

Go, Amy, Go Award to (you guessed it) Amy, who has raised the funds, done the practice miles, and is setting out on her breast cancer walk tomorrow! This award includes spare good sox, moleskin pads for any incipient blisters, and a supply of little paper umbrellas to tape to the side of all the water bottles. :)

Much love to Days, and the Cluestick Posse will be visiting the Powers That Be for a little tutorial in "deciding important stuff in a timely manner, so people do not need to keep worrying about that, too."

The worldwide band of Pixies is all set for the Cluesticking of the Week, a MAJOR event earned by Sue's jerkass of a doctor. Because, you know, a colonoscopy and its prep are not stressful and humiliating enough, so he also: administered an entirely different procedure on the upper end, of which she was not informed in advance; informed her of a bleeding ulcer in terms that blamed her; refused to understand that she meant it when the pain relief was not enough; rolled his eyes at her; conducted biopsies that seriously hurt because she really was not getting appropriate anesthesia; and just generally had the bedside manner of a kid who tears the wings off butterflies for fun. The only part of the entire ordeal that was vaguely amusing was when Sue's cat got jello on its nose, and in our unanimous opinion, that wasn't funny enough to make the rest tolerable.

Thanks to all for thoughts on my daughter and her adventures.

See you next week! Same bat-time, same bat-channel.


liz said...

Thank you for my awards!

Excellent awards ceremony.

Sue said...

Thanks Kathy!! Great awards as always.

Complaint is officially in - Dr. Jerkface's supervisor called me this afternoon. He will speak with said Jerkface and call me back on Tuesday.

Good luck Amy!!!

amy said...

THANK YOU! Pixies rock!

Sue, I just want to hug you.

I forgot I'm kind of hard to find on FB, what with the lack of a last name and all. Here is my Facebook ID:

Love you all!

kathy a. said...

Sue, fortunately you are a good advocate and have medical experience, and the complaint got to the right place, but I'm just astonished and angry at the whole thing. There is only so much self-advocacy one can do on the procedure table.

Your tale brought back issues I have had with some other doctors in the past. Fortunately, most doctors are not such buttheads -- but I can totally see how the ugly ones get away with it. They're the experts, and you are not. Specialists like surgeons aren't going to have an ongoing relationship, in most cases, so what do they need to care? Yadda. Dr. Jerkface is likely to come back with another piece of jackassness -- so, it's excellent that his supervisor is paying attention.

liz said... just sent me a $10 gift certificate!!!!

kathy a. said...


KLee said...

Thank you kindly for the Meeting of Dooooom award -- it went both better and worse than I expected. I thought ahead, and asked a muckety-muck to join us, so that kept most things on an even keel. However, one of the participants did an about face once she saw said muckety-muck at the table, and scooted out a side door. I happened to notice her walk in, though -- which she does not know. The other people accompanying her LIED to us, oh...she was running late....she went to the wrong meeting place....not knowing that I had seen her walk in with them and sneak out.

So, there's that, and the past head of our local chapter is pressuring us to do something monetarily that we cannot afford at the moment, and will be unlikely to continue in the future. If we say no, she will take it personally and use it as ammunition on what horrible people we are. So, basically, we're up a creek either way. I'm trying very hard not to let personal feelings into it, but I'm sure that she won't see it that way.

It's just really juvenile behavior from people who are supposed to be role models, and it;s disheartening. However, we are getting together with GOOD people this weekend for training and fun, so that should be a Good Thing.

kathy a. said...

klee, that takes the cake. i can see scooting out of an uncomfortable meeting with "sorry, got another obligation," but sneaking out and having one's friends lie about her ever being there is beyond pathetic.

Days said...

WTH? Juvenile is right, KLee.

Got a response from my superiors late Friday night, and not the response I wanted. Pook.

kathy a. said...

i'm upgrading that cluesticking to first class, days. that sucks. xxoxo

Sue said...

Oh pook Days. Cluestick at the ready, aiming at the knees where it will hurt the most. Why is the world so filled with jerks? Srsly. Pixie-world is much kinder and better in every way.

You're right Kathy - when I spoke with the risk-management person, I was sure to tell her that I did NOT want a call from Dr. Jerkface. I'm glad she went over his head to his supervisor.

As traumatic as this week has been, I just keep thinking of all the patients who don't think they have the right to question the doctor's judgement, especially a surgeon's. I'm speaking for them as much as I am for myself.

kathy a. said...

yes, you are speaking for others, sue.