Thursday, September 2, 2010

Awards: Passing the Chocolate

This week's ceremony is brought to you by the letters O, C, and D, proud sponsors of this week's featured pixie support group, Adult Children of Compulsive Silverware Arrangers. Honorary Co-Chairs of the group are Esperanza and Emily. The inspirational motto is, "We're just glad they haven't started in on the underwear drawers."

Neighbor Lady, Esperanza, and Sue join me in the Lost Check Club. I'm ever so grateful to not be the only one. Esperanza, hope the checkbook turns back up.

Back to School Awards to Neighbor Lady, Emily, and others similarly affected by the madness of the season.

The Fashion Don't Award goes to Emily, who presents Exhibit A, the jegging -- an unfortunate mutant cross between sausage casing and the denim look.

Style Award to Sue, for her back to work verses. We are particularly impressed with the prohibition on singing "Morning Has Broken" before full coffee effectiveness has been achieved.

Sue also wins the You Were Out of the Room When We Took the Vote Award, for discovering post-vacation that certain people have decided she should become Dynamic Woman, on account of that's easier than anyone else changing anything they do. This award comes with a super-hero cape, which you can wear while you ask exactly what they are trying to fix, and suggest alternatives that you are sure they will be happy to volunteer to do.

Best AntiWhine Award to Neighbor Lady: "antiwhine: love love love my new job! can't believe i get paid to do something i love so much." Congratulations!

Congratulations also to Sue, on the occasion of her 30th anniversary!

Liz was a contender for Old Skool with "HUNGRY. And I'm the cook." However, she won a much better prize, chicken and corn cooked by her beloved. Hope that headache goes away pronto.

Weary Road Warrior Award to Madeleine, for 3 work trips on 3 projects in 4 weeks.

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted Award to JenR, who has been drowning in the work, but has next week off! Go wild!

Thanks for playing! Join us next week, when the fabulous Miranda will host!


emily said...

Thank you Kathy! Fabulous awards!

I feel much better knowing that other people have compulsive silverware rearrangers in their lives.

The letters O, C, and D. Tee hee!

Sue said...

Ha! Kathy - I actually have a lovely silver necklace that looks like a simple circle within a circle - on the back in very tiny writing: SUPERHERO. There are days I *really* need it!

Well, and a cape too of course.

Great awards as always. Thanks!