Monday, August 16, 2010

It's a Long, Hot Summer

This has been in my head for the last two weeks, though I like the original by Christine Lavin better, the video of her singing it live has a long rambling intro.

The A/C in my car is busted and has been for over a year. It's $800 to fix it and the car itself isn't worth much more than that. So I'm waiting out the Summer, and hoping that I don't collapse, Elphaba like, into a puddle of sweat before the cooler days of Autumn arrive.

I'd still rather be sweaty than freezing and I prefer my un-air-conditioned car to the meat-locker temperatures they keep the office building where I work at.

So I keep a sweater at my desk and wear skirts and sandals.

How are you braving the heat?


kathy a. said...

a thousand blessings on you, liz, for opening the whines. we have no heat to speak of here -- which is a good thing, because i've got my own internal heat wave going. i recognized a fellow traveler last night when she yanked off her light sweatjacket and pulled out a pretty fan, just as the temps dropped below 60.

AW: nice potluck and a musical (music man) at an outdoor theater last night!

W: don't even want to talk about the 1.4 hours in the car, because we were almost there when beloved remembered that he forgot the tickets.

have more; back later.

Days said...

A lovely start, with the forgotten tickets and car inadequacy whines.

AW: Having that rack/bra combination that catches the inexpensive but sentiment-laden necklace sliding down your decolletage before you even realize that it's broken, thus relieving your heartache when, having thought it lost forever, said jewelery falls out of your shirt while undressing.

Liz Miller said...

Days: You know you're built like a chesterfield when you find objects between the cushions.

KLee said...

Days and Liz -- sometimes it's like a Scavenger Hunt in there! I find myself muttering things like, "When did I eat Cheerios?!?" and "Thank God! I thought that earring was gone forever!" I, too, have the overabundance of the cleavage. While it's not my favorite thing in the world, it sure is my husband's. I really dislike, however, when he sticks a cold Diet Coke can in between The Girls. Not only is it always freezing cold, but I was not born into this life to be a Can Coozy.

My whines for this week --

1.) I have only this week before school starts. I have to reset my internal clock and start going to bed at a decent hour this week, or the next 3 weeks are going to be utter hell.

2.) That volunteer thing I do with the female-gender children? Like being back in middle school again. Had a nice event this weekend, but several people didn't come "in protest." We got the alarming news that complaints have already been made to higher-ups that we (a friend and I) should not have been allowed to take over. That's discouraging AND mean-spirited.

3.) Husband is working in a very politically-charged atmosphere lately, and has been taking so much crap; constantly mutters about how he doesn't want to go to work, and how much he hates it. I don't blame him at all -- I wouldn't want to work in those conditions, either. I really feel badly for him, but there's not much I can do except be supportive, and be his sounding board. Got news over the last few days that something that happened MONTHS ago (and which only happened because a boss was a jerk, and not doe to his job performance AT ALL) has reared its ugly head again, and he won't be getting a raise this year. I'm not as upset by the idea of no more money as I am by the idea that he suffered through it once, which was bad enough, but they're kicking him over it AGAIN, and it wasn't even his fault to begin with. Completely and utterly unfair.

4.) It's still too hot here, and our electric bill was a firm indicator of that -- it was TRIPLE the normal monthly amount. Ouch!

Dang. Now I've depressed myself. I think I'll eat some chocolate pudding and go back to bed. Wake me when it's Christmas.

esperanza said...

AW: Y'all are cracking me up with the cleavage stories.

W: Teh Family Visit. Sheesh. Esperanza is exhausted. Constant activity, someone always talking. My favorite: Esperanza leaves the bedroom with a cranky, naked-except-for-diaper Mini. Questioned thusly: did you decide not to put clothes on her? I had several sarcastic responses that did not reach the ears of said questioner. Helpful that said questioner is mostly deaf. Also? Pook issues from Sweet--of the not-making-it-to-the-potty variety due to all of the excitement and distractions.

AW: they all left today, quietness reigns (well, as much as it can around here), a good time was had by all, and the beach trip was not as bad as I had anticipated.

kathy a. said...

days for the esteemed "what was lost, now is found" award. :)

klee, i sometimes think of shoving a cold diet coke into the heat zone you mention, but only when i'm feeling desperate for personal hormonal reasons. boo on ugly people.

esperanza, glad a good time was had, and that they are gone, and that quietness reigns. sorry about sweet's pookcidents, but i promise those will settle down.

esperanza said...

pookcidents! Yet another entry in the pixie lexicon. Yes, once the more boisterous portion of the family had left today, the pook went in the potty where it belongs.

OK, KLee, I'm curious about the Diet Coke placement. Does he want his DC to be warmer? Does he want you to be colder? Is this supposed to be some sort of turn-on? I'm missing the implications of this.

kathy a. said...

esperanza would be a great investigator. just sayin'. she's got the questions.

emily said...

The Irony of the Teenager

I'll miss my teen when she's at school in the fall.
'Till she leaves, though, she'll drive me right up the wall!

esperanza said...

kathy, is that a nice way of saying I'm nosy? :)

KLee, feel free to ignore the inquisition.

Emily, is it a bad sign if I feel the same way about my two year old?

Sue said...

"pookcidents!" Brave New Word Award for kathy a!

Emily for poetic wistfulness of the teenage years! Esperanza - nah, any age will do when it comes to Childhood Irony.

And, as esperanza mentioned, y'all are Cracking Me Up with the *ahem* Storage Solutions R Us segment of the Pixie Party this week.

Srsly, thanks. I needed some good anti-whineage today.

Dr. Supervisor called today re: last week's fiasco. He even said that he himself had the procedure done last year and was completely sedated - didn't wake up until he was in the Unit for some time.

At the end of the day however, my complaint just flags my hospital file all the more. In other words his ultimate message was that docs are never *really* wrong, and patients are usually crazy people.

AW: At one point, he said "You seem like a reasonable person." Well, ain't he just the charmer? Hubby thinks he just said that because he was speaking with me and not our lawyer.

Whine: He has instructed Dr. Jerkface to call me personally. Oh goody.

And finally, in the "Ya. Sure buddy" department, Supervisor guy tells me this is the first and only complaint he has ever had about Dr. Jerkface.

Uh-huh. Okey dokey then. I'm hoping to be out when Dr. JF calls.

As for weather reportage: It feels like autumn here now, which is typical for this time of year. It's lovely to sit on the deck and feel the cool breeze off the lake. Yup. It's good.

kathy a. said...

sue, that stinks. more cluesticking is in order. you specifically asked not to talk to dr. jerkface because of the trauma! i think you may want to document it all in writing, add whatever comes of the jerkface call, and make a formal complaint. stuff in writing is harder to ignore than people's accounts of telephone conversations.

KLee said...

Esperanza, re: the Diet Coke placement -- I really don't think my wishes enter into it. It's one of those teenage boy-type maneuvers; as in "I know you hate this, so not only am I going to do it, I'm going to do it repeatedly until at least one of us is so teed off that we're bleeding." Men. Yeesh.

Emily, I hear you on the Saga of the Teenager. I love my daughter, I truly do, but in my case, there's nothing quite as demoralizing as the scorn flung at you from a teenager. It's almost as if they're saying, "You're so clueless that I'm surprised that I ever survived infancy."

Sue -- I'm sorry that you aren't getting more empathy from the hospital. You would think that they would care more about a patient in distress than this. We stand ready with the clue-by-fours should they be needed.

I, too, like the addition of "pookcidents" to the pixie lexicon. Hm....that's another possible addition: the shortening of "pixie lexicon" to "pixiecon". Although that sounds suspiciously like something that might turn up the odd Star Trek geek....

Sue said...

kathy a - yes, you're right. Clearly, it isn't going to matter what I do or say here. I still have no voice in this. They are even handling the complaint on their own terms!

I am still recording everything in writing. There may come a time when I have the energy to bring it forward, but not now. I'm just too tired and frustrated. I have less than two weeks of vacation left, and I feel exhausted.

So - thanks for any and all additional cluesticking. There is a great need around here!

A. Nonny Moose said...

Back with my super-secret-pseud to complain again about the bad bad very bad trustee of the parental estate. He's been greedy, difficult, offensive, and etc. for the last year. The past few days have been un-fireplacing-believeable.

He just suddenly changed his mind and decided that there was not going to be a partial distribution, which was promised for early August. Everyone complained; he wrote nasty notes to every single person, and refuses to give any coherent explanation. The note to me suggested that the other co-trustee must have misled everyone about the distribution; and we all have HIS promise to distribute in writing! So, everything really sucks. People are affected in various ways, not to mention the angst and anxiety.

But the worst is that his own sister needs a major procedure that is not covered by insurance. Holding off means she is more likely to die. This is so very evil. We could end up in court unless the estate lawyer knocks some sense into him. At this point, he does not seem very educable.

I feel uncomfortable whining about something money-oriented. [In my case, it will take care of tuition, student loans and go to retirement, frivolous stuff like that.] But I do not do well with this level of drama.

Liz Miller said...

Sue, I vote that you put into writing your request that a) you do not want to hear from the doctor and b) all future communications must go through your attorney (name and address supplied). That will get them to take you seriously.


A. Nonny Moose, I am so sorry. Sending you hugs.

KLee, Time to take an icy cold can of beer and nestle it up against his tender bits.

A. Nonny Moose said...

PS -- He hates all of us, but especially hates his sister.

One of my sibs -- really reaching for the silver lining -- commented that at least we're all talking about what's going on, like a family. And then we had a good laugh about "yeah, a really dysfunctional family." The step-side makes our side look pretty normal. :P

kathy a. said...

liz, you're cracking me up with the revenge of the beer can!

kathy a. said...

big antiwhine: the crazy quilt for a friend is finished, and it arrived today! a lot of friends of our mutual friend sent a glorious selection of fabric -- this was big fun to make. and it arrived before the chemo starts. woot!

Days said...

Oh kathy, I'm sure your friend will be very appreciative.

Nonny - that is a nomination for the Silver Lining award, indeed.

Sue - that situation continues to suck the big one, so my continued sympathies. Have cluestick, will travel with the posse as needed.

My inability to do much lately is so intense that it is painful for the entire family. Case in point: a wedding this Saturday. My boy, who has no formal clothing to speak of, is at summer camp this week, and will be retrieved from camp(a two hour drive away) approximately 6 hours before the ceremony because his mother signed him up for the wrong session. My oldest girl has no formal clothing that fits, because she had the nerve to have a growth spurt. My younger two girls are bubble girls, so the dresses are covered, but they need shoes still, and to be on time for their hair appointments, which are a)too early for them not to destroy their hair before the ceremony and b) during naptime and c)non-concurrent and non-consecutive, although I suspect that is merely a schedule mishap. I have shoes, and accessories, and a lovely dress, though I realized when I tried it on today that the zipper is broken. I have yet to purchase or arrange the gift, despite knowing exactly what we would like to give the lovely couple, because two out of three days, I am too tired to leave the house. I am trying to rally to do some frantic shopping later this week. So I figure my husband, who is a groomsman, better sort himself out because I am no help whatsoever. I am ready to call to MIL and beg for her assistance when she gets back from her travels on Thursday night,

AW: Lovely couple.
W: Dry wedding.

W: My referral to a more specialized oncologist went through today. I know this because they called and insisted on squeezing me in tomorrow, and would have taken me today if I'd had the availability.

Sue said...

kathy a - great anti-whine re: the quilt!! How wonderful.

A. Nonny Moose - I can't imagine how awful all of that must be. I'm so sorry that you're still going through this after so much time. Cluesticks PLUS beer can therapy for the uber-evil trustee.

Liz - everything is on paper. I went out today to avoid his call, but I can't do that for the rest of the summer or beyond that. He didn't call anyway. My guess is he's sweating it out a bit, which is a good thing. The more he squirms, the better I feel.

I know that sounds x-tremely bitchy, but a part of me wants to hear what kind of bullsh*t he comes up with when I ask him "Why didn't you stop when you saw that I was not sedated?"

Whine: I was having an overpriced foamy coffee today and started shaking when I realized that it was exactly a week since the Procedure O Terror. Crap.

kathy a. said...

((( days ))) wow, what a week. first, crossing fingers and everything about the special oncologist. i'm already ready to cluestick the dude if s/he does anything awful.

second, i understand that the correct thing to do with presents is to send them to the couple within a reasonable time before *or after* the wedding. it's actually tacky to do what most of us do, bring the gift to the party. so you get an emily post pass on that one.

third -- someone besides you needs to do the emergency shopping for boy clothes, eldest daughter's fancy-wear, and shoes for the youngers. if you need to enlist MIL, so be it.

fourth, can you shuttle the good dress out to a seamstress/tailor, or could someone at the fabric store possibly help? otherwise, i'd go with a second-best and call it a day. xoxo

sue, as previously mentioned, i've got a special clue-by-four (thanks, klee, for that piece of pixiecon) for dr. JF.

kathy a. said...

also, nominate days for the best W/AW combo: lovely couple; dry wedding.

kathy a. said...

and i missed this earlier, but emily for style!

emily said...

Esperanza, it is most definitely *not* a bad sign if you feel the same way about your two year old. In fact, I think that adolescence is just a repeat of the toddler years.

If life were a series of movies, the teenage years would be called "Toddler Years 2--Adolescence: This Time It's Personal!"

When they are toddlers they can say, "I hate you"--teens they not only name the feeling, but they back it up with a bulleted list of your failings:-).

Toddlers think "It's all about me!"--teens think "It's all about me, let me take {15 minutes}, {an hour}, {the entire car trip to far, far away} telling you why!"

The upside is that you can leave them home--alone!

{There's many positive points too, but this is Wednesday Whining, not Wednesday Count Your Blessings}

Liz Miller said...

Positive points: They wipe their own butts!

My 8 yo fluctuates between I-Have-The-Best-Mommy-In-The-World! (I read all of "Freckle Juice" at bedtime two nights ago) to You-Hate-Me-And-I-Hate-You! (two seconds later, when I told him that going downstairs to plug in his DS would cost him cuddle time.)

BUT HE WIPES HIS OWN BUTT. So it's all okay.

KLee said...

Liz, your cold can suggestion would be lovely, if only he were as completely wigged-out as I get when he does the same to me. However, he just looks at me as if to say, "That's all you got?!?" So, while a likewise retaliation is a defensive maneuver, it lacks real punch.

Nonny -- I'm so sorry things are that bad. It takes a special kind of evil to be that nasty, and it sounds like this family member got their share plus some. I hope you get a resolution soon. I dislike the whole "it's over money" stuff as well, so I know your reluctance to wanting to call some sort of attention to the bad behavior.

Sue -- it does NOT sound bitchy at all for you to want to ask the doc where he shoved his bedside manner -- I think it is an extremely logical request. That's why you made your concerns to him BEFORE the procedure. He crossed the line when he not only chose NOT to follow your advice, but also when your advice became a prediction, and you ended up in pain for no good reason. Doctors are always telling patients to be their own best advocate, and then for him not to chose to listen to you? Untenable. You know your body and your pain threshhold better than he does.

emily, thanks for the giggle about "Toddler Years 2--Adolescence: This Time It's Personal!" I needed that today. Offspring is really cranking my dials, and I'm not only hurt, angry, and upset -- I'm also feeling like a failure as a parent and powerless. That's a bad combination in someone who is supposed to be a family's driving force.

A. Nonny Moose said...

Thanks for the supportive comments. We retained an outside lawyer some time ago, for advice and just in case, so we'll see what that lawyer says about the latest twists.

purple_kangaroo said...

Oh, yes on the beer can.

A. Nonny Moose, I was going to suggest cluesticking for this monster, but that doesn't seem serious enough. ((Hugs))

And Sue's doctors . . . ugh.

purple_kangaroo said...

Klee, did you make sure he was nekkid when doing the cold beer can idea?

Liz Miller said...

KLee, so icy cold beer doesn't work...hmmmm....

This is kinda where I start bringing out the big guns such as:
"I will stop allowing you access to them at all for any reason if you do not stop what you are doing and never do it again."


"You know, if icy cold items on your bits don't seem to drive the message home, there's always scalding liquids"


"Stop. Right. Now. I mean it. I am deadly serious. And I will not tolerate it."

purple_kangaroo said...


purple_kangaroo said...

Yes, KLee, it is your body and he needs to show you respect. No means no.

purple_kangaroo said...

AW: My rabbits don't have snuffles. I took two in for necropsies and everything came back negative except parasitology, which is easy to fix. They suggested they might be sneezing due to something like allergies or dust.

W: One of the rabbits I took in for a necropsy was one of my best rabbits that I really hated to lose.

Bigger whine (not rabbit related): I'm getting tired of being so disorganized and unable to concentrate or follow through on things that it affects my life and everyone around me. But I don't know how to fix it.

D.M. said...
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Scrivener said...

I haven't whined in ages, but Liz sent me a note inviting me to stop by.

I'm the assistant director at my U writing center and the fiscal year is coming to a close. I need to have requested payment invoices by Friday in order to get the charges to clear under the current year, and I've got a little bit of budget money left to spend. There's a software tool that I *think* will solve a major problem we've had over the last few years managing our data, but I can't tell from the website whether it will actually do what I want it to do. There is a free demo of the program, though, so I think I could try it out and decide whether it will work for us. However, the IT people at my U are so totalitarian that I don't have administrative access to my own computer--I can't even install the demo and try it out without getting someone from IT to come to my office and type in their passwod for me. They say they're really busy because it's the start of the academic year and don't think they'll make it to my office to do so for a couple of weeks. Literally, all the guy needs to do is type in his password, drag the icon to the Applications folder, and then logout. Our budget for next year is extremely tight, so if I can't purchase this product by Friday, it probably isn't going to happen for another year.

Mainly it pisses me off that I can't even have that low level of control over my own machine. And if they're going to be so restrictive, then they need to be responsive to my requests for assistance and not act like I'm being a terrible bother to be contacting them over trivial details.

Liz Miller said...


kathy a. said...

hi, scriv! welcome back!

omg, what a mess on the IT vs. budget vs. beginning of school year vs. sanity front. have you tried begging + bribery? i know, you shouldn't have to...

Liz Miller said...

"I will give chocolate chip cookies to the first IT person who enables me to test this software".

Sue said...


Hey Scivener!!! So glad you could stop by. If I could, I would beam up my fave IT expert to help you out. Arg.

kathy a. said...

lol -- choc chip cookies were on my mental list of legal yet effective bribes.

esperanza said...

Hi Scrivener! Good to see you. Sorry it's on such a frustrating occasion, but whine away.

Whine for Today: I feel stoopid. Scene: lunch table, Sweet Baboo is done eating, Mama is done eating, Mini Baboo is still eating. Sweet asks for my rings to play with, which she does every so often. This being easier than getting her down from the high chair *while* nursing Mini, I hand them over. I am not paying attention. When Mini is done, I look over and my wedding ring is on Sweet's spoon (!) and engagement ring is nowhere to be found. I *thought* I heard it hit the floor, but I can't find it anywhere. I eventually conclude that she must have eaten it, even though she has never ever done anything like that, even as a baby. We had the opposite problem, trying to get her to eat. Call the hubby, who is sitting at lunch with our doctor, who says unless she's aspirated it, she should be fine, but we need an xray to make sure. I'm pretty darn sure she hasn't breathed it in, but since I can't find the thing, hubby and I arrange to meet at the ER. I turn around to look for my shoes and gather up the girls, and there is the dumb ring, on the carpet.

AW: I would have felt stoopider if we had made it all the way to the xray, come home, and then found the ring.

A two hour nap for all three of us (AW!!!) seems to have improved my brain capacity.

kathy a. said...

hugs to PK. xoxox

and esperanza, that's just one of those things, but thankfully with a good ending! plus a NAP!

Sue said...

esperanza - I think you and I may be twins separated at birth..... that is SO something that I would do - and have done - on more occasions than I care to remember. I hope the group nappage was most excellent.

amy said...

I lived through the big walk! Yay! It was So Hot. OMG.

Overall, it was a success. I was not able to walk all 60 miles (I did, however, walk 40) due to hardly training in the last month while I focused on fundraising. But, I managed to raise all of my funds, so I'm not complaining.

Oh, wait. Does that mean I get kicked out of WW? Uh-oh. Okay, here are some whines.

* I got nasty blisters and road rash, but they're healing nicely.
* I cannot believe how hot it was. I'm still sweating.
* My teammates were cranky the whole weekend about how often I was stopping to use my phone. They didn't realize until we got back that it's because I was FB-journaling the whole thing and taking pictures. Whether they appreciate having the experience recorded or not, I'm not sure, but they will eventually appreciate it, since they didn't even take pictures.
* My walking shirts were too tight, so all the pictures of me make me look like I'm impersonating sausage.
* The walk started on my school's campus. I have gone to work twice since finishing the walk and I have cried both times when coming onto campus again. Whoo! Emotional!
* I started my period the day after I returned. (At least it was the day after, though.)
* [This is the big one -- ready?] The day before I left on the walk my husband's best friend emailed to tell us that his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer a few days before. (It is not FB official, though, so I cannot post some of my pictures because I added her name to my shirts.) I'm so sad. :( Good news is that it looks like it's very early stage. Fingers crossed.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Amy - I am so glad the walk went well. The photoblogging was nice even if your teammates didn't appreciate it. And I hope your friend's cancer is beatable.

Sue - what a mess. Hope Dr. Jerkface learns something even if he never ever apologizes (just the inner skeptic in me.)

Eserpanza - thank goodness you found the ring without x-rays. Hope the nap helped. And someday you'll laugh, right?

Scrivener - oh no, on the IT front. Can you do the demo at home? Good luck.

A Nonny Moose - what a person in need of a cluesticking. I hope someone can knock some sense into him. And resolve this soon.

Days - good luck at the specialist. And if ever, this is probably a time to call in the reserves. Hope the wedding is beautiful.

Klee - hugs and patience with husbands and troops.

Sarah at ratatat said...

And whines because I am whiny:

Whine / anti-whine - my daughter started the anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds today. All of my doubt and worries about whether this is the right course are flaring up.

Lonely whine - I've reached out to some friends to get a little reassurance and am getting crickets back from email. Wouldn't bother me if I weren't feeling so insecure about it. Sigh.

And the ongoing saga of my brother and his soon-to-be-god-I-hope ex-wife. So much soap opera in our lives from the multiple daily phone calls to my mom. My mom being up all night worrying about it. And I have caught myself sniping in childish sibling rivalry because this is taking over our household...

Whine: took the kids to the art museum today. My mom was planning to come along but she had to dog-sit for my brother. (see childish me, above). And while the weather cooperated on the Ferris Bueller front, the kids were far more Cameron in their enthusiasm level.

kathy a. said...

yay, amy, for surviving the walk! i'm sorry to hear of your friend with cancer.

sarah, crossing fingers that the meds help. your poor mom -- hope things settle down on the brother front, too.

purple_kangaroo said...

I've been realizing over the last few months that I probably have severe @DHD that has gone undiagnosed my entire life. Now that my health is better and life has settled down, I can no longer blame those things and have been facing the fact that, yes, there is something underlying going on. I took the J@sper/G0ldberg assessment test yesterday and scored 100.

I probably can't take medications because of my tendency to be highly sensitive to meds (they usually contain excitotoxins) and have more dramatic side effects than normal.

I know some of the pixies have had experience with this . . . any ideas or suggestions for where I can find tools to help manage this?

KLee said...

Good to have Scrivener back with us, though the IT whines are always worthy. Sadly, Scriv -- that air of "oh, you're relatively unimportant, I'll get to it when I can..." seems to be rampant in academia as far as IT issues go. My husband works IT for a private college in our area, and you'd be amazed that anything at all gets done because the "beautiful people" always come first. They demand their issues be taken care of RIGHT NOW, and the IT guys have to jump. I understand how frustrated you are, but the idea of cookie bribery might work. If you explain what a very little amount of work is involved, they might be more willing to pop over for a second to straighten it out. Hopefully they aren't ALL jerks.

P_K, sorry about your bun-buns. I hope that they are all on the mend, and that you can get some hints for helping you deal with your own dilemmas. I am trying so hard to be better organized, but I can feel it slipping away from me. I wish you all the best.

Amy -- yay for you and the Walk! Boo to the snotty teammates! If they don't understand, tell them that you reached your monetary goal by promising some coverage of the event, and you delivered what you promised. If they don't like it, I wish a scorching case of Athlete's Foot on them.

My daughter is no longer speaking to me. When I got home this afternoon, she was lying on the couch...As soon as I came in the door, she stalked off and slammed her bedroom door. I am officially the Wicked Witch of the South. Am trying VERY hard not to let all this crap send me into a tailspin, but I have felt very weepy for days, and have no real reason why. All of The Drama does not help.

Sue said...

One last late-breaking Whine of Sheer Stupidity: I had a massage booked for this afternoon at three. Around 2:30, I went out for a nice long leisurely walk - TOTALLY forgot about the massage.

I'm on holidays, so I haven't had my date-book open for three weeks.

*smacks forehead*

DUH!!!! Called my massage therapist to re-book and to tell her that I'll pay the time, of course.

Sarah at ratatat said...

Sue, a missed massage? Heresy! Hope you rebook soon. But total AW on the no datebook for 3 weeks.

esperanza said...

Esperanza misses the point of Sue's whine in order to marvel at "going out for a walk at 2:30 in the afternoon." That's when we hunker down in the air conditioning and wait for the infernal sun to go down. We're working on the third week of 97+ here.

Sorry about the massage :(

Sue said...

We had a lovely day with temps hovering around 22C (room temp, roughly 72F) so it was a perfect day for a walk. True esperanza - I probably should have named that as an anti-whine. I forget that others are sweltering.....

I've booked another massage for next Friday after I get back from my trip south to see "Wicked" (now *there* is a huge anti-whine!

Liz Miller said...

Keep whining!!! Awards after work today.

kathy a. said...

daughter, who is all grown up and everything, had a lunch date with her dad. he called at noon. i had to wake her up. "huh?" she said; "oh, shit." i guess it will happen next week, and i guess someone will ask me to do the wake-up routine.

meanwhile, i have a firm promise that she will help me do picnic set-up in the morning. maybe she'll be past the swearing stage of awakeness by the time guests arrive. i've laid in some chocolate to aid the process.

kathy a. said...

* or else, she'll set her alarm. that would be the prudent thing. somehow, coming home makes her act like a less responsible person.

Liz Miller said...

Awards tomorrow, I guess. Sorry!