Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pixies, Start Your Whining

It's Wednesday!


liz said...

I dream
Of lovely Boston Cream
The dream did not come to pass
They have glazed, and sugared jellies
But no chocolate-covered, custard-filled to sate my empty belly
So I plot the cafeteria manager's painful and gruesome death
With an blast of my onion-bagel-with-garlic-cream-cheese and mocha coffee breath.

Sue said...

Whine: Early morning breakfast meetings that start at 7:00 a.m. WTF???

Whine: Another one next Wednesday. Ugh.

Whine: It's really cold out and my car doesn't like the cold.

Whine: Nervous cat pooping outside of box. He runs under the bed every time he hears anyone in the hallway of the condo, so that's where the nervous part comes in. Thankfully, still peeing in the box, but the other - not. happening. *sigh*

Anti-whine: Only an hour until quitting time for me. Half day today.

esperanza said...

No meeting should start at 7:00 am, Sue. That's just rude.

My whine? Perhaps you will remember the six adults, one teenager and two babies under one roof whine from last week? Not surprisingly, add one snotty baby (not the Baboo) and one snotty adult (unfortunately, the Baboo's father) into that mix and you have multiple snotty people. The Baboo has a (so far) week-long snotty nose and a new cough this morning (necessitating a retrieval of the nebulizer from the closet). Her daddy has bronchitis (necessitating steroids and antibiotics and some apparently heavy duty cough medicine). Her mama is blessedly well, but weary of being a nurse. Grandpa also got the snotty nose.

Antiwhine: sleep! The Sweetest Baboo ever is a champion sleeper, even with a snotty nose, 10-11 hours at a stretch at night. I am now performing some sort of ritual so that I won't jinx things.

kathy a. said...

Liz -- so stylin'!

Sue -- with you on the litter box blues. Hope your furry one settles down soon!

Old Skool whine: Ants. Indoors. Again.

Fat whine: Daily drama with SIL. Such a mess. She turned up for Thanksgiving, so I guess I'm no longer "fired," and she felt comfortable enough to rifle through my mail and take some catalogs. Also, nonstop rabbit talk.

Beloved has been helping her fill out disability forms. She has no paperwork; has spent all the $ intended for buying a new house, plus racked up $30,000 in credit card debts that cannot be paid; plus, turns out she has had no income since August. And she does not understand she must stop spending. Monday, she remembered that she had put down $3000 on a house back in May, so she called her elderly mother to take care of it, and her mother yelled at the real estate agent -- who really can't just turn the $ over to someone who isn't on the contract and doesn't have a court order, ya know? Also, we have apparently "loaned" her a bunch of money we don't have to pay her disability lawyer.

There is a lot more. Feeling overwhelmed. In a major victory, my beloved got the rabbit ladies to tell SIL that the bunnies can use an hour or 2 of supervised hopping, but then they need to be caged. [They also offered discretely to take the rabbits back, when we find a new living situation for SIL. Yay, rabbit ladies!]

kathy a. said...

((( esparanza ))) passing the kleenex, turkey soup, and a few mindless comedy DVD's.

esperanza said...

Oh, man, kathy a. Things aren't getting any better in the SIL department. So sorry.

Uccellina said...

Sing a song of six teeth,
a nighttime full of pain,
tiny little bite marks
redden my breast again.
Poor little Robin,
Poor little me,
And since he has to hear me whine,
poor Daddy.

liz said...

Uccellina, remembering what it's all about with style!!!

Genevieve said...

Mega style points for Liz and Uccellina! (Uccellina, have you tried letting Robin chew on a frozen washcloth before nursing? That worked for me when the kiddo bit 8 times in a day and I was at my wits end. Soak a washcloth, fold in quarters, and freeze.)

and big cheers for the Sweetest Baboo (is that a Sade song?) for sleeping so well. Though a It's No Fun Being the Healthy One award, or something like that but with a catcher name, for esperanza.

Huge hugs to Kathy A for having to deal with the SIL situation.

Big boos for Should-Be-Outlawed Crack o' Frickin' Dawn Meetings.

Big anti-whine: tonight is opening night for the kiddo's play! And we saw it at dress rehearsal and it is AWESOME.

Very minor whines: tonight begins the kiddo's 4x week performance schedule (we can deal); spilled food on my fancy theatergoing top (at least it's a dark color anyway); I couldn't be pimplier if I was a "before" ad for benzoyl peroxide.

Anonymous said...

Whine: Still finishing the antibiotics from Neighbor Girl's pneumonia (tgiving plans were canceled, and Neighbor Guy and I both got colds to boot). Then this morning she woke up saying she couldn't move her neck. I think it's a crick from sleeping on it weirdly, but still, given the last few weeks, it is hard not to freak. out. She went to school though, which is a good sign I guess. Hate having to cross fingers and wait it out where health is concerned.

whine #2: Teaching in kindergarten about beans tomorrow, leading to a quest for the "biggest bean available" at the grocery stores. Like a needle in a haystack. Interesting how different towns have hugely varying selections of beans. Wonder if bean selection reveals something about sociological demographics...

anitiwhine: Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, watching today after recording it before the holiday

antiwhine #2: kids who can still get into charlie brown

--Neighbor Lady

p.s. Kudos for all the styley whines this week, and hugs too as needed

Sue said...

Stylin' whines from liz and uccellina this week for sure.

Sorry about the SIL troubles kathy a. - it's no wonder you're feeling overwhelmed!

Sorry about the Snotty Thanksgiving in the Baboo family. That's harsh. Just having all those people in one house is bad enough. But adding the snot factor is just plain wrong.

Ants - kathy a. - that was the ONLY good thing about my five days in the hospital last summer. While I wasn't home, we were infested with ants AND trying to sell the house. I would have been one big hysterical mess. Loving hubby didn't tell me about it for a few days after I got home. Smart man, that one...

Sue said...

Liz - your garlic-breath style whine brings me to a question.

On Saturday I am attending a dinner party for a friend's 50th birthday. Girl's only, lots of martinis, you get the picture. Of course, it's a Saturday night, so I'll be leaving as soon as dinner is over anyway - hey, I gotta work EARLY on Sundays....

Anyway, I barely know the hostess and I'm not sure she knows that I can't eat garlic or onions AT ALL. Do I call and tell her? Or do I take my chances and just pass on the ceasar salad as it goes past me?

liz said...

I would say, "please don't make anything special for me, but could you let me know WHICH items have onions and/or garlic in them?" and eat a snack before you go.

KLee said...

Oh, the tired, she is catching up with me in a BIG TIME way, and I see no forseeable chance on the horizon for a slowdown.

-We are testing at school, and all of our kindergartens are participating in a round-robin style celebration of holidays in other countries. The kids are extra hyper because this is not our normal schedule.

-I have a craft workshop tomorrow night, in which I am responsible for both teaching AND most of the prep work. AFTER working all day, and rushing home to cook dinner early so my family doesn't starve.

-Friday night is school, and then our regularly scheduled Girl Scout meeting. We also have to eat in here somewhere...

-Saturday afternoon (and early evening) is the town's annual Christmas Parade, in which Offspring is supposed to participate with our Girl Scout Unit.

-Sunday is a meeting of adult volunteers in our Girl Scout Unit, which I may be blowing off so I don't go mental.

-Monday, back to work for the holiday dealio AND I finally have an appointment with the ortho about my blasted feet. Monday afternoon is also supposedly my annual review.

Plus, I have to still cook meals and wash clothes and all that other mundane stuff that we all do every day.

Can I just go to bed until Christmas? Please?

Anonymous said...

KLee --BED sounds SO good right now!!!!
kathy a.-- So sorry about the SIL problems!
esperanza--I am right there with you with the snotty problems...hope it clears up soon!
Sue--early morning meetings should be outlawed!
Genevieve--hope the kiddo's performances go well!

--Neighbor Lady

Anonymous said...

Just remembered another "because I'm still obsessing about it" whine:

Turned in a resume for a job at a local bookstore in the hopes of making some extra money a few nights a week. While filling in the days available (in between bouts of self-doubt etc after seven years home with kiddos), was poised to list a few dates I can't work (when Neighbor Guy travels). Got interrupted.

Realized on the way home from dropping it off that I left the sentence hanging, right there on the front of the application.

Best part of the whine? Under qualifications, I had listed "Highly organized." Haha

Antiwhine: Also put in a resume and cover letter for a job I really really want for a summer camp science coordinator.

Whine: Staying home with kids for seven years, after being gung-ho career-headed previously, does a number on self-confidence when applying for jobs again, in a slightly different field.

Antiwhine: Now that the resume is updated etc., the task is not so daunting anymore

Whine: I have to stop playing on the computer and make dinner

Anitiwhine: I think we'll have a picnic in the living room and watch a Nancy Drew movie while we eat dinner. Just because

--Neighbor Lady

Sarah at ratatat said...

Liz, donuts hopes dashed have sadly ruined my day before too.

Sue, on the garlic thing, I think I'd probably ask when I got there, and be prepared to eat less if need be.

esperanza, best of luck restoring clear breathing throughout the house.

neighborlady, I hope you get a terrific job. Peering toward that future, I hope the transition to work after home goes well for us both. And may the neck pain be benign.

KLee, at least find time to eat. And then schedule sleeping blocs? If only it were that easy.

Genevieve, play performances 4x a week, thank goodness for moms like you. I'd be whining big time.

Whine: Facebook is stealing my serenity! My brother and SIL broadcast their plans for going out. Fine. But that has meant my babysitting her son and his dog. When I read their Saturday plans today, I started feeling panicky and tense.

Antiwhine: my mom said my SIL's mom is coming down to watch them this weekend. So no need to freak out.

Antiwhine: I adjusted my Facebook settings to not see their news. It seems rude to defriend them.

Sue said...

Thanks Liz and Sarah - I think that's a good plan.

amy said...

I worry that I'm going to come off as trying to win the mullet award every week with this whine, but here goes:

I broke a nail - my long, smooth, awesome pinkie nail that I use for picking the baby's bogies.

Oh, and for some unknown reason, my husband is watching the Britney Spears special on MTV right now. WTF?

esperanza said...

What's wrong with trying to win the mullet award every week?

kathy a. said...

cluestick for amy's husband, and a mullet with a side of q-tips for amy!

liz said...

What Esperanza said.

And Amy, that is definitely a legitimate cause for whining.

redzils said...

I am reading whines at 4 am. Because I just happen to be awake, in that insomnia, cant sleep, kill-me-now sort of way...

I have to finish drafting my dissertation by the 18th, No Matter What. And I am stalled, pixies, very stalled... I mean, I know what needs to be done, I sort of know how to do it, and... ooh, shiny!

Also, the garret living is getting old. Our latest excitement: my hair dryer blew the breaker twice this morning (each time requiring a trip outside, down a flight of stairs, and into the garage where the fuse box lives), so I ended up bicycling into work (at 28 degrees, F) with wet hair.

Anti-whines: Um? I'm volunteering at the Christmas Store for the county tomorrow, so I get to help make Christmukkah happen for kids who might not get much otherwise. The dog is well. And, someday I wont be writing a dissertation, right?

JenR said...

I am sick of being sick. The latest: a sinus-y cold before turkey day, nasty stomach flu over the weekend, and back to a sinus cold this week. Months and months of sick... it is getting old.

Antiwhine - baby boy has also been sick off and on, but at least he somehow missed out on the stomach flu thing. Knock on wood.

KLee said...

I have a last-minute whine that is very selfish in origin...

Amy hasn't updated her blog, which would be bad enough. BUT -- there's this awesome new fellow living at her house, and I want the full scoop, and if she's so inclined, PICTURES! Now, pics are not normally her thing, so I'll understand if she chooses not to post any, but I want to hear about the baby!

And, why do I still have 12 days before Christmas break?!?!

margalit said...

Holy crap, it's Thursday. I'm sick. I can't breathe. I've peed out about 12 lbs (no exaggeration) in the past 24 hours and I'm still totally overloaded. I can't breathe, I can't lay down, I can't sleep. I've been awake for 3 days. My daughter asked me to help her study for her history exam on the civil war and I could not think of one thing. I used to BE a history teacher. No oxygen. I'm in crappy shape.

Home health care aide hurt her back, agency blamed ME because I didn't call to let them know. When did her health become my concern? I'm so pissed off.

Liquid Plumber works.

Kids are both OK. Daughter brought home such a huge haul from Panera last night that we can't fit anything else into the freezer and we still have one giant shopping bag left.

That's about all I can remember. Send vibes. Good ones.

JenR said...

margalit -
Make croutons. And bagel chips. Maybe breadcrumbs - although those aren't as fun to eat. Anything tat involves drying out the bread will make it last without freezing.