Thursday, December 18, 2008


Elevated Risk of Mullet Award to Klee, for contributing "Christmas-themed slice of hell" to the lexicon. Best to her, Sue, Esperanza, and everyone else wrangling hyperactive children in the next week or so.

Old Skool Award to Amy, who is too tired to whine.

True Meaning of the Holidays Award to Sarah at Ratatat, for her amazing work in ethical education, including explaining why a pile of broken seashells does not a thoughtful gift make.

Toofies Popping Out All Over Award to JenR.

Time Crunch Award to Miranda, who complains that the holidays are inconveniently situated with respect to her work schedule.

Saddest Antiwhine Award to Elizabeth, who was overjoyed that the office party was someplace else so she did not have to monitor emails for 3 whole hours.

Weird Science Award to Liz, who shall be conducting a groundbreaking experiment on herself!

Latkes of Goodness and Angst Award to Madeleine.

What’s the Holdup Already? Award to Redzils, still waiting on dissertation feedback.

Hard Goodbye Award to Sue.

Congratulations to Esperanza’s Boobs, who are getting with the Breastpump Breakup Program. Per Liz’s suggestion, Kahlua milkshakes all around!

Happy Dances for Halloweenlover, whom Klee reports just had a lovely baby girl!

Chocolate, candy canes, and high-quality comfort food to all coping with headaches, relatives, changing therapists, too much to do in too little time, tiredness, unreasonable expectations, shopping, teenagers, fireplacing coldness outdoors, and other accouterments of the season.

Many thanks to Liz, who told me how to link to comments! If this doesn't work, it's all on me.

See you next week, when the fabulous Klee will host!


kathy a. said...

Followup to yesterday's whine: Daughter didn't just hit any old cop -- she managed to hit *the top cop* in our town and not get ticketed. "I think he could see I was freaked out," she reported. She'd been having a really rotten 24 hours, but ended up feeling hysterically joyful at her good fortune.

Elizabeth said...

A lovely award ceremony. And YAY for being able to get into Wednesday whining again.

Madeleine said...

Great awards, and much happiness that Daughter pushed through to the giggle fit at the end of the tunnel!

Do you want to hear about the snippy one-line reply the aggrieved latke-mom sent early this morning, or the longer, polite apology for the freakout she sent a few hours later? What, neither? Me too.

esperanza said...

Wow, that Christmas pageant sympathy whine's see...three or four years old, at the least. It must be pretty potent, to still get an award. No pageant for me this year.

Congrats to all the whiners!

kathy a. said...

Esperanza, some whines never go out of style. ;)

Sue said...

Great awards Kathy a.

Esperanza - I think there's a lifetime award for Children's Pageant whiens. Or there should be.

Cheers all - *raises glass of Kahlua milkshake.* Yum!