Friday, November 28, 2008


Hope that the U.S. Pixies had a good Thanksgiving! Congratulations on the many things we are thankful for, including: family; sleeper cars; vintage Nancy Drew; bloggy meet-ups; parades; feasty food; volunteering; finally getting an oven; teen offspring who crack a smile; crafts; wedding anniversaries; the generosity of friends; cats; books; and beautiful snow.

Elevated Risk of Mullet Award to Amy, who laments: "My purse is heavier than my diaper bag."

Style Award to Redzils, for her whine/antiwhine discourse on the merits of this year’s Thanksgiving companions, concluding: "Overall, still a victory."

Old Skool Award to Sue, who complains that pantyhose should be outlawed.

Condolances, Hugs, and your choice of chocolate cake or pumpkin pie to Pixies suffering from: missing family during the holiday; overcrowded familial conditions with incoming relatives; pneumonia and/or headaches and/or other illnesses; funky smells in car and/or home; relatives who are difficult for whatever reason (no talking; too much talking; etc.); messy homes; broken or missing appliances; bureaucracy; work pressures; and etc.

See you next week, when the delightful Madeleine will host!


Sue said...

Thanks kathy a!!

I hope all of the US pixies had a great Thanksgiving.
With the holidays approaching, I saw a book cover the other day that provided much comfort. It's called "All Families Are Psychotic".

Well THAT is good to know!!!

kathy a. said...

sue, i woulda thought that a book with that name was non-fiction. ;)

purple_kangaroo said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Anonymous said...

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