Thursday, December 11, 2008


First, because this is really, really, really bothering me: the Cluestick Posse is heading out to whup some of Purple Kangaroo's so-called friends' First, we'll visit the one who is conveniently blaming her own deadline avoidance on PK's illness, and the one who asked, "that's not contagious, is it" and moved away from PK on the Group W Bench. Then we'll go pay a call on the one who thought it was appropriate to tell PK that PK was axed from the possible wedding attendants list due to her and Baby E's health issues. PK, you are hereby the recipient of the "With Friends Like These, Who Fireplacing Needs Fireplacing Enemies" Award.

Whew. Glad to get that off my chest. Now I can stop spitting incoherently.

The Remembering What It's All About Award goes to Esperanza, with engorgement clusters. Esperanza is also runner-up for the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award ("teh Second Thoughts, they are killing me...which probably stems from Whine #2: teh boobs are not in favor of this plan. At all")

The WINNER of the Elevated Risk of Mullet Award is Neighbor Lady for the keyboard killing comment punchline "downside: making cole slaw is never quite the same after that..."

The Old Skool Award goes to KLee for her short but sweet whine (presented here, in its entirety) "Wah! I just jammed my finger! I looked down, and there was a bug on my hand, so I went a little mental, and flung my hand out to rid it of the bug. Only, I flung it into the stove. Yeowch! Can i have a lollipop? Or at least some fudge?"
It has everything: Contusions, Comedy, and Candy.

The When Bad Things Happen To Bad People Who Then Need Nurturing Award goes to Kathy A.. I think she speaks for all of us at one point or another when she says, "I'm trying to be a decent person, but the temptation to just book the cheapest trip to anyplace else while I still have credit is very strong." Amen, Sister. (I also like the phrase, "trifecta of damaging relatives." Very nice indeed).

The Style Award goes to Madeleine for her Haiku honoring her old slippers.

Kudos to Redzils for finishing her results section...again
And kudos as well to Margalit for her first column in the local paper

Hugs and kisses to those dealing with Snow, Mold, Breakfast Meetings, Sleep Deprivation (New Mommy Style).

And Anti-whine of the Week to Sue for "Now it's snowing and I don't have to shovel. I never tire of saying that."

Thank you all for playing!!! Tune in next week, when our host will be the lovely and talented Kathy A!!!


kathy a. said...

Liz, these are wonderful awards, as always!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you!! I am honored to have won the mullet award!
I think you just made my day!!
(no really! that a whine about my day??)
Anyway, thanks!!

--Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

Thanks Liz! Great awards!

kathy a. said...

and the sox, do we get photos, or what?

purple_kangaroo said...

Mahvelous job, as usual, Liz. (Is there anything you don't do well?)

Thanks for the steam and spitting on my behalf. :) Someone once commented on my blog that these types of health issues tend to bring out the best and the worst and the wierdest in everyone around me, and it stuck in my mind because it's so true. :)

My mahvelous home helper just left. She's the antiwhine to top all antiwhines right now--just amazing.

purple_kangaroo said...

Another vote for photos of the sox!

esperanza said...

Thank you, thank you. I have a feeling I'll be doing similar remembering next Wednesday as well. The boobs are much happier today. Back to my nefarious plots against them tomorrow...heh, heh.

Ooo boy, I clearly need a nap.

liz said...

There will be pix of the sox at some point. I am, actually, doing something rawther dangerous with them. To wit: I knit the leg of one sock down to dividing for the heel and stopped. Put the whole thing on yarn holders and started the other sock's leg.

Also, I found out part way through the first sock that the fact that I knit a twisted stitch makes my cables look not so mahvelous. So I had to re-learn how to knit. So my first sock subtly changes half-way down.

These socks are not ending up under anyone's tree this year. But I WILL finish them. Oh yes, I will.

kathy a. said...

Liz, my favorite art teacher of all time, who taught both my kids, had one unwavering rule: "There are no mess-ups in art." That's my story now, and I invite everyone to embrace it.

liz said...

They're not messed up, but they're not going to be my mother's stocking (ha! stocking!) stuffer, either.