Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wednesday Whining: Garlic Breath Haiku Edition

Whine: Breath could drop a
Grown moose at a hundred yards.
Anti-whine: Pesto!

What's your week been like? Bring your whines, I'll bring the (parmesan) cheese!


kathy a. said...

please go breathe on a
moose person. although, she does
not deserve pesto.

kathy a. said...

in real whines: these fireplacing debates reduce me to an anxious place. and so does that whole economy thing.

i'd also like to complain about my fireplacing mail-person, who consistently mis-delivers mail, including last month's mastercard bill, which we didn't get and was being directed to collection for not paying on time. and it also sounds like some-fireplacing-body besides me has been using it. a lot.

and also, if i can ever figure out WHO is robo-calling my house every day with "Don't Be Alarmed! But Your Credit May Be In Jeopardy!" recordings, i may not be able to uphold my commitment to peaceful solutions.

in antiwhines, my cats are particularly cute lately.

Madeleine said...

Oh, kathy a., that is a bad combo you've got there, complete with teh robo calls of doom.

More after coffee.

Elizabeth said...

Whine: My bank keeps promising to send me a new ATM card, but not doing it. I think they want to keep my money.

Whine: back to back to back to back meetings.

Whine: pimple right where the stem of my glasses rests on my ear.

Whine/anti-whine in one: I've been assimilated into the the Faceborg.

L'shanah tovah and an easy fast to those to whom they apply.

Sue said...

Nice whine haiku Liz!

I can't eat garlic, therefore any moose in the area are safe.

kathy a. - i'm so sorry about that combo of whines. i hope it all works out McSoon.

Whine: Still no official word from the insurance company regarding my coverage during gradual return. Because my six months of restorative care time are up, I don't get to deal with the nice people who care - now I'm stuck waiting for the evil insurance monsters to do their evil. Bleh.

Anti-whine: I survived my first day back at work yesterday. Now I just have to get through Sunday which is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.

Whine: Moving date changed to the 22nd. Homeless for two days between closing dates.

Anti-whine: we found a hotel that will take us with the cats and is wheelchair accessible.

happy day pixies. I'm off to session 5 of my structural integration. Not sure what's in store there today, but it is typically painful. Painful, but always worth it after it's over.

kathy a. said...

ouchy zit award to elizabeth!

sue, glad you found a cat-friendly hotel, and hope the work transition goes smoothly. bah on the insurance company.

these amazing internets. turns out the fool who has been using my card is me, so that part of the whine is withdrawn. but it seemed really high because i didn't get TWO months of fireplacing statements.

margalit said...

Hi Pixies,

Still not recovering from recent hospitalization. Do you think the box of Dunkin Donuts Munchkins I'm eating might have something to do with me feeling like crap?

Worthless Pet has peed under my bed so many times that I'm now sleeping on the sofa in the living room because my room is uninhabitable. I have tried every spray they make. Nothing is working. HELP!

DCS, which used to be DSS, found out that I left my 16 year old kids alone for a night when I was in the hospital. They were not amused. So I can't be doing that again. I thought 16 would be old enough, but not in this state.

I was denied a wheelchair by the state agency that provides them.

A coworker told me how to get a wheelchair so I'm starting up that task. It should take forever. I need the chair for college visits. No way can I make it all over campuses.

Pepper the kitten is growing up and is no longer teeny and adorable. She is, however, the smartest cat I've ever seen. She has learned how to turn on the light in the front hall closet. She climbs up the back of the ironing board, jumps on the pull chain, and turns it on. No matter how many times I turn it off, she likes it on. Go figure.

I am so broke this month that I have no money to grocery shop at all. We've made it this far and we still have food in the house, but it's gonna be painful by the end of the month.

Found the sukkah in the basement so we're putting it up this year. It's too cold to sleep in though. But we'll eat in it.

Kids are both OK, doing reasonably well, and leaving me alone. It's all I ask.

McCain/Palin are driving me insane and I now have determined that I can't keep being so obsessed with this election because it's affecting my health poorly.

Only good thing about this economic meltdown is that I've already spent my 401K and my kids college savings. So I'm basically OK until they start reducing the "entitlements" and go after SSDI.

turtlebella said...

Okay-- so I know I have been largely absent for a loooong time. Sorry about that! And hugs to all the pixies!!!!

But I did want to let all of you know about the biggest anti-whine of my life---

Thalia Adelita was born early Sunday morning, Oct. 5. She weighed in at 9lbs. 7oz. and a little over 21 inches long. She is a total sweetie and we are all in love.

Of course, the whine is that I'm not sure why there aren't more hours in the day in which I can nurse, take the baths my midwife wants me to, and oh you know, eat! :)

kathy a. said...

turtlebella!!! woo hoo! welcome to the world, baby thalia!

((( margalit )))

Sarah at ratatat said...

Congrats Turtlebella! Fabulous name. All the best and time to enjoy/sleep/eat.

In baby land here, the new one (whom we all call baby a little too often) is sleeping well. Anti-whine! So well, she is sleeping better than I am. I didn't even believe <1 month olds contemplated sleeping 4+ hour stretches. I think she could be coaxed into sleeping from 11 to 4:30, but honestly I am used to newborns eating every 2-3hours around the clock. I don't know how to guide this. I am just annoyed with myself for waking every 2-3 hours whether she stirs/cries or is peacefully silent.

In whine follow-ups, my son is still contemplating creatures who will eat the baby (cats, robots, giants) but he amuses me and seems less upset.

I don't envy Sue's two days of homelessness. I always worry about that. Hope the hotel works out well.

And I do envy Liz's pesto. I let my basil go and I think it is too late to harvest. The rest of the garden has expired.

KLee said...

Also joining in the baby news -- Amy at the Texture of Things had a baby boy! He was delivered by c-section, with Daddy in attendance sometime over the the last few days, possibly on Friday.

Amy will fill us in on further developments, but so far she's said that it went well, and that she and the baby are home now, and resting well!

Many, many congrats to both Amy and Turtlebella!

Sue said...

Baby congrats to Turtlebella and Amy!! So exciting!

Margalit - I don't even know where to start with pixie votes and wishes for your life to just plain get better! Phooey to the state jerks who won't fund your wheelchair...better luck with the one suggested by your co-worker.

Madeleine said...

With all the new babies this week, it seems appropriate to whine/anti-whine on the joys of parenting. Specifically, the opportunity to hear sentences like this:

"Mama, did you know that rats can't barf?"

I don't know why, but trying to think about rats NOT barfing is just as gross as thinking about rats barfing.

esperanza said...

Congrats to turtlebella and amy! Yippee!

Whine: Sweet Baboo and I just returned from a quick trip by airplane(!) for a medical visit and a visit to the g-parents. I. Am. Tired. Wow, is that exhausting. Driving is easier.

Antiwhine: the plane ticket was a gift! I mean, free to us. How nice.

redzils said...

Well, in the never-ending saga of brown-recluse-meets-tender-doggie-face we are three steps forward from our 17 steps back, last week.

I finished data collection and started my analyses. I gave a brilliant presentation. And with those things out of the way, I went to look at job ads. These are for jobs that start August 2009, at soonest, and they are due NEXT WEDNESDAY. I mean, not all of them. Just two of the five I am interested in.

Also, the endless stream of "Where are we?! And why oh why are we in this handbasket!?!" from the American populace and media are making me crazy.

Le Despair is on my doorstep. Only it will have to come back next week because I have SIX DAYS to pull together a complete jobs packet.

The best anti-whine is the next post, of course.

amy said...

I have no whines of merit this week. Baby Boy arrived safely on Friday morning. We are home, safe and healthy. He is nursing like a champ - as evidence of this, I'll offer that between his weight check Sunday night and his weight check this afternoon, he has gained 5 ounces. FIVE OUNCES! I take *all* the credit, thankyouverymuch.

I suppose if I have to offer a whine, it would be dealing with the tot. She's 4, she's very sweet, and she wants to do everything for the boy. But she's as sick as a dog, which is making her needy and whiny on its own, never mind the ginormous change going on in our life here and how being sick means no, I'm sorry, you cannot hold the baby. And it's raining here, so sending her outside to play with my husband is not an option.

I'm going to shut my trap now. I cannot even believe how blessed I feel right now, and as I'm not a religious person, I'm not one to casually use the word blessed. Still, I feel it, and I don't think that's the pain killers talking.

kathy a. said...

congratulations, amy -- and welcome to the world, big boy! xoxo

redzils, sending scritches to your pup, and good job-ap vibes to you.

hugs to esperanza and the sweet baboo.

and madeleine gets some kind of prize -- liz has to figure this one out -- about how rats can't barf.

JenR said...

Yay for all the babies!

We are all still sick here. Someday it will get better. I hope.

And maybe someday baby boy will sleep through the night. My real whine is that my dear husband has become a mess after 7 months of not sleeping though the night. He is crabby and a bit depressed. And generally not a nice person between 11 pm and 7 am. And occasionally other times, depending on the night before. He needs sleep, apparently, to maintain that sweet loving personality. So once we get past the sickness stage of pumping every ounce of liquid we can into the baby, we'll have to work on eliminating night feedings. And night rocking, and night pacifier-inserting. But cry-it-out breaks my heart - we will have to find another way.