Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I interrupt today's whining to let you know

Annika is getting a new liver. Right now.

update: It's On. [-- k.a.]

update: Moreena is live-blogging. [k.a.]


redzils said...

Wow, just wow! I saw the post from Moreena, and they are in my heart.

Elizabeth said...

What a birthday present?! Prayers for all of them.

Diane said...

I move to make this the official spot of all anti-whines.
And positive thoughts.
And well wishes.
And good liver vibes.
And anything else I forgot.

kathy a. said...

woo! happy birthday to moreena!
everything crossed for annika.
much love for the donor family, so generously giving anni another chance.

second diane's motion.

Sue said...

Sending light and prayers....

margalit said...

What a glorious birthday present! Thinking nothing but positive, healing thoughts.