Thursday, October 2, 2008


Happy First Birthday to Esperanza’s Sweet Baboo!

Our Best to Sue as she returns to work next week! And moves the following week!

Old Skool Award to Sarah at Ratatat, who worries her 4-year-old is angry, fussy, and tearful following the recent arrival of his younger sister. Hugs all around during the transition.

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Awards (for funniest line in a whine) go to Sarah for the phrase, "infant lifestyle," to which she attributes sleep deprivation; and to Diane, who advises Amy (tongue in cheek): "blame it on your husband. Always, always blame it on your husband."

Style Award to Margalit, who sums up the worst, succinctly: "Money. Job. Money. All of which are impossible right now." Many hugs on substantive grounds, and glad you are back home.

Perils of Parenting Awards to: Amy, who administered still-unexpired eyedrops from the last round of pinkeye (which we agree is a perfectly sound approach); and JenR, dealing with ear infections, cold, and teething, the first two of which have spread to the parents.

Classroom Crisis Award to Klee, who has an out-of-control student. This special award comes factory-equipped with a magic wand, complimentary time-out corner, football-style padded protection for everyone in the classroom, clue-by-fours for the child’s parents and the school administration, and a Posse escort to The Professional Help This Kid So Desperately Needs.

Conehead Award to Redzils, and we hope your pup feels better.

Like a Heat Wave Award to Uccellina, who feels the heat in the wind and her throat.

Pants That Fit Again Award to Diane. We’re jealous!

Ain’t That the Truth Award to Robert, who observes: "we all depend on our ‘safety nets’ and well-timed ‘bailouts’ at various junctures in our life." Mazel Tov to everyone who has been my safety net, and yours.

Basement of Glorious Memories Award to Pablo, the brave and patient guardian of his four adult kids’ left-behind stuff. Best Use of Plastic Storage Products Award to Sue, who has limited the elsewhere-living adult offspring to one (1) large bin apiece when she moves to the New Place. And many hugs to Amy, whose mom found a broken treasure of Amy’s (long-deceased) brother’s in the basement, and wondered if she should keep it.

The Dollar Cost Averaging Award to Miranda (thanks to Madeleine for the nomination), who finds the silver lining in the financial meltdown, as it relieves us slackers in the investment arena of charges of financial irresponsibility.

Popcorn, beverages of choice, and ready access to the "mute" button to all who are celebrating the Season of Political Angst. Decided or undecided, excited or anxious, I think we can all agree on one principle: enough already with the talking heads and recorded phone pitches. I say, the next idiot who intrudes on our personal space with stuff we don’t want to hear gets all the Christmas catalogs.

Until next time......

P.S.: Thanks to Liz -- next week's fabulous host! -- for nominating Sarah for Mullet. And, hope the trip goes well.


Sue said...

Great awards Kathy a.!!!

Madeleine said...

Wonderful ceremeony, kathy a.

And now I need to decide which of the two debates to watch tonight -- North of the Border we also have an election going, and they scheduled the darn debates to conflict. Grrrr.

BlackenedBoy said...

I love politics, though, so I'm not really whining about election season (and I live in a swing state).

Maybe this counts as a whine: I am currently teething. I recently visited the dentist, who told me that my wisdom teeth are coming in and I'll have to get surgery to remove them because my mouth is too crowded.

kathy a. said...

BB, so sorry about the wisdom teeth. Both my son and daughter had theirs removed in the past year. C'mon back and tell us when you have it scheduled so we can send good wishes, and virtual icepacks and milkshakes! [Be sure to schedule it at a time when you can take a few days off, in case you need them.]