Friday, October 31, 2008

Awards: Spooky Halloween Edition

The Creepy Crawly Award goes to redzils, who vanquished a poisonous spider but wonders if her apartment is safe.

The Itty Bitty Squeaky Award goes to esperanza, who thinks she still has a mouse in the garage, with a side serving of Little Devil in honor of the sweet baboo, who wants to party all night long.

Icky Smelly Awards to both kathy a. and margalit, for teh cat pee. The endless cat pee. Ick.

A Scary Headstuff Award to JenR. Here's hoping those two little thingees were really nothing and the recovery was less painful than expected.

Big Brother Award to Elizabeth. Is work IT letting you keep an eye on the election sites again, or did they really cut them off?

Jekyll and Hyde Awards go to both margalit, whose son is much more pleasant when he TAKES HIS MEDS. Ahem. And to PK, whose husband has his good points. And then there's the recent behavior. Ahem ahem. Sending much sympathy to both of you as you try to work through the consequences of the Hyde phase.*

Icy Icy Not So Nicey Award to KLee. Got hot water? Or planning to outfit the whole family as hobos for Halloween?

Goblin-in-Law Award for kathy a., and all our sympathy as you deal with the New, Improved SIL-from-Hell, now with dementia diagnosis!

In less spooky news, we won't need to send the cluestick posse after Sue's rude parishoner/blog-reader. She's taken him on herself, with all of her usual grace and clarity. Go Sue!

And in the Medieval Torture Department, Snuggly Girl got her thing put in. Low point was when she tried to eat a grape in the car afterward and got the skin stuck in her stretcher. She threatened to throw up. But she didn't. Phew. High point was "the best chocolate milkshake ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mama!" I will note for the record that I did not MAKE said milkshake, I merely ordered and paid for it. But I'll take the credit anyway. And now we know that the diner around the corner from her school makes good milkshakes! To bad she has a milk protein intolerance and will end up seriously constipated if she has too many of them.

Happy Halloween, whether you spend it fighting demons or admiring little sweet peas.

Next week, kathy a. promises to keep us company as we get whiney about the Big Election. I'll be there, with bells on.

* I just checked wikipedia to make sure Hyde was the bad guy and learned that R.L. Stevenson wrote the story twice (he burned the first manuscript after his wife critiqued it) and the second time he wrote the whole thing in just a few days with the help of large quantities of cocaine. And the whole event really cheered him up. Well. Who says whining isn't educational?


kathy a. said...

lovely spooky awards, madeleine!

liz said...

I love the halloween decorations!

esperanza said...

I did not eat chocolate yesterday. Sweet Baboo slept a little bit better.

So far, I am halfway through today without chocolate. I do not like this. It is Halloween. But I am getting teh crazy from not enough sleep. So, thanks, Madeleine, I guess. This will make me a stronger person, right?

Still no progress on the mouse front.

Madeleine said...

Oh, esperanza. I'm so terribly sorry my advice helped.

Do you have a Whole Foods near you? The Dancing Deer sugarcane lime cookies were about the only thing that got me through. (No dairy, no soy, no chocolate. It's a wonder I nursed as long as I did.)

purple_kangaroo said...

Good show, Madeleine. Thank you for hosting this week. I loved the Stevenson trivia--thanks! And I'm glad SnugglyGirl's procedure went relatively well.

DH took the kids to the co-op today and let me sleep all morning, because you're not supposed to go to co-op sick and I have a bad cold. So I'm actually feeling better than I expected today. Still sort and tired, but better than last night. Although the cold is miserable, but that will go away soon. Right now I'm just trying not to move my head too much.

Last night DH (as usual) fixed the kids' lunches and got their clothes and everything ready for them for today. He usually feeds them breakfast and gets them ready in the morning, but this morning nobody even woke me up. I woke briefly when they all left, then went right back to sleep.

After cleaning the painting stuff for me last night (and I found out he didn't actually do the cleaning in the house, just brought it in afterwards and then had a total brain glitch and forgot about the solvent), he then went to pick up my parents from the airport around 10:30 (and remembered the solvent after he left, and worried about it while he was gone), then came home to make bread in the bread machine (he took over official bread-making duties some time ago) and do a load of dishes. He really works so hard.

I think you are all right, and I just need to hire more help, because it's not that either of us is lazy . . . we just have more on our plates than we can handle right now.

purple_kangaroo said...

Esperanza, I had to do without chocolate for about 6 months, and then slowly reintroduced it and found it no longer bothered Ebee.

I found that eating/drinking other things with strong rich flavors really helped the chocolate cravings. Raw dill-flavored sauerkrat, kombucha tea, carob, exotic fruits, chai, decaf tea with a drizzle of maple syrup, etc.


Sue said...

Great awards madeleine!! Happy Hallowe'en!