Thursday, October 23, 2008

Redzils' Birthday Edition - Better Late Than Never

kathy a. gets a hearty Pixie chorus of ‘OY’ for the antics of her sister in law from hell.

Margalit gets the Style Prize for:
Oy to the Vay
For Kathy A
Margalit, we will be keeping our fingers crossed that BFF is safe with you guys, or at least safe. Keep us posted, okay?

Uccelina gets the dubious Twin Immune System See-Saw Prize: as one gets better, the other gets sick. We are so sorry, and hope the Other Baby recovers from the The Cold of Doom faster than her parents did.

Sue gets a hearty Pixie Welcome Home. We are so glad the condo is now certified for occupancy, and hope you get to occupying ASAP. I think the tardy elevator installer ought to get the privilege of carrying the cats upstairs!

We are glad Miranda is now feeling un-whiny enough to whine. That just sounds wrong, but we know what you mean, Miranda, and we are very glad for your boot-thing walking cast. The increased mobility sounds huge.

Sara, you said it: CANCER SUCKS! We are glad your uncle was able to carpe the diems in his ten unanticipated years, and that you were able to make the funeral and extend your trip to visit your friend. Hopefully your husband survived single parenting with no ER trips, and a new appreciation for what you do during his business travel. (The primary care parents in the audience are giggling evilly, at that appreciation).

KLee’s Parents get Whine of Substance, for the airplane trip from Hell. We are so glad they made it home in one piece, and I hope they decide to risk leaving again. Someday. Not any time soon.

Happy Birthday, KLee. Good for you, for supporting your friend, even when her family was being rotten.
liz, we are all jealous you got close enough to note that “as presidential as he looks on tv, [a certain Presidential candidate] is even better-looking in person.” Wow!

purple_kangaroo good luck on the doctor and decision making front. It sounds very complicated, but you will make the right choice for yourself. We Pixies are cheering for you.

Madeleine gets the Mixed Up Happy Metaphor Prize. We are glad you and your husband got off the roller coaster at the top, and will be issuing rapelling (mountaineering) gear for a safe return to ground level. We look forward to future good news on that front – 95% is great! Also, where do you get the ravioli bats – we are jealous!

esperanza gets the Hardware Store / Convenience Store Prize – a big bagful of peanut butter and old-fashioned mousetraps. You absolutely can throw the whole trap away, in fact nine out of ten Pixies recommend it. We don’t play doctors on TV, but we are probably at least as good at diagnosing ear infections, so that is worth something. Hopefully your mouse is long gone, but we know you can handle it.
Thanks for coming, Pixies, and for all the good birthday wishes. Have a good week, and see you next Wednesday, when the marvelous Madeleine will be hosting!


Madeleine said...

Rapelling gear -- perfect! That's just what we need.

Ravioli bats are from a fancy schmancy pasta shop Snuggly Girl spotted from the school bus last week. They have a giant banner that says "Halloween Pasta" and since those are two of her favorite things (Halloween and pasta) she badgered me until we went in. Anyone in the GTA is welcome to ask for specifics :-)

liz said...

I admit, I haven't felt that giddy since I saw Rick Springfield in concert in 7th grade. And then I was up in the rafters of Carnegie Hall, not thisclose to the stage.

kathy a. said...

lovely ceremony, redzils!

Sue said...

*applause applause* thanks redzils.

Liz - I'm so happy that you had your Touch with Fame Version 2.0 (I'm a Rick Springfield fan too). That's just so cool that you got so close to a certain Prez candidate!!!

purple_kangaroo said...

Thanks so much for hosting. Great job.