Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Break! WOO HOO!

Greetings, pixies! I am deeply engrossed in the festivities surrounding my spring break. So far, I've watched (more) snow fall, been around more to drive my children to myriad activities, and have sipped some beer alone as I cry at my results. A classmate, who still lives with his parents at 27, emailed me to demand I have fun over this break.

Pixies, I think being an undergraduate at the age of thirty something has officially lost all of its charm.

Anti-whine: My pending graduation has posted to my transcript.

Anti-whine the second: I am attending a summit on a topic I am passionate about and the presenters are those whose research I am indebted for in finishing my own project (although, see above).

Let this salon commence with tea, cookies, and bread and butter in the style of Alice Roosevelt Longworth, whose biography has has me completely engrossed these last few days. I think she would approve of our gathering as her favorite cushion was embroidered with the phrase: If you don't have something nice to say about someone, come sit next to me.

So let the diatribes against sore nipples, endless illnesses, recalcitrant teens, evil bosses, and uncooperative spouses/in-laws/co-workers begin!


liz said...

Anti-whine: I have Spring Break too!!!

Whine: Which I'm spending writing papers.

Anti-whine: AND judging a science fair tomorrow!

Miranda said...

The life of a student mama is never done. And I need to write at least 25 pages by Tuesday in order to preserve any semblance of mental health going into the last third of the term. I have approximately 100 pages due in the next 5 weeks.

Diane said...

Whine: Sometimes I think about going back to school for another degree.

Antiwhine: Then I read, "And I need to write at least 25 pages by Tuesday..." and I no longer have those thoughts. Then I read, "I have approximately 100 pages due in the next 5 weeks," and I think it was a miracle I ever made it through college the first time!

good luck college ladies!

Madeleine said...

I'm feeling remarkably un-whiney. It's March Break here, too, but so far My Love hasn't pulled the "you take her to day camp" trick yet, so I'm still in my jammies. Camp is right next to HIS office, but he's been known to work at home and make me do the round-trip drive.

I pulled snow pants over the jammies to go out and do a little shoveling. But with above-freezing temps predicted for the next few days, I think most of it will take care of itself so I did the bare minimum.

I guess my biggest whine is that we are *so close* to the all-time snowfall record for our city, and if we don't hit it we will have done a lot of shoveling and just missed the record books. Now I know how the Olympic silver medalists feel.

Sarah at ratatat said...

In the whine and anti-whine category, we don't have spring break for 2 more weeks. The local schools haven't figured out how to take Good Friday off without taking the whole week after it off.

In the big anti-whine category--I am pregnant. And at 10 weeks, I am not quite so bad about thinking about the last time and the miscarriage. I have had a remarkably twinge/cramp/spotting pain-free first few weeks and that has helped (like my first two pregnancies and not liked the failed third).

I am even whiny about.
Whine #1: Morning sickness, but not in the morning. All day long. For 4 weeks now. "Just" queasy, but I regret everything I eat 20 minutes afterward.

Whine #2: My husband is really pushing the let's not tell anyone thing. I have told a few people, but it is all in the hush-hush, we're not telling way. Which was OK the first 6-7 weeks, but now I am starting to go crazy.

Whine #3: None of my pants fit and the maternity clothes are generally too big. So I am investing in more yoga pants--a real waistband is my mortal enemy.

I was about to post a small rant to my site (which I have been neglecting sort of, mostly because I am thinking about pregnancy/baby names/gear/plans and I am not supposed to talk about it) and then I remembered Wed. Whining. Perfect.

Why is it that our cute little suburb has some terrific, near-by, inexpensive summer programs and they are all at the same time? There is an active kids program--9-12 M-R for 8 weeks. Swimming is at 9, 10 or 11 M-F roughly over the same 8 weeks. I want both. Or I want the one that my daughter will like, but I don't know what that is. And I could actually afford both if the times worked out. In addition, the week she has science camp at her school is the only week soccer camp is in our town and last year, the church had their camp the same week. Why? Why? Why?

Hope everyone survives Spring Break!

kathy a. said...

miranda! at least you have an interesting book. geesh, the amount of writing alone is enough to give a person vapors.

liz, condolances on the writing and the snow; but wow, the science fair sounds fun.

madeleine, your whine is excellent! love the image of shoveling snow in jammies, and feeling that connection with silver-medalists.

daughter's spring break and triumphant return home isn't for over a week, but i'm in a multi-layer funk.

work whine the first: woke up at 4 a.m. with heart pounding, because there is just an overwhelming amount to do this year in one project. and there are big money woes, and not enough help.

work whine the second: and i'm taking on another big project, because i'm broke and need to make some money.

cat whine the first: one of our recently adopted kittens seems to have a neurological problem around his lower spine. he has been walking funny, can't really jump, and when he runs -- it is really more like hopping on the hind end, so he thumps through the house. the vet didn't find anything, but this cat was very so not happy to be there. we're kind of waiting and seeing. on the up side, he is very active and playful anyway. maybe he is part rabbit?

cat whine the second: senior cat. peeing. on my rug. again.


kathy a. said...

((( sarah ))) congratulations!

yeah, the camp things. sorting out summer camps and getting registered and all that stuff -- there should be awards for everyone who negotiates it with reasonable success.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, sarah!!! Yay!!!

I am at 11 weeks, and just two more weeks until we break our self-imposed silent (excepting the going-to-be-grandparents and aunts and uncles, my bestest friend, and all of you here on wednesday whining). It's hard to keep it in, I hear you. I solve the problem by not telephoning any of my friends. They all think I've fallen off the earth.

Anti-whine: it is 42 degrees here today! !!!! Yesterday it was also in the 40s and that was the warmest it had been since November. I can't even remember November, it was so long ago! Yesterday evening it was still light out when I got home from work (on Tuesdays that is close to 8pm) and for the first time I felt like spring and summer were distinct possibilities.

Anti-whine 2: my gastrointestinal problems (that I whined about a while ago but blogger/google ate so you were all spared the icky details) seem to be clearing up.

I don't have a whine yet, but I'm sure I'll be able to dig one up here soonish.

Hugs to everyone on Spring Break but who still seem to have an awful lot of work to do...I'm with diane, I'm not entirely sure how I got through college, all that work...then again, science degrees involve remarkably few 25+ page papers.

Sue said...

Congrats Sarah!!

Condolences to all the pixies buried in either snow, school work, or cat pee. Most unfortunate. Really. So many worthy whines already! Kathya. I hope the new kitteh is okay.

Whine: I need a shower. I couldn't wash my hair last night because our bathroom (the only one in the house) is undergoing renovations. Yesterday the shower stall was being fixed up with new taps, new tub-surround thingy and all kinds of fancy stuff.

Except water. Not so much.

Thank goodness the terlet and the sink were functioning!

Still, I want a real shower tonight, not just a "bird bath". Here's hoping the work is all done by the time I get home...

Anonymous said...

Sue, I feel your pain. Not being able to take a shower in your own home: ergh!

debangel said...

Sue, I'm sorry, but I just got a mental image of you washing your hair by sticking your head in the "terlet" and flushing repeatedly ;P

kathy a. said...

cases of saltines to turtlebella and sarah! good thing your respective news embargos are nearly over -- it's hard keeping it in!

hoping sue's shower is operational today! thanks for the good kitteh wishes. little spot's problem doesn't seem to bother him much, but there have definitely been declines over the past few weeks.

KLee said...

Hooray for sarah! I'm so excited for you! We'll be sending good thoughts your way for no more morning sickness!

Hugs to ALL of our preggo pixies! D'you think it's something in the water?

My whine this week is Old Skool: we don't have Spring Break yet. Booo! We have to wait until the first full week of April, but that's okay, because I'm heading to Myrtle Beach with the fam, which is the anti-whine!

Another small whine -- a student of mine got caught doing something wrong today, and the parent absolutely REFUSES to believe that the child did what he was caught doing. Oy.

DevilMacDawg said...

a) coworker #1 had miscarriage
b) coworker #2 had major depressive episode and attempted suicide
c) coworker #3 has had issues with migraines associated with the cyst IN HER BRAIN
d) coworker #4 has discovered her cancer has returned

Erm, did I mention we're a team of 8?

I'm donning a firechiquita suit, but damn these flames are hot. I can't really even tell this story because it's too far out to be believed. Thank GOD it's Wednesday, so at least I can WHIIIIIIIIIIIINE.

Miranda said...

Oh, KLee. I have irlGay outScay parents like that. It is Teh Suck. Please accept use of the clue stick and know that the clue patrol is on stand by for you.

Hooray for new baboos! Y'all make me want to have another one. (So, um, Uccellina and DevilMacDawg need to share some rocking the cranky baboo at 3am stories).

I heard something about summer camp plans but I have placed my fingers in my ears. Lalalalala, I can't hear you. Summer plans aren't needed. lalalalala.

My daughter made brownies tonight. Oh em gee, they are good. Have some.

Kathy A - your kitty is most naughty. Tsk tsk.

amy said...

holy crap. after all these substantive whines, i feel especially whiny chiming in with "i'm 10.5 weeks pregnant too, and nausea is Dumm." but it is Dumm. it is so very, very Dumm.

of course, heartburn is around the corner for me, so in a month i'll be whining about that.

votes to madeline for the silver medalist quip.

Miranda said...

Holy cow, DMD! Just hugs all around.

liz said...

DMD, hugs.

KLee, I'm standing by with the cluestick for those parents.

KathyA., sending best wishes for your kitty.

Sue, I hope you have shower power back!

Uccellina said...

Whine: Nothing makes one feel quite so incompetent as a NICU nurse who takes your hard-won 80ml of expressed breastmilk, looks at it skeptically, and says "Not enough." Except maybe the NICU nurse who hovers over you with gloved hands when you so much as glance at one of your babies' diapers.

Anti-Whine: The babies really are okay. They just need to eat a little better, and then they can come home.

Anti-Whine: I love them so much, I think my heart has shattered a thousand times and yet is more full than ever.

margalit said...

Another week just flew by and it's time for more whining. Thank God this site exists for I have whines I cannot share on my own blog.

HUGE BIG GIANT WHINE: I am about to sue our school system for it's failure to educate my daughter this year. It's been since October, we've been back and forth a million times. she's warehoused in a program she hates and they pretty much want her gone, and yet the school system does nothing. They do not respond to my calls. They do not respond to her clinician's calls. They do not respond to the Dept of Mental Health case worker's calls. They ignore us. So I filed a formal request for an emergency IEP meeting. Didn't hear a word for 3 days, then the Supt of Schools emails me and tells me that the high school has reported they're on top of it, to which I reply that they're lying scum, and then I get another email from someone that shouldn't even be INVOLVED, asking me what MY schedule was for next week. NEXT FRIGGING WEEK. I tell them I'm free T-F, but they are out of compliance and if they have not arranged the meeting by the 20th, her discharge date, I was filing an official complaint with the state's Dept of Ed. With my attorney.

Whine: Bugs. We have those damn grain moths and they're driving me nuts. We still have a few fruit flies, too. I am living in insect heaven and it's still winter.

Whine: Must still deal with city over drivers license fiasco. Followed by Registry where I have to get new license.

Whine: cat found NEW corner of dining room to pee in.

Whine: Home health aid did not show today. House is a pig sty.

Whine: Son has half our dishes in his room, filthy. He will not bring them downstairs. We will be eating off floor soon. Plus, missing forks are still missing.

Anti: Went to new support group for moms of crazy kids. It was WONDERFUL. Finally, a group where I don't have to explain everything. They just get it. Phew. So nice!

Anti: Am liking my cardiac rehab class more and more. My exercise tolerance is getting better and better, I can do 30 mins on the elliptical on med level fairly easily now.

Whine: However, it only burns 107 calories after 30 minutes of pumping my arms and legs. Which is a ripoff.

Whine: Weather continues to refuse to cooperate with me, so my migraines have returned. Damn!

Whine: Was told this week that I look like a DeadHead. For God's sake, I'm 55. Can't I wear tie dye anymore?

amy said...

Whine of Substance votes to Margalit. Sheesh - that sucks on so many levels.

Also? Wear all the tie-dye you want. Eff 'em if they don't like it.

Sue said...

Wow. More worthy whines all around.

*passing clue stick to KLee and Margalit*

Hugs for DMD - oh. my. goodness. That's just too much for one department.

debangel - no shower yet, but I did not have to resort to the terlet shower (um, ICK!) I went over to my in-law's place to shower last night. However, I forgot a razor, so I will soon resemble Sasquatch.

In other whining news. Not only do we have no water for a shower, we now have no HOT water at all. The hot water heater decided last night was a good time to die. Heating/plumbing guy coming today.

Question: Will I ever shave my legs again? Stay tuned pixies, stay tuned.

kathy a. said...

oh, DMD. many hugs. so awful.

more hugs for margalit.

also uccelina and amy. xoxox

Sue said...

Of course, the clue stick is for use on clueless people *around* KLee and Margalit - it's not for them.

Just to be clear...

kathy a. said...

sue -- tights and pants. i'm in favor of hiding the evidence instead of shaving.

esperanza said...

Oh no! It's Thursday, and I completely forgot Wednesday Whining.

Votes for anyone without a shower and/or hot water.

Congratulations to all expectant pixies.

And Uccellina--those nurses should treat your milk like it is a holy treasure. visit "hold me all the time" detox for the baboo.