Thursday, March 20, 2008


Congratulations to Uccellina and her sweet baboos, Robin and Wren, who are both home from NICU! Hip, hip hooray to Margalit, for the successful launch of a new venture, and getting stuff worked out with the school people! Happy Birthday to Liz!

Hugs, saltines, and plenty of fluids to Sarah and Amy, who are suffering from morning-noon-and-night sickness and/or the flu. More hugs for Esperanza, whose cute and talented sweetie-pie is still on oxygen (but growing well, yay!), and who has incoming relatives. For the relatives, we have an exclusive coffee-stained, photocopied Guide to Local Take-Out Food.

The Let Them Eat Cake for Breakfast Award, for brilliant parenting during the household pneumonia crisis, goes to That Mommy! The vast majority of Pixies, plus Blogger, agree that cake is a perfectly acceptable food group.

The "Sacrifices We Make" Award and several helpings of breakfast cake go to Turtlebella, for a classic whine about the fabulous in utero experience. We suggest engraving the whine in full on a tasteful plaque, for prominent display during those teen years. Kudos to the Pixies who restored Turtlebella’s hope on the soft-cheese-front.

The Elevated Risk of Mullet Award to Diane for her exclusive report on toddler refrigerator-licking – which I’m sure we can all agree is better than some things found in the vicinity of their mouths – and probably has nothing to do with the soft cheese.

The Grammatically Hopeless Run-on Sentence Award goes to Miranda, for her excellent rant:

I don't have any shareable whines this week beyond the fact it's Easter on
Sunday and I have a ton of work and the kids are home for YET ANOTHER WEEK
starting this Friday and Older son's track practices WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME and I am thoroughly sick of driving my children all over town for their myriad
activities which all seem to be culminating in April which is also my absolute
busiest month.

Condolences to all the Pixies afflicted this week with: sleepless children crawling into the big bed; developmental milestones; spring break; students getting on one’s last nerve; cancer scares; helpers who ask too many questions; spouses who bring home pneumonia; flu, in all its versions; underwhelming volunteer opportunities; infection in a most delicate area; mono; elevated blood sugar; dead-tiredness; school showdowns; overnight parties involving non-stop gaming; mysteriously broken special objects; that annoying non-stop begging; missing dishes and utensils, and the children who will not dig them out from under the bed and go wash them already; crankiness; students who may still be drunk from Monday; allergies; baby pee, or pee of any kind in an inappropriate place, frankly; food and activity restrictions; company coming; way too much work; personal pukies from whatever cause; pain down to the toenails and leg hairs; Holy Week overdrive; days off that aren’t actually full days off; forgotten ingredients in the applesauce spice cakes; and, of course, messy houses and/or kitchens and/or bathrooms.

Thanks to everyone for playing this week! Passing fresh and baked apples, chocolate, and Peeps to all in need. Remember, next Monday is Cheap Candy Day! See you next week, when the Brigadoon will be hosted by the gracious Madeleine.


Madeleine said...

Nicely done, Kathy.

And thanks for the lack-of-sleep sympathy everyone. So far we've gottn two decent nights of sleep in a row. So hopefully it was a blip.

Anonymous said...

*sniff* Thanks for the award!

I like the tasteful plaque idea. Heh.

margalit said...

Kathy, Excellent awards ceremony. I feel so honored to be in the YEA category...for once!

Miranda said...

Please don't tell my students that bad grammar can earn one an award. But it does my heart good to see this, Kathy.

Really wonderful awards all around.

purple_kangaroo said...

Nice ceremony, Kathy.

Is it Wednesday yet?