Thursday, March 27, 2008

Prizes! Not-quite-sproing! Edition

In comparison to kathy a.’s lovely flowering tree, posted last week, I still have a yard piled high with snow. Those of you in SEMI know what that looks like, I think.

This week’s Style Award goes to kathy a. for her “ode to an unfavorite rite of spring:”

accountant today.
taxes due soon; hate this.
last minute each year.

I think most of us are with you on that one. Two Wednesdays left to whine, American pixies. (Canadians get to stretch the pain out even longer.) Woohoo for finding extra deductions!

MVP Award to esperanza, for surviving “the superbowl of churchy things” during a week with plenty of extra craziness, and for excellent medical advice for Jeni.

Miracles of Modern Medicine Award to Diane, for her innovative plan to temporarily relocate her fetus to her husband’s abdomen until she gets over her cold. Maybe till the nausea lets up too. In fact, now that I think about it, maybe he could handle labor and delivery!

Honorable Mention to Jeni, who needed Modern Medicine. Wishing you a quick recovery, Jeni! And once the shoulder/neck pain subsides, you’ll probably be glad they invented laparoscopic surgery, because at least your abdomen is pretty much in one piece.

Endless Uncertainty Award to Miranda, who needs “Order! and Lists! and Plans!” concerning her husband’s imminent job change, not to mention life-after-Commencement. (And mazel tov on applying for the honor you didn’t know you deserved! The pixies know you deserve it!)

If That’s What It Takes Award to Margalit, who collapsed on the floor of city hall while trying to clear up a tax problem. Please tell us it helped . . .

Frontier House Award to Elizabeth, who is facing 4 weeks of renovations that leave her kitchen-less and maybe even un-launderable. (Maybe the washer and dryer could be plugged into a different circuit? Or maybe you could magnanimously offer to be the one who goes to the Laundromat on Sunday and take the Sunday paper with you and spend some quality time with yourself while your husband handles the kids.)

Sunshine and Flowers Award to Purple Kangaroo, to give you something lovely to think about as you survive this bout of fatigue, and to say “Thanks” for all the natural medicine advice for Diane.

Sunshine and Flowers to KLee also. I hope your migraine is better enough for you to enjoy the light. Got frequent flier miles for that trip to DC?

Three's a Crapfest Award to Kate (“batshit crazies” from her 3 year old!) and Amy (pregnancy nausea, “Now with Intermittent Insomnia and Dry Mouth!” and a peeing 3 year old!).

Thanks for stopping in to share, and see you next week when kathy a. has hopefully recovered from tax trauma enough to host!


Diane said...

wonderful awards - but you forgot to give the Superhero award to yourself for using your powers for good and not evil!

kathy a. said...

yes, a superpowers award to madeleine! lovely ceremony.

thank you for the prize. sending some sping and flowers up your direction!

kathy a. said...

*spring. or sproing, a fast-blooming spring.

amy said...

Three *is* a Crapfest! Thanks! I think I'm going to remember that every time she pees in her pants. Again.

Miranda said...

Wonderful awards, Madeleine. I have to stifle my snorts since I'm reading in class.

You can see why maybe I don't think I don't deserve good student awards?

Madeleine said...

Thanks for the Superhero award, Diane and kathy.

And hoping kathy's spring magically melts all the snow overnight. As opposed to getting more of it, which is the prediction.

Jenevieve said...

Fantastic awards! And I will be glad that I have 4 tiny scars instead of 1 huge one, I think. If nothing else, it's easier to shower.

I was going to say I wish they could do c-sections laparoscopically when the reality of my suggestion hit me with full force and I fell over laughing. Yes, I *am* a vet student, why do you as?

Sue said...

I missed Wednesday whining altogether because I was working on my day off. Major Whine. Grrr...

Yesterday was supposed to be the day to make up for working on Good Friday (and the gazillion hours of overtime leading up to that date) - but I was "asked" (told) to attend a meeting. A meeting that I thought would never end.


Hugs and cheers to all the pixies this week.

turtlebella said...

I missed Wednesday whining this week too! Duh...sometimes, really, where *does* the time go?!
Extra hugs and chocolate to all the fabulous pixies!!!

esperanza said...

You are indeed desperate if you're turning to esperanza for medical information. But, glad I could help. And Jeni, having had both kinds of surgery now (I forget if you had a C section or not?)--here's my take on them: the laparascopic hurt more initially but I was back to normal more quickly than with the c-section. I am also a notoriously impatient patient.

purple_kangaroo said...

*LOL* at Jenevieve and laparascopic C-sections.

Thanks for the great hosting job and the award, Madeleine.

Hugs to all the pixies.