Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gah! Edition


You know I love you guys, right? It's just that I love sleep more. (Heck, I love that guy of mine, but I even love sleep more than him, 6 nights out of 7.)

I was just about to drift off to sleep last night, thinking "I wonder who is hosting WW this week" when it hit me. I am. But I didn't vault out of bed to run to the computer, and for that I apologize.

Whine away!


esperanza said...

Hey, I'm first!

Last week was the superbowl of churchy things. We are a two-preacher/one baby household. So let's take a little inventory: Between the two preachers, we had six services, a funeral, a wedding, and a youth group lock-in. Add to that out-of-town company. And then, just for kicks, the sweet baboo's first cold on Holy Saturday. Yep. We are soooo tired.

Baboo had to go the doctor and get some breathing treatments, and we had to turn up her oxygen, but thank goodness we didn't have to go to the hospital. She's better. And I never want to see a "bulb syringe" again, and neither does she. We actually call it a snot sucker, which makes more sense if you ask me.

And then yesterday, husband's church hierarchy folks called with a "suggestion" that isn't really a suggestion that we move to a church six hours away. In June. After a little more conversation--"you do realize my daughter is on oxygen and we can't even take her to the grocery store," the hierarchy relented. It would have been a good move for him, but I would have had to go to the mental hospital. Moving is not my favorite thing. I imagine I'll like moving with a baby even less. But moving with a sick baby? This is beyond possible, folks. New doctors, moving her equipment--what are you thinking?

Ok, whew. I feel better. We still have three more doctor appointments this week, but the baboo slept well last night, so hopefully we're on our way back to the regularly scheduled insanity.

kathy a. said...

(((( esperanza )))) glad the sweet one is better.

kathy a. said...

ode to an unfavorite rite of spring:

accountant today.
taxes due soon; hate this.
last minute each year.

Madeleine said...

Oooh. Nice haiku, kathy a. Not the loveliest topic, though, hunh?

My current status on that is: My Love needs to review all my calculations so I can sign his name (electronically) and get that refund headed our way. Time spent in this status? Two weeks or more. I'll grant that he's busy with work (and this week worse than last) but GRRRR. I want the money.

Hugs to esperanza. I'm glad you are dialing back the insanity this week -- wow, last week must have been nutty!

I'm back from my annual checkup, which wasn't particularly whine-worthy, thankfully. I like my doctor. He takes my many questions seriously but reassures me on the small stuff. He asked about something I had been in to check a few months ago (in the TMI department) which he had told me not to worry about -- and I had totally forgotten about it in between.

So a big anti-whine of "he said not to worry and I didn't."

Diane said...

I had to finally tell (um an e-mail isn't _that_ rude, right?) my husbands ex-step-mother that I'm pregnant. Totally not looking forward to the phone calls tonight.

Yay for Esperanza not moving! (even if the reason isn't that great)

Why can't science let me put this baby in my husbands stomach while I'm sick so that I could take some cold medicine that will actually work or at least not make me panic that I really am slipping the baby some drugs? Seriously.

AW: There was pooping! on the potty! From a 2 yr old!
Who by the way decided to chew on some wiring that she found on the ground who knows where. Wanna guess how I finally got it out of her mouth? I told her I would give her a present. yes, that's right. I bribed my toddler into not choking to death. After another 5 minutes in the car I (yes, stupidly) thought she would forget all about her present. Oh no, she went all around the house, "is my pwesant upstairs? 'bout outside?" She wouldn't fall for any of the stuff she got 5 hours earlier for Easter, but lucky me she did accept a sticker as payment enough.
Why am I thinking that in about 6 months I am going to hear, "Give me a sticker or the new baby gets it!"

Elizabeth said...

((esperanza)) glad to hear that they're not going to make you move

anti-whine: we've started work on our kitchen.

whine: we won't have a kitchen for the next 4 weeks or so. And it appears that they took out the power to our washer and dryer with the kitchen

purple_kangaroo said...

Esperanza, I hope the baboo continues to improve!

Kathy, haikus are good!

Madeleine, grrr with you. I can relate. Currently there's a ladder in the backyard. A very tall stepladder, standing open. Which DH got out sometime last weekend.

I told him that I felt it was a safety hazard and was hesitant to let the kids play outside with it there, and one of the kids chimed in, "Yeah, Daddy, we have to walk under it to get water for the cat." Gah!

He said he'd move it. Guess what? It's still there. It would take him all of 2 minutes, and I can't lift it. So I guess I'll be keeping the kids inside again today.

Anyway, I hope your beloved finds the time to look over that tax information soon.

Me, I'm still struggling with the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue flare-up. Nothing I've tried (including my current attempt at self-healing by cutting out all refined sugars, all grains [refined or not, glutinous or not] and all dairy products) seems to really be "the key."

At least I've progressed from the point where I was having trouble walking and unable to do simple things like, um, read a book? to where I now just (just) have to frequently sit down and rest in the middle of gruelling tasks like getting dressed, climbing the stairs, or unloading the dishwasher.

I don't know what I would have done yesterday if DH hadn't arrived home just as I hit the truly-non-functional part and was realizing that I must. sleep. now. and Ebee wasn't taking kindly to napping. I wasn't feeling capable of even minimally taking care of the kids by that point.

Thankfully DH took over and let me nap for a bit, and then I was at least able to keep my eyes open and process information coming into my head well enough to keep tabs on the kids until he got home from work.

It's bad enough that I've seriously thought about putting the kids in school, but since it's mainly the 2.5 year old that's energy-intensive to care for and we can't afford daycare, that wouldn't do us a whole lot of good--even if getting the older kids off to school, lunched and homeworked and working with the school to get the level of services they would need would be any easier than our low-key-but-effective homeschooling, which it really wouldn't be. Um, run-on-sentence award for the day?

We're going to have to stop having the cleaner come every other week pretty soon, too, probably. It's too expensive. That's been such a help, and I've begged DH to keep taking the money out of savings for it for a few more months, at least.

I'm hoping to at least be able to find a teenager we can afford to hire once or twice a week to come in as a mother's helper type thing so I can nap, but we'll see. We don't have family that can help, really.

I'm feeling a bit discouraged right now. :(

But, Ebee is still allergy-free. So that's good. And, somehow we always seem to manage and to be given what we need to get by.

purple_kangaroo said...

Diane, ITA: "Why can't science let me put this baby in my husbands stomach while I'm sick so that I could take some cold medicine that will actually work or at least not make me panic that I really am slipping the baby some drugs? Seriously.

Totally. There should be a cosmic rule about that.

MEanwhile, try some vitamin C, vitamin A (cod-liver oil, liver, or orange veggies are good sources, but make sure you don't overdose if you take a supplement), and look for the Hyland's homeopathic cold remedies--they really do work. You can find them near the teething tablets sometimes if they're not with the cold remedies.

Also Traditional Medicinals makes some various cold and flu teas formulated for children . . . I use those while nursing a toddler, but of course you'll want to double-check ingredients. I'm pretty sure I used them when pregnant, too.

Lots of garlic, fluids, rest and chicken soup!

KLee said...

I'm recovering from a major migraine today, which I stayed home from school for. Ugh. I feel like I'm wrapped in cotton, and nothing's really interacting with me. It's all sort of bouncing off the cotton layer. Bleagh.

My favorite singer is coming to the US for some performance dates in June, and there are no performances scheduled for anywhere near me. The closest is in DC. I've only seen him perform once, and that was in 2000. Wah!

At least it's Wednesday, and we can whine.

Jenevieve said...

Man, guys. I was in the hospital from Saturday night until tuesday afternoon getting my gallbladder out in an emergency fashion. Now I'm home, and my surgical wounds are doing okay, but my neck and right shoulder hurt SO BAD for some effing reason that I want to lie under a semi truck. Shoot.

Anti-whine: back home with mah bebe!

Diane said...

Thanks PK for the advice but I have decided to just chop off my nose. It seems like a much faster result and i know it will get me the immediate results I am looking for.
That is, unless jenevieve has room under that semi for me and my nose.
And from now on I am totally not whining about my cold anymore. jenevieve has miraculously cured me of whines.

kathy a. said...

and diane, blogger loves you!

PK and klee, hope you are feeling better.

((( jenevieve )))

Madeleine said...

Ouchies! to KLee and Jeni.

Diane, I deleted the duplicate comments, hoping that is what you'd have wanted. (I think today is the first time I've used my magical moderator powers to change reality. I try to use them for good and not for evil.)

esperanza said...

Ouch to Jeni indeed. If they did the surgery laparascopically, then the shoulder and neck pain is from the gas they used to inflate your abdomen. Somehow it reacts and hits a nerve in the diaphragm that makes your neck hurt like crazy. That's the half-medical explanation that I remember from a laparascopic surgery I had a while back. It will go away pretty soon. Sorry about the gallbladder, though.

And the tax haiku...oh crap. Taxes.

Diane said...

I don't know madeleine, maybe I thought it about it some more and maybe I think my post was so darn witty that people may want to read once, or twice (or three times).

or maybe not.


liz said...

Votes for PK, Esperanza, and Diane.

And there's gotta be some sort of award for not having a kitchen OR a working laundry in your house for Elizabeth.

Anti-whine: I went on a great field trip with the CSB I'm a member of. It was really educational and also I really enjoyed being with the other members who went (4 men in their 60's, 3 of whom look alot like Pete Seeger) Boy, they do not like GWB or his VP at ALL. We talked politics, local and national. And we talked TONS about what we learned on the field trip and how it will help us in our committee work. Fun.

Whine: I really should have been working on a paper instead of going on a fantastic field trip.

kathy a. said...

CSB? community service something?

i'll throw in an anitwhine: my accountant is a great guy. he always asks about the kids, and he was assisted today by a large black cat, who was spread across the desk purring. and with just a few questions, i found [and had the credit card bills to document] $1200 in deductions that i missed in the frenzied prep work. so i walked out happy, even though i will owe a bundle due to my own ineptitude in money management.

OneTiredEma said...

Usually batshit crazies from my 3 year old.

That is all.

amy said...

morning (night) sickness continues, now with added heartburn and a continuing inability to keep anything chemical down. so, like, meds are out of the question.

New! Improved! Now with Intermittent Insomnia and Dry Mouth!

I swear to gawd, if there is a single reason to be pro-choice it is this: a woman should never feel forced to go through pregnancy, regardless of what she plans to do with the baby. yes, pregnancy sux that much.

oh. i nearly forgot, but onetiredema's note reminded me: every time i think the 3.5 year old is potty trained (within reason, of course), i am proven wrong. i am so sick of the smell of pee.

amy said...

oh, how could i forget?

it is still february in SE michigan. daily temps are 15 degrees below average and it's been snowing this week.

Elizabeth said...


klee, if you want to come to the DC concert, you're welcome to crash with us.

liz said...

Klee, what elizabeth said! I'm right nearby too.

Which reminds me, elizabeth...bloggy get-together sometime?

margalit said...

Late to the ball again.

Nutty week. Daughter involved in serious mean girl drama on her first day back at school. I'm ready to kill the mean girl and her meaner father. But we are hopefully solving situation, although not my anyone's satisfaction. Teenage girls suck.

Went to city hall to fight them on excise tax extortion and had some kind of stress attack that left me breathless, wheezy, and on the marble floor with people standing over me saying "Can we call an ambulance?" NO, you cannot call an ambulance. You can fix my excise tax problem so I can go to DC next weekend.

Cat continues peeing in house. I'm ready to strangle him.

Have to fill out 3 (yes THREE) tax forms this year in order to get Bush's paltry rebate. I'll do it because I need a new computer desperately.

Migraine hell returned today after almost a full month of no headache. It's gonna rain tomorrow.

Joining a CSA this summer. I'm psyched. Nice organic veggies. Yum.

Margalit out.

Miranda said...

Amy, I'm in SEMI, too, and I tried to ignore the sun all day since it's just going to away and I don't want to feel the full force of despondency and its absence tomorrow when it snows. Again.

My birthday is April 14 and my commencement is May 3. No snow either day, kthxbai?

esperanza - healing vibes to the baboo and I have a clue stick in waiting for your denominational folks if you need it. Grr.

Kathy A - Just grasp onto all the good news you can with respect to taxes.

Margalit - Hoping for good CSA veggies and not too much okra. I ate a lot of okra and radishes the year I was organized enough to join. I don't mind them but it's not saving money to then have to buy stuff for the rest of the family to eat at the local market.

Liz - lots of luck with the papeer. You can have mine, actually, since I don't appear to be using it.

Onetiredema - My little terror is much better at six than he was at three.

Whine: Snow is coming.

Whine: No word on the status and character of my husband's employment past next week when the local office is officially closed and cleared out. My daughter and I think it's time to discuss this with The Big Boss ourselves and force a little resolution. We are pretty sure he is moving out East but nothing is certain. My daughter and I like Order! and Lists! and Plans!

Antiwhine: My student does not have cancer!

Antiwhine: I am being forced to apply for an honor I didn't know I qualified for.

Antiwhine/whine: It's almost over and I am so sad that it went so quickly, yet I am ready to move on.

Whine: Not sure what's happening from there.

Jenevieve said...

Esperanza, thanks! I happened to ask my doctor about that yesterday, and he said the same thing. SO weird and lame, but at least it will get better soon!

Hugs to you all!

Anonymous said...
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