Thursday, March 13, 2008

Awards: The Tie Dyed Edition

Today's awards are dedicated to Deadheads everywhere. While I did not, sadly, get exposed to that movement in my life, I can heartily endorse it's live and let live philosophy.

The Tie Dyed Clue Stick Award goes to Margalit: You can wear what you want and you have every right to let ensure that your children get the proper care from their clinicians and educators. This award comes with several boxes of Rit dye and three white t-shirts.

I also give the runner-up Tie Dyed Clue Stick Awards to KLee for dealing with, perhaps, deliberately clueless parents and Uccellina because breast milk is gold and hard won and how dare that nurse complain?

Our next award is Tie Dyed Streamers for Amy, Turtlebella and Sarah for when they make the "official" announcement that they are expecting sweet baboos. You will notice that there is a box of crackers under the streamers to help get you through the rest of the nausea and some yoga pants to accommodate your baby bump. Congratulations!

To Sue, you win the Tie Dyed Towels award to be used in your fully functioning shower. Hopefully, today.

For DevilMacDawg, I award one VW Bus to be shared with everyone in your department. That is an incredible amount of tragedy all at one time. Take the bus and run away when you must.

Posters of South Padre Island to all the Pixies on Spring Break this week bu are at home covering family responsibilities and (trying to) get their page counts written.

Finally, our coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Madeleine for her whine we are *so close* to the all-time snowfall record for our city, and if we don't hit it we will have done a lot of shoveling and just missed the record books. Now I know how the Olympic silver medalists feel. That observation was pure gold, Madeleine.

Enjoy your week, Pixies. We'll be back next week with the incomparable Kathy A hosting the festivities. Hugs and my daughter's really amazing homemade brownies for everyone.


Sue said...

*applause applause*

Excellent awards ceremony Miranda!

Peace out, pixies!

Madeleine said...

Awesome and very colorful awards ceremony, Miranda. Love it.

And I believe that is my first mullet award, so I'll get all tongue-tied and just say "thanks!"

kathy a. said...

oooh, colorful and fab awards, miranda! wishing you well on the typing karma and page counts. [also, thanks for the quote from alice's pillow!]

amy said...

lovely awards ceremony, miranda! and i'm not just saying that because you also endorse yoga pants. really.

margalit said...

Fabulous awards, Miranda. I owe y ou some love beads and peace sign earrings.