Friday, March 7, 2008

Prizes! Baby boom edition

First of all, congratulations to Uccellina and JenR on the arrival of your babies! May they give you nothing but anti-whines for the rest of your lives. And if there should be a little bitty whine here and there along the way, you know who to whine to.

Old Skool prize goes to Turtlebella, whose Girl Scout messed up her cookie order. A tragedy of Thin Mint proportions, for sure. (If I wasn’t giving out the prizes, I’d be in the running for this one with my epic tale of chapstick lost and found. I will spare you that riveting story. It ended well.)

Style prize, no doubt, to Amy’s letters to Potty Training and Pampers. You tell ‘em, Amy!

Stairway to Heaven prize to Liz, for suggesting the staircase-to-sleep relaxation technique. I tried it myself last night. I guess it works because I can’t remember what number I got down to.

Hugs to Kathy A. and KLee for workplace angst, and Debangel and Margalit for daughters who make you crazy.

Extra hugs to Sue for insomnia during the busiest time of the year, on top of teh headaches.

And to all a good weekend!


liz said...

I'm so glad that the technique worked for you, Madeleine!!!

kathy a. said...

beautiful ceremony!

may the thin mints [or some reasonable substitute -- see's candy milk chocolate peppermints come to mind] be there for us all in times of need.

sending along extra hugs for esperanza and miranda.

Sue said...

Hey, I tried the stairway to heaven technique last night. It was amazing! It took me awhile, but as long as I stayed with it or re-directed my thoughts when they tried to stray to worries or "to do" lists, I was fine.

Once I was asleep, I didn't wake up for almost four hours! Four hours in a row!!

Thanks Liz!

liz said...

Woot!!!!! I am so glad!

Anonymous said...

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