Thursday, August 16, 2007

Awards! Morning at the doctor's office edition

Old Skool Awards first: The Birthday Letdown Award goes to tiruncula who wants her other dollar. We're taking up a collection for you!

The It's Too Darn Hot Award goes to Scrivener (no AC and over a week of over 100 degrees! Oy!), to devilmacdawg (pregnant! In Texas!), and to camera obscura (who's also having to deal with Too Much Laundry and Not Enough Appliances).

The Waiting is the Hardest Part Award goes to queen of west procrastination who's waiting for her Exciting! New! Computer! to arrive from its sojourn in the States.

The coveted Style Award goes to:
  • kathy a., who's also in the running for Elevated Risk of Mullet for "Somewhere over the rainbow/cats won't poop/in the bathtub where/it is hard to scoop"
  • YT for her Whiney Ode to Kids Who Leave For College ("Two! Two College kids this year!")
  • and lastly to Turtlebella who sings about her mother and Ex? Step-father.

And now to the Elevated Risk of Mullet:

  • First Runner-up goes to....uccellina who is so graceful as she "does the dance of morning sickness"
  • And the winner is...debangel!!! With the immortal words:
    "if I give you a dollar, will you promise to at least think about changing it
    into pennies and administering it to Gramma Scrooge in suppository form?"

Hugs and lots of sympathy to ccw for in-law woes (hooray for finding your BIL's mom!); to k and her childcare provider - thank goodness no one was hurt; to margalit for her son who's having a manic episode and who also has to deal with idiots; to KLee for her roof and the pending city inspection thereof; and to sue and her friend who is being stalked by a scary ex-husband (

And that concludes this portion of our awards broadcast. Tune in next week when our host will be Sheila (S.)!


Sue said...

Thanks Liz, for a great award ceremony and some good advice.

purple_kangaroo said...

Loverly awards ceremony. I vote to leave comments enabled on the awards post for at least 24 hours--could we do that?

KLee said...

Nice work, Liz!

Phantom Scribbler said...

Great job, Liz!

liz said...

Thanks guys. I think leaving up the comments on the awards for the day is do-able. What say you all?

kathy a. said...

nice awards -- thanks for the prize!

i like the idea of leaving comments on for a day after awards. the concern raised among moderators (and it is a fair one, since everyone's busy) involved the burden of watching comments for an extra day. but a few weeks into this venture, i think that [a] there have been no problems; and [b] there are enough standby moderators dropping by that any problems can be dealt with swiftly, and any of us can close comments early friday morning. just my 2 cents.

liz said...

Alrighty. What if I close 'em up before bed tonight since I'm heading up to NYC tomorrow?

kathy a. said...

also -- late old skool vote for andy's date whine of repulsivity. and since liz can't award herself, a brevity prize for "lost luggage."

hugs to sue for the headache/med debacle, debangel, ccw, PK, and everyone else who needs 'em. xoxo