Monday, October 2, 2017

Wednesday Whining - Last Week Before the New Job Edition

First, to get it off my mind: Good substitutes for chocolate or caffeine are Caffix with a syrup of ginger and cinnamon;  Ginger tea; cinnamon tea; strong flavors; lots of little snacks.

Back to the new job: Starts the 10th, so far filling out lots of paperwork. I am in love with pdfs you can fill out and ship back without printing them off.

I'm doing as much as possible this week to prep for the fact that there will be 10 hours each day when I won't be here. It's been three years since that's been the case.

What's up in your lives?


kathy a. said...

Yay for the upcoming new job! Boo on paperwork....

My cousin had to go to court today, a hearing on temporary spousal support and the attorney fees his STBX demanded. He is representing himself because he can't afford a lawyer, and was pretty nervous, so I went along for moral support. This is pretty far out of my area of expertise. But those issues got resolved, I think not too badly. He really needs the rest of it to get done, sooner rather than later. Anyway, glad I went along.

Also, his STBX is late for everything -- Christmas brunch, their own wedding, etc. And lo and behold, she was late for this hearing, too -- was not even there when the judge called the case. (This tends not to impress judges...) That was previously my main complaint about her, but now she's gone and broken my cousin's heart, so no more Ms. Nice Cousin.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

What a heavy morning, Kathy. I'm glad you could be there for moral support.

I'm only starting to grapple with the awful news out of Las Vegas, and for some reason decided to make my day even more emotional by breaking the news to E that her grandparents' cat died. (Said cat actually passed in August, but I was trying to find the right time to tell her -- there was other hard news that took priority, and then we haven't been to their house in a few months, because of a summer full of camping. And then my uncle died, which was hard news enough for this little one. But Thanksgiving is this weekend, and we'll be spending a day there, and E has been talking about the cat. So it was time. And it was rough. Although she's already rallied, first by planning on pretending to be a kitty to cheer up her grandparents, and then (after much disbelief that this particular kitty really could ever die) she cheered herself up by deciding that maybe the kitty actually went to a home planet (called Nupiter Kitties), which was all full of kitties, who have tea parties all the time.

Whatever works, I guess?

kathy a. said...

Nupiter Kitties! Oh, I love that. Definitely sounds like kitty heaven. ;)

kathy a. said...

Las Vegas -- over the top with rage and anxiety, and outraged about bringing up a bill to allow gun silencers while nobody has yet processed that horror. Y'all know how I feel about guns. I feel that super-extra on these two subjects -- weapons of mass destruction in the hands of civilians, and making it easier for shooters to not get caught by letting them have silencers.

Liz said...

Yeah, I am filled with rage over Las Vegas.


To get my mind off my anger, I've been researching commuting options for the new job.

Options: Car only; bus to metro; car to metro.

Car only is EXPENSIVE. Car to metro is also EXPENSIVE. So hahaha, no. No car. Thank you.

Bus to metro is slightly klugy, but looks like it will work well and is fully half the cost of any of the car options, and that's before factoring in parking.

Liz said...

For background, the nearest metro stop to me is 12.2 miles away from my house, and the best way to get there by car is via two toll roads which = $7.50 each way. Parking at the station costs $, the train is $3.10 each way.

My office is 18.3 miles away from my house, best way to get there by car is via those same two toll roads, again $7.50 each way. Parking in the office lot costs $.

The bus stop is a little over 2 miles from my house, no tolls. Bus costs $1.00, train is $3.10. Mr. Spock can drive me, or I can drive myself to the bus. Parking at the bus lot is free. Frankly, I'm hard put to see a downside.

Metro is a block from the office.

In 2019, the nearest Metro stop to my house will be where the bus stop currently is. :D

esperanza said...

I vote for bus and train, too.

kathy a. said...

Wow. $7.50 toll each way, before we're even talking parking??

Yay for future Metro stop! A bus is do-able, especially given the cost factor, but you're gonna need some bus hobbies to take along. Just sayin'. xoxo

Sue said...

I'm glad you could be there for your cousin, kathy. xoxo

Nupiter Kitties sounds like an awesome place. Our son and his partner said goodbye to their 15 year old kitty (who had some serious cattitude, and she owned it!) on Friday. I like to imagine Wiggles on Nupiter Kitties having tea with all the other kitties. My thanks to E for a beautiful place to imagine.

Yay on the new job, Liz!! I vote for the bus/train combo. It seems the most sensible in every way.

I lost myself in a good book today so I could avoid tv and social media. It's my day off and it started with the news out of Vegas and I just can't even...

Liz said...

Nupiter Kitties is the best description of pet heaven I've ever heard.

Liz said...

And yes, the Greenway ($6.50 during peak hours) is the most expensive stretch of road mile-for-mile of any tolled road in the US. And then there's the Dulles Toll Road ($1.00), that is one of the cheapest tolled roads in the country. One flows right into the other. FUN.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Liz, I am so jealous of how affordable your bus service is. Ours costs $3.25 per individual fare/$29 for ten rides/$94 for a monthly pass. We do have some discounted passes for people with low incomes or disabilities, and a cheap pass for university students, but it's an outrageous price.

Hugs to Sue for the loss of Wiggles, who sounds like our Eddie (who was the most vocal and opinionated cat I ever met).

I gather that today is Sweet's 10th birthday! I hope esperanza and family are having a wonderful day.

I'm spitting mad, the more I think about the gun situation in the US, and am completely powerless to help from here.

And so I will Old Skool Whine: we have a wasp situation in our front steps, which although concrete are apparently hollow, and are now full of wasp nest. We've sprayed so much in there. We've tried sealing the cracks. Nothing has helped. I just got a bundle of mail today, because apparently our mail carrier sometimes skips our house when the wasps are too bad.

I know that Mr. Q has some ideas about how to deal with them (but he hasn't followed through on any of these ideas for weeks), but now I've told him that he has until Monday, after which I'm calling an exterminator.

esperanza said...

Birthday was yesterday, but we're spreading the celebration out: grandparents came for the weekend, and she has a couple of friends coming next Saturday, with cake. It's the Introvert Birthday Plan.

I just had to look it up to be sure, but our fares are pretty close to Liz's: $1.25 for a single ride and 41.25 for a month. Express buses are more like QWP's numbers.

The gun situation feels pretty powerless from here, too. :(

Sue said...

Bus prices are similar here, QWP. Also, the arrival times of said buses are at best, wishful thinking. They are never early and often quite late. I have no idea why - it's not like we have traffic jams here - you know, EVER. It's really tough to lessen one's impact on the environment via public transit when it's so unreliable.

The gun situation is utterly infuriating. All those politicians whose pockets are full of blood money from the nra - how do they sleep at night?

Happy birthday month to Sweet!

Liz said...

The bus prices are low to incentivize folks to take them to get folks off the roads. Because I live in the region with some of the worst traffic in the nation .

And the (FREE!) parking lot for the bus wasn't full at 8:45 this morning. Which was, frankly, shocking.

esperanza said...

I think the low bus prices here are also artificially low to offer incentives to ride. And Texans love cars. And our traffic stinks. Even with all of that, bus ridership is appallingly low.

(Where appalling does not equal the level of appalling that is 45, because I can't even sputter enough appallingness to describe his words today)

Liz said...

What esperanza said.

kathy a. said...

Our bus and train prices are reasonable enough; and even though you need to pay to park at the busier train stations (and there isn't enough parking, so you'd better go early), it's still way less than driving to many locations. And way less stress. Tolls are $5 for bridges (no toll the opposite direction), but parking in the big city can easily run to $20+. Not to mention the truly awful traffic. It's in the $3.50-$4 range to cross bridges by transit, each way. Local busses are more like $1.50-$2 per ride, with some discounts available.

I'm beyond words with our only president, too. This is too too much.

The guns, wrote my everybody yet again. I do not understand how a relatively small group of deranged people (with the backing of the industry that profits from people buying more weaponry) have absolutely shut down any reasonable measures to stop this terrorism (because being fearful of being shot anytime, anyplace IS terrorism), slow down this public health epidemic.

Clyde is home today, and he cried some when The Dog Man went to work. The Dog Man actually inquired whether I was giving Clyde enough attention and treats! I explained that Clyde needs to understand he will survive without 24/7 attention, because I'm not doing that. The pup is doing fine, basking in the sun currently. He has gotten some treats and attention, and not as much as he wants, but he's not exactly doing hard time, you know?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Clyde sounds like the little pup who shared our old house! So very attached to his favourite person that he acted absolutely heartbroken every time she left for work (and then settled in quite happily with everyone else, as soon as she was gone).

I am catching up on everything that the president said today, and I'm also out of words. I just. I can't.

E had a bit of a rough day today, both in the morning and at preschool. (She was distracted and emotional this afternoon, according to her teacher.) On the way home, she told me that she's thinking a lot about how sad she is about the kitty. We talked a bit, but then she clammed up again. She really doesn't like talking about things when they affect her more deeply, and it's hard to know how to help her. But I realise now that my uncle's death, which happened right before school started back, likely contributed to how anxious and resistant to change she's been at school. Up until this summer, she's only encountered death as something that affects people who are very old, and not very close to her. Now we've lost a same-as-Grampy uncle, and then a beloved kitty, and both have really shocked her, because she didn't know that either death was possible.

Well, at least I understand better what we're dealing with. I need to send the preschool teacher an email tonight, to loop her in (especially because the holidays are coming up, and especially because she might notice the absence of some ex-family members, which we haven't had a chance to discuss, because of all the deaths, but which she also hasn't seemed to notice yet).

That was a lot of words. I'm mostly processing externally.

esperanza said...

E has been dealing with a lot that is hard for young brains to process. You're doing a great job helping her, even as you're dealing with your own grief, QWP.

W: Have I mentioned this here already? Mr. E is miserable at his current church. And therefore miserable at home. He could easily ask to be moved somewhere else, but: ugh moving; I kinda like my job; we really like the Baboos' school; we own this house (or, we and the bank do); and ugh moving. It's all blown up again this week to levels of ridiculous not seen before, and he is super grumpy. Fun times at the esperanza house.

W: and that added on top of all the brokenness and sadness in the world, and our ridiculous "president" and...well, I'm a bit overwhelmed and undone.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh no, esperanza. I'm so sorry that Mr. E is miserable at work, and that it's spilling over to home. And, especially with everything else happening in the world right now, it's entirely understandable that you're overwhelmed and undone. I'm sending hugs and I'm praying.

I've decided to wait until morning you send off the email to the teacher (E won't be at school again until Thursday). Between processing how she's affected by this grief, and Aunt Flo hitting today, I'm liable to send an emo word vomit if I email tonight.

A small anti-whine, with fingers crossed and knocking on wood: I think the latest thing that Mr. Q attempted with the wasps has worked. He tried different, flexible, expanding foam stuff to seal the cracks in the steps, after spraying inside with the wasp spray, and I haven't seen any fly out or in, since then. (We've seen a few approach the steps, fly around trying to find an entrance, and then leave.) I really hope this is it, especially for our mail carrier's sake.

esperanza said...

Is it unkind if I laughed at "emo word vomit"?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Not unkind at all! I'm glad you liked it.

kathy a. said...

Oh, Esperanza. I'm so sorry things are not great with Mr. E's church. Does anything going wrong seem potentially fixable? I've been the miserable person, and on the receiving end of misery from a beloved, and it all sucks. xoxo

QWP, I agree this is a lot of loss, and you are still processing it. A little kid cannot process a lot at once, but I agree you are doing great! You can just let this slide until she has questions -- that's OK, really. And she will, at some point. Be open to questions; but don't push discussion before she's ready. (Another variation on only answering what they ask! Little kids don't need and can't handle the big versions.) xoxo

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Kathy, I really do feel reassured by your advice. This has been our approach, but it's easy to feel like we're hiding stuff from her, or we're not communicating. xoxo

esperanza said...

I think you've hit it, kathy. None of it feels fixable, or even endurable, at this point. After a while, a church lives with a pattern of behavior so long that it begins to be who they are, and they don't know how to do anything else. The pattern he's dealing with is nothing new (his supervisor has reassured him about this). He's endured, but not fixed, a church with similar conflicts (on a smaller scale) before, and it was not a mentally healthy situation for him to be in. As much as I hate moving, I don't want him to get into that mental place again.

Sue said...

(((QWP))) I have no wisdom that hasn't already been shared, but I have learned about "emo word vomit" and will be on the lookout for it in myself. :)

Oh esperanza, that's such a hard place to be in, especially so soon after your move. There's a little part of me feeling frustrated with Mr E's supervisor for telling him *now* that there's a long history of toxic dysfunction. It would have been super helpful to know that before accepting the call, yes? It happens in our denomination all the time. Congregations and Presbyteries send a well-intentioned minister into the furnace and hope they will be the One Person Who Can Turn It All Around. Really, what toxic churches need is to look at themselves honestly, which is tough work requiring someone with a specialty in interim ministry.

Old Skool: It was a cool but lovely day when I arrived at work an hour ago. Now it is pouring rain. Rain jacket is in the car. As long as it eases up by 1:00, I'll be fine.

esperanza said...

Yes, exactly, Sue. And he had an uneasy feeling about this church from the beginning, a feeling that it was a mismatch. There's not a lot of space to refuse an appointment, and he voiced his unease, but the supervisor disregarded it. I hope he can be more assertive next time.

esperanza said...

...and that supervisor can hear it.

Further, related W: so Baboos are coming with me again this week. This is one of our most stressful challenges at the moment, as their behavior is...not either church, and they're too old for their antics to be "cute" anymore. But Mr. E doesn't need any additional stress on his Sunday morning, so I get them instead. We've pondered all kinds of solutions but haven't hit on a feasible one yet.

kathy a. said...

Oy, Esperanza. Sue's idea of an interim minister who is meant to root into problems before someone more permanent comes along? That sounds like a good suggestion.

Is there someone who can sit with the Baboos, take them out for a walk if need be? Being quiet and well behaved during a whole service is a lot to ask of kids. xoxo

Sue, hope the storm abated enough to get your rain jacket, at least.

AW: Daughter got through the first midterm (no grades for a bit, but she knew the stuff); and her college has the immunization records, so she's doing the form; and she's all studied up; so she sounds happy!

W: My beloved was so mad at himself, because he went to take a shower and left the dog inside, so the dog proceeded to demonstrate that he still needs more training in the area of "we do not poop indoors." (Which I think actually means training the humans about looking for signs, forced potty breaks, and treats after.)

esperanza said...

Kathy, yes, there are lots of someones who could sit with them. This is where it gets tricky to be the pastor. If I ask someone to do so, it feels like they're obligated to say yes. So I don't ask. And no one is offering. The other option is to just pay someone to accompany them through the morning at church, which we haven't pursued. It feels like a last resort.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Is it really a last resort, though? Considering that a lot of churches offer childcare, if one were to offer to pay a super-responsible teen (perhaps even one that is a member of the congregation) to corral Baboos while attending the service, wouldn't that be okay? And then, if you were paying them, it wouldn't be like you were taking advantage of your position as pastor.

W: wasps are finding their way out from the foam sealant stuff Mr. Q used. It's wasps everywhere, seemingly even worse than before. Exterminator called. He will be here tomorrow afternoon, while E is at preschool, and it turns out that it costs about half what I was prepared to pay. We should have done this a month ago.

AW/W: email to preschool teacher sent. It was a bit emo, but not too bad, especially since I took the time to edit down the email. E had a meltdown about a blanket this morning, which turned into something that very much looked like an anxiety attack (the tantrum went from absolutely raging angry to hiding and saying she couldn't stop feeling scared). I managed to help her calm down, and then we made lemonade together, which made her happy. And then we went to the little, pleasant grocery store (where they have shopping carts that look like race cars, for the kids), to buy the Thanksgiving turkey, and we also found a board book of the movie Inside Out, that just goes through discussing the emotions. She has found that really useful for communication.

Liz said...



Esperanza, on the kid front, I ditto hiring someone. Sometimes the cheapest way to get something is by paying money for it.

On the Mr. E church front, it seems to me that your church hierarchy should bear some responsibility for this. Your kids are in a great place school-wise. Is there another church nearby he can be called to? Can the two of you co-lead the church you're in?

QWP, many hugs.

kathy a. said...

Hiring someone works for me, too.

QWP, that's the kind of meltdown that only happens at home, and usually when somebody's extra-stressy.

Big fireplacing fireplacity whine. One of the people I loved the dearest in college apparently died recently. We were co-editors of the Best Yearbook Ever, and actually made the yearbook before ours work despite the named editors dropping off the planet, and we were just good friends. Friends who didn't see one another enough. I have no details at all -- when or how he died, for example. This came to me sideways, because the college was notified of his death, so he showed up on a list, and another friend was asked by the college if she knew anything.

I did know his wife, too, and attended their wedding. Met their first daughter -- the daughter's wedding was why my friend wasn't at the last 5 year reunion, but he promised to be at the next one. I will contact the college, and also write his wife, but tomorrow. This just makes me so sad. I guess I need to stop counting on seeing somebody in X years; try harder to see them sooner.

kathy a. said...

I just realized how infrequently I talk on the phone to people, having called 4 friends from back in the day, tonight, and it's at least a couple decades since I talked in person or on the phone with one of them. We still ended up laughing some, even though I was calling with bad news, because of the good memories and a couple stories.

kathy a. said...

And, having inquired at my college, the report of my friend's death came when students were doing the annual fundraising calls, and someone said he is dead -- no details. So now I don't know if someone was being a smartass, or if my friend is dead. But I will find out tomorrow, after some restful cat and reading and sleep time.

Liz said...

((((Kathy)))). Is he on FB? Is there an obit?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Hugs hugs hugs, Kathy. I second checking around online for an obit.

Sue said...

(((kathy))) It was good of you to call and let your other friends know. Tough reason to call, but I'm sure they're grateful you did.

Visit to the doc today for his famous "full meal deal" appointment. He does these every two years and (seriously) leaves no stone unturned. So a gazillion blood tests, ecg, mam (already booked), and full exam.

Blood pressure - excellent (quoting him). Hearing - check, all good there. Eyes - appointment next month. Colonoscopy - I get a year's reprieve, but have to do the card test. Lungs, heart, basically all get the approving nod. He's checking my serology, but prescribed the shingles vaccine which I will or will not receive depending on the results (I have zero clue if I've ever had chicken pox, thus the test). So - yay - that's done!

kathy a. said...

I checked everywhere for an obit, and could not find one. The closest was for his father, 4 years ago. Called the number I had for their house, and it is disconnected. So -- I know his brother's name, and left a message at his law office to please call me back.

kathy a. said...

Yay about the good checkup, Sue.

kathy a. said...

Giant AW: My friend is alive and well! It was a big fat mixup!

His brother called me back, and was surprised to hear the college had reported G's death, because he's so not dead. What happened was, somebody called their mother's house -- the sons are switching off nights to stay over with her, so this brother took the call from the college. G's father had the same first name as G (different middle initial), so the brother assumed the call was about the father and said, "he's dead."

I got G's current number, and we had a good talk and good laugh. Then I got in touch with everybody else to explain the prematurity of the report of his demise. Am so darned relieved!!!

esperanza said...

Ack! That is a big fat mixup. I'm glad you got it figured out, but what unnecessary angst!

esperanza said...

W: I am not a functional adult today. Exhibit A: I left the notebook in which I keep all my notes about everything at home and therefore did not have it at the office and therefore could not do half of what I had planned. Exhibit B: while going out to get lunch, I locked my church keys in the office and had to call a church member to rescue me. (She brought me homemade fried chicken, so that wasn't entirely bad!). Exhibit C: I kinda forgot what time I would need to leave to get home in time for the bus. I pulled in with literally 30 seconds to spare. Can I go to bed now, for the good of the world?

Anonymous said...

esperanza-- In my book, that's still a win. You made it before the bus!!!! Let's just say you were time efficient for not wasting any extra waiting around time.
Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

Ack, about the mixup kathy! But at least you got to catch up with friends, right?

Still a win, esperanza (especially the chicken!). I've locked my keys in my office so often, we have an extra key hidden in the church in an undisclosed location.

Spoke too soon - rats!! It looks like I have some wonky kidney function. My pee results indicate UTI (blood and white cells), but I have zero pain or discomfort, so subclinical UTI - is that a thing? No elevated white count in the blood, but glomerular function rate is elevated, though not off the charts. So there's something going on there...

Doc isn't in the office today, so I'm just working from my lab results which I accessed online. With Thanksgiving on Monday, it will be Tuesday before I speak with doc.

Darn. So close to a perfect check up... :(

Sue said...

Sorry, that's glomerular *filtration* rate.

kathy a. said...

Hope today's better, Esperanza!

NL -- how are things?

Sue, is there a backup doc when yours is out? Meanwhile, a lot of people swear by cranberry juice as a UTI preventive / healer. (Needs to be pure cran, not something watered down.) It's possible that this doesn't need any treatment; but you probably don't want to risk being Rev. Crankypants this weekend.

The entire friend-not-dead saga is still kind of blowing me away! We really should get together, at least the bunch of us who live in my general area of the state. The farthest between any 2 members of that group is maybe 100 miles; surely we can find places middlish, every so often.

Sue said...

Our doc is in a private practice, so no back up. Should I get any symptoms I'll go to a walk-in clinic. There are several near our home. In the meantime, cranberry juice is a good idea.

Liz said...

I totally ditto Cranberry juice. There are also cranberry gummies if 100% juice is unavailable. Also, of course, cranberry sauce.

So glad your friend is still with us, Kathy!!!

esperanza said...

I've had a symptom-less UTI before, Sue (while pregnant, though, so the frequent peeing wasn't a tipoff, but zero pain). So it could be a thing.

kathy a. said...

Cranberry sauce! If you plan some for Thanksgiving anyway, you can make extra and do it early!

Anonymous said...

W: So very tired.... midterm grades must be posted by Wednesday, and I am backlogged on grading a science paragraph assignment and a test I just gave today. We have a long weekend, but am envisioning grading through most of it! Just wanted to send love and say hi and wave from beneath my piles of papers.....
And now my break is over.....
:) Neighbor Lady

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Hi, NL! I hope that the grading goes smoothly this weekend, and that you get some reprieve! (I suspect that Mr. Q will have a similar long weekend.)

Sue, I hope that your holiday weekend is symptom free, and that whatever this is clears up quickly. (I would guess that every store in town will have cranberry everything this weekend, hey?)

Kathy, what a relief that your friend is alive! But what a strange mix-up.

Esperanza, I'm glad that your mixed-up day resulted in homemade fried chicken, and still making it to your meeting on time.

AW/W: I've harvested all of my tomatoes, cucumbers, and pumpkins. I have nine more pumpkins curing in my office shelf, and the rest in my cold storage room. I canned pickles, and made pumpkin pie (for tomorrow) and quiche (for supper). I still need to brine the turkey tonight, roast it and make gravy tomorrow, make cranberry sauce, and at some point of the weekend (Sunday?) make and freeze two more batches of pasta sauce.

I'm exhausted. At least Mr. Q is home for the long weekend, and I can delegate some of these tasks to him.

esperanza said...

Whew, QWP. That's a lot of cooking.

AW: Sweet's birthday cake is done, before 10 PM.

W: In the process, I broke the platter that matches our dishes (which have also had a recent high casualty rate) and smushed one of the decorating tips in the garbage disposal. I think I need to go to sleep.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

You did that cake yourself, esperanza?! The one I saw on Book of Faces? Amazing! (But I'm sorry about the platter and the decorating tip!)

AW: after we got the turkey brining, I spent the evening with my feet up as Mr. Q cleaned the kitchen.

kathy a. said...

Score, QWP!

KLee said...

Liz, so glad to hear about the job! Will you be in the Big City?

Happy BabooBirthday! I hope she enjoys it, and that you guys can find a way to deal gently with her feelings over the loss of Uncle and Kitty. Nupiter Kitties indeed sounds like an excellent place to spend kitty eternity.

I'm sorry that Rev. Mr. E is unhappy in his posting. Is there another church in town of your denomination needing a pastor? Is this something he can discuss with the church leadership?

Kathy, I'm glad your friend is alive and that it was a mix-up. And now you all have a second chance at reconnecting!

Sue, glad to hear you got a clean bill of health, but sorry about the keys.

Guys, in the "I'm Too Old For This Fiteplacing Sh!t" category, I called my best friend today to just chat, and she was having a bad day. She proceeded to unload on me and completely blasted me. She actually made me cry. I happened to catch her on a bad day, and she took all her frustration out on me. I have been feeling very weepy and second-guessing myself as a friend since then. Aunt Flo is on the cusp of arriving, so I've got a bit of a whack from the Emo Fairy as well.

I tried to vent in my group chat with my work mates, but no one seemed interested in listening to my woes, which made it worse. Then, a few minutes later, another work mate chimes in with a pfoblem they're having, and everyone is all ears and sympathy. I felt a little overlooked and under appreciated. Feeling very fragile, and I know it's stupid and childish, but I can't stop. I HATE Aunt Flo.


Anonymous said...

Just from knowing you here, I know that you are an excellent friend!
So sorry that your friend unloaded on you--- not fair!
Please be gentle to yourself..... I wish I was with you in real life, because then I could give you a hug.

funny w: I am now at the stage where I use reading glasses more and more, but don't have them with me at the moment, and when I typed the word "fair" it looked like I typed "fart". I couldn't tell, so had to go back and retype because the screen was too blurry to tell. On that note, please excuse other typos, since I probably can't see them. :)

also, Kathy a., so glad it was a mixup.
QWP-- that cooking sounds delicious (and like so much work! hike!)
Happy Birthday celebration to sweet! (sorry about the platter!)
Hope the cranberries work, Sue!
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to those celebrating!
Neighbor Lady

Anonymous said...


Liz on iPhone on bus to NYC

Sue said...

KLee, I'm sorry your friend unloaded on you that way. It was not okay for her to do that, so I really hope she apologizes. Hugs and love to you...xoxox

(((NL))) I hope the marking goes well. Lol on the glasses!! :)

esperanza, the cake is amazing!!!!

Pure cranberry juice obtained. Still no symptoms.

kathy a. said...

((( KLee ))) Really stinky of your friend. xoxo

esperanza said...

Hugs to KLee and condolences to NL on the grading.

Mr. E and I have struck a mutually agreeable bargain: he will take the Baboos to see "My Little Pony: the Movie," and I will mow and weedeat the overgrown jungle of a yard. The truth is, he's a bad bargainer, and I would have done almost anything to avoid going.

kathy a. said...

Good luck with the grading, NL!

Esperanza, sounds like a good division of marital labor. The person who really really despises a particular something should get to do something else instead. (Besides which, you are carrying a lot of Baboo time.)

kathy a. said...

We went to this food festival with son and DIL, and that was good! My husband worried about leaving Clyde alone for an unknown number of hours, so he went to doggy day care. And we were only gone about 3.5 hours, so my beloved decided it would be best to do the mowing and weedwacking while Clyde is at day care, lest the pup be frightened by the noise. I tell you, the man is smitten badly. He also plans to make up for this abandonment (Clyde likes day care) by taking him for a long hike tonight.

kathy a. said...

LIZ! Best with the new job next week!!!! You'd be awesome to work with, and so I hope they welcome you well and learn quickly how valuable you are. xoxo