Monday, August 14, 2017

Wednesday Whining - Rage and Sadness Edition

I have spent the weekend rage-tweeting, and re-tweeting other people's rage tweets.

Here's a safe space to be angry, or sad, or to just bring your small victories or annoyances.


kathy a. said...

Events of the weekend are unspeakable -- the mindset of the rally participants, the hatred and violence they spewed, the unacceptable and horrifying official reaction of our only president. Sorry, but finally calling out evil on the third day of the crisis -- when what he says now is directly contradicted by what he said immediately -- wtf? He brought all this out of the woodwork; he owns it.

One of the more amazing photos I saw (no, I could not look at the photos of the car ramming actual people) was a line of clergy with locked arms, facing a line of militia people holding semi-automatic weapons. The militia said it was there to protect "free speech," doncha know. Nazi flags, confederate flags, big guns, and torches -- there were not "many sides" contributing to the horror and violence. There were domestic terrorists, and decent peaceful citizens opposed to racism and hate.

Sue said...

I'm still processing it all. It's terrifying, horrifying, and in many ways surreal. The baby pres still hasn't said the words "domestic terrorism" and likely will not do so. For him and his cronies, terrorism only involves people with brown skin and Islamic faith. It's disgusting, really. I keep hoping the gop will come up with the courage to split with the monster in the oval.

I was proud of my fellow clergy for being there and taking a stand.

AW: Dad still improving. He was up sitting in a chair today when I visited. He's pretty worn out, but he's looking better every day. Kidneys still dicey, but trying to function a bit.

W: Hubby had a rough day yesterday - no muscle control, trouble transferring, trigeminal neuralgia acting up. Generally feeling like a bag of wet sand.

AW: He's better today.

kathy a. said...

Liz, thanks for hosting!

Sue, so glad your dad's made progress and is looking better! What an awful day for your beloved, though. xoxo

Today's the last first day of school -- daughter went off to law school orientation this afternoon. I didn't cry this time! She's kind of nervous. We kept busy this morning, her purse has emergency gourmet chocolate covered oreos, and she viewed adoptable cats just before leaving. Went to the market and got salmon, fresh tortellini, pesto, gourmet ice cream -- the clerk said, "that looks like the most delicious dinner ever!"

My beloved is so picky about cars that I have never driven his, for fear of a scratch or something. As it turns out, he was driving my old car this weekend, and he killed it. He was mortified; I am secretly amused. Another car awaits my return on Wednesday. (All the bad car luck this week has involved cars way past prime...)

kathy a. said...

I've got all day to myself. There are a few Mom tasks -- the last of The List, unpacking large pictures, blah blah -- and then maybe I'll explore the town some more. Dinner out tonight; leave tomorrow.

Daughter prepared the heck out of this case they all had to read, for discussion today. I've avoided "imparting wisdom" (aka, lecturing), but she's had some good questions -- which is much more important than just memorizing stuff. Some of her classmates won't figure that out for a while....

Liz said...

Yay, Kathy! Sorry about the car, tho.

I am acquainted through my political stuff with a guy who has had a history of poo-poohing my concerns about white supremacists and today said to me (in a comment on a FB post) that he had been unaware that anti-semitism was still a thing in the US until this past weekend.


I guess he just didn't believe it until he saw actual swastikas.

kathy a. said...

Anti-semitism isn't a real thing among normal people nowadays, but that doesn't mean it's gone. Does he live under a rock? These are just the latest and most publicized incidents in recent years, not by far the only.

Your acquaintance most likely doesn't realize how close that oblivion is to those people who say, "The civil war's been over a long time, quit talking about the lingering effects of slavery." hmmph.

Everything's unpacked but the books! Supplies have been acquired. 2 more loads of laundry in progress. 2 bunches each of trash and recycling are ready to go out in a few.

Daughter lives one block from the best mid-sized market anywhere; I swear, I adore this place! And right next door is a locally owned pharmacy, which is really more like the well stocked general merchandise store you wished you could walk to -- sweet gifts, cards, household things, gardening, office supplies, post office, the works.

Thanks for your patience with this bout of mom-ness. xoxo

Liz said...

Sue, how's your husband doing today? Your dad?

How are you?


kathy a. said...

((( Sue )))

Sue said...

Yay about a good first day of school, kathy - sorry about the car though.

I don't understand some people, Liz. Seriously, that guy has been willfully blind up to now. :(

We had a meeting yesterday with all the sisters and our step-sister. Step-sis is a nurse practitioner who is on her way to help a hospital in Rwanda set up a pain management program - she will be gone for almost three months. We thought we should take a look at what's coming next without input from Dad and step-mom (who is being really difficult right now).

Dad's kidneys are still not functioning well enough for him to leave icu, never mind going back to Kingston where he lives most of the time. He has a very long road ahead and may never live independently again. He may need dialysis long-term as well.

He's also having some confusion and is becoming a tad ornery. We've looked at the options and feel ready to take some questions and suggestions to a full family meeting (hopefully next week) with dad's doctors, dad, step-mom, etc...

Hubby is slowly gaining strength, but would love a magical refill on his overall energy. Poor guy.

Me? Exhausted. Just plain ole tired.

Worst. Vacation. Ever.

Liz said...

(((Sue))). Thinking of you and your family. Sending some of the hyper energy I've got from my inhalers today to your hubby.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

So many hugs, Sue. I'm especially sorry that step-mom is making things harder, as you all try to figure out what's best for your dad.

And hugs for everyone else, because what an awful week. I'm so angry and lost for words.

Old Skool: I keep starting to write a comment, and then being pulled away and not finishing! I'm wiped: going straight from a camping trip to first-thing-in-the-morning soccer lessons is testing both E and my physical limits. But I know that this is good for both of us, and we're having a good time with the other little ones.

kathy a. said...

((( Sue ))) Oh, what a difficult time for your family. I'm so sorry your dad is in such serious shape, and that it is possible he will need so much care. And, bonus family dynamics.

Glad your husband is doing a bit better. Don't blame you for feeling exhausted yourself. xoxox

QWP -- sounds busy busy!

I grabbed an airport shuttle when daughter left for school. 3 more hours until the flight. This is an unbelievably exciting airport, with 5 gates, a gift shop, and a snack bar.

kathy a. said...

OK, so back to the events since Charlottesville,and especially the jaw-dropping remarks of the nitwit in chief. Actually, I have a lot of fireplacing words about that fireplaced up fireplacer, but for my nation, I'm beyond appalled. He equated our first President with the president of the confederacy -- which tried to break our country apart, was an *enemy* of the United States. He practically went to second base with the white supremacists, in public.

The man is a walking horror show; this is truly terrifying. I do not see how we can allow him to continue making decisions -- and making these freakish and insane pronouncements. I mean, if your uncle lived in your house and behaved like this, you'd be desperate to do something, right? Congress needs to get its act together before he runs us all off a cliff.

Sue said...

Agreed, kathy. Something must be done. I keep thinking "this is as bad as this can get" and then I'm proven wrong. There were surrogates on the cable news channels defending him last night, but the sensible people weren't having it. The defenders I saw were quickly put in their places. Because...seriously, how can they defend that terrifying monster at this point?

W: Dad not great today. Dialysis was tricky, as his heart was doing dances every time the machine started taking off fluid (heart in SVT, whatever that means). He knew me, but didn't know my step-sister. Seemed confused overall, but knew he was in hospital. Step-mom showed up looking like she wanted to strangle step-sis - yikes. Family dynamics, indeed.

We're waiting on doc for family meeting time.

kathy a. said...

Oh, fingers crossed for the family meeting. I think SVT means the heart racing (could be for various reasons). He's under so much medical stress, and probably on meds, so hopefully the confusion is temporary. Sending so much love. xoxoxo

kathy a. said...

On this airline, I have a reserved seat, but apparently "Group 5" is reserved for those who bought a cheap ticket. Oh, well. A lot of people lined up, and yay, they'll all get on before me! I am sitting and waiting, as that seems reasonable for a Group 5 person. :)

Sue said...

kathy, I hope your flight home was uneventful and pleasant - once they let you onboard!

Family meeting scheduled for this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Sue, huge hugs to you and your family. That is so difficult!
SVT is supraventricular tachycardia-- fast heart rate caused by an electrical signal starting above (supra) the ventricles (lower heart chambers).
Neighbor Girl has this condition occasionally, and it is not an issue for her at least as long as we get the heart back to a regular rhythm in a relatively short amount of time. But, I don't know what the repercussions/concerns are for someone in your dad's situation. Hope he improves soon!
I will keep good thoughts for your family meeting.

kathy, hope your flight was good.

QWP, that sounds exhausting. Hope there is some rest in your day as well for recharging!

--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

Sue, hope the meeting goes well, all things considered. xoxo

The new car is nice -- it sits higher, giving the short driver a better view, and is good lookin'. Plus, one of those swoopy backup view screens, which seems a little fancy-pants but also useful.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I love those backup cameras, Kathy! Of course, they don't fully replace looking backwards, but they're sure useful when you're navigating an awkward spot. (I'm speaking as one who doesn't have one, but has borrowed family vehicles that do.)

I hope the family meeting went well and everyone cooperated, Sue.

I'm taking a LOT of time to rest this week, after spending the morning playing soccer. One more day...

kathy a. said...

Tina Fey. Sheetcaking!! Best.Thing.Ever. (This clip owns the entire internet today; no danger you can't find it.)

Sue, still thinking of you and your family. xoxox

Need to get serious about clearing unnecessary things from all sectors of the house. Well, not my husband's things (I mean, who really needs that many tube amplifiers? or bikes? or pieces of furniture from his sister that we don't like?) -- but it appears there are plenty of candidates with my fingerprints all over them....

Sue said...

Family meeting didn't really result in any clear plan, but did provide info on where we're at. Renal failure, dialysis while he's acute, staghorn still needs to be dealt with if he pulls through.

No decision re where rehab would happen if he improves that much, but there are options. Ow to consider.

Today he's having drops on bp which aren't good.

Also: one of our kittens need to see the vet today for an infection. ☹️

kathy a. said...

((( Sue ))) Too much! I'm sorry your dad's not doing so great, and the kitteh infection cannot be helping much. xoxoxoxoxo

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Sending more hugs and support, Sue. And I'm so sorry that your dad's having dips in the BP at the same time as you're dealing with a kitten with an infection. Too much stress at once.

Anonymous said...

(((((Sue)))) thoughts and prayers coming for you and your family

Sheetcake episode. the . best.

--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

Hi everyone. Back from vacation. It was fun, though being with my brother and his family is always tiring for me.

We were mostly unplugged and unconnected, which sounds nice, except that then one is left to wonder, "what has that idiot said/done today?"

Sue, sending prayers and hugs. That's a lot for you to deal with. I hope hubby is improving, and dad is holding his own, and kitty gets better pronto because mama needs a break.

AW: met with Sweet's teacher in the new classroom. Sweet's BFF will also be in her class, which is good. I like BFF and her mother, which is unusual for me. Met another fellow student who needed a little special treatment, also good. I liked her mom, too.

W: back to the grind tomorrow.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I'm glad that you had a good vacation (and understand the feeling of dread when unplugged). That sounds like a wonderful meeting with Sweet's teacher. I'm so glad that Sweet has such good support at her school.

AW: all finished with our week of soccer lessons!

Old Skool: so, now E is enamoured with soccer, and it turns out that it's really good for her ankle muscle/coordination issues. So, I looked up indoor soccer, for the winter (since we're not going to do swimming lessons again until spring, and outdoor soccer, in the late spring/early summer conflicts with bedtime schedule). Indoor soccer is on Saturdays, which works well for us. BUT the games are sometimes at 8am. On a Saturday. Whiiiiiiiiine.

At least I have eight more days to decide whether or not I'm registering her this year. It really would be nice to follow up on something that she enjoys, and use the skills that she just learned. And to have some physical activity. And this is the age where team sports are okay, and non-competitive. Saturday mornings!

kathy a. said...

Esperanza, YAY! Super good about the teacher meeting, that BFF is in her class, and that you met another kid/mom team!

QWP -- Does E not get up at 0 dark-thirty, like my kids did? Sending virtual coffee, and the promise of videos for wind-down time. :)

W: this week in political news has made me -- what's that thing next door to insane? Because I'm pretty sure I'm still sane, personally; just upset times eleven or so.

esperanza said...

AW: Our local library, in both space and collection diversity. I often cannot find what I would very much like to check out. Big City next door has an excellent library system, but an out-of-city card costs $120 per year, which is more than I like to spend casually. Further investigation reveals that my little, local library is in a network of sorts with Big City library. A few paperwork hurdles and hoop jumping, and I should be able to check out physical books (ie, not online downloads) from Big City library! First on my list: James Cone, "The Cross and the Lynching Tree," for probably obvious reasons (if not obvious, James Cone is a black theologian, and the book is a connection/condemnation between the suffering that some Christians glorify in the cross, and the suffering some other Christians glorify in lynching black bodies, and the overlap between those two least, that's what I think I understand without reading it).

kathy a. said...

Go, Esperanza -- really good there is that network!

I'm reading Ruth Bader Ginsburg, In My Own Words -- which kind of started out as a biography, but the bio part is mostly deferred to a future volume, and this is mostly speeches, writings, and parts of her opinions over the years (with some explanatory passages). Love love love it so far! There's also one speech her beloved Marty gave about her, which is pretty funny and sweet. And a footnote with comments from my friend's late dad, who was her constitutional law professor. (Small world, no?) She is a national treasure.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Hooray for interlibrary loans, esperanza! (You may remember that I attended a read-in to save my province's ILL system. And it worked! More importantly, this week, the province announced that they're backing down on their planned cuts to community-based organisations, which include PP, a needle exchange program, and crisis services.)

I'm currently in the middle of slowly plugging away at three different books (two of which I've been reading, gradually, for almost six months -- it's been hard to focus, with everything going on in the world). I'm still slowly working through the Hidden Figures book, as well as the autobiography of Nichelle Nichols, Uhura in the original Star Trek. I've also started re-reading Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series, although I'm tempted to re-read David Blight's Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory, since I've been talking about it a lot this week, and it's been twelve years since I last read it.

Liz said...

QWP, could the early Saturday soccer mornings not be Daddy's thing?

kathy a. said...

Oh, yes. The Daddy answer is great!

We visited a lot of adoptable pets. My sweetie really needs the right dog, and we didn't meet him/her today -- but lots of therapeutic dog and kitteh exposure! There were a lot of small dogs (he needs medium), and puppies (I can't be a good puppy mom), and one 10 year old dog (we just lost an older dog). But he has some particulars in mind (mid-sized; middle aged; must love him), and maybe next week.

esperanza said...

someone come get Mini.

kathy a. said...

Uh, oh. If I was close, I'd totally come get her. Since I'm not, hope things cool off. xoxo

esperanza said...

She's just full of energy, and I have some work to get done in a short time frame. I'm receiving near-constant craft updates, which...let's say...break my concentration.

Liz said...

Obviously it's too late for this idea, but next time, can you set a timer for an hour or whatever with a fun prize if they DO NOT INTERRUPT YOU?