Monday, December 15, 2014

Pass the Ibuprofen Whining

Mini has the flu, says one doctor. Other doctor says no way, negative flu test--no flu. What difference does it make, I say? She feels miserable, the antiviral made her even more sick, so we're tackling this the old fashioned way.

I know you'll be on the edges of your respective seats to see who gets it next:

Will it be Sweet, in her week of holiday extravaganzas at kindergarten? (We took teacher gifts today, in case she misses the rest of the week)

Will it be Mr. E, who did *not* get the flu shot (the rest of us did), who has another candidate to interview this week, and a meeting every night?

Will it be Mama, in closest contact with the germs and deprived of decent sleep?

If this were a gambling group...

(Full disclosure: Mr E did give me a substantial break yesterday afternoon, in which I did a bit of shopping).

Whine away, pixies. I'm stuck at home and can respond instantaneously to your every whine.


esperanza said...

Hm. Doctor #2's office called and wants her to come in (this is our regular pediatrician. We just saw Dr #1 at the walk-in hours on Saturday. Dr #1 is my regular GP).

kathy a. said...

Oh, no. Poor Mini. Y'all have really had a run of serial sickness, no? xoxo

AW: The new cat didn't attempt climbing the tree once the lights were on it. (She made it halfway up the first night.) We haven't gotten to ornaments yet, so we'll see.

W: So very badly behind on work.

esperanza said...

Strep test still negative, will send out cultures. Flu test still negative. Mini has Mystery Virus. Drink fluids, ibuprofen, etc. Just like I said before. Doc #2 said finish the antiviral (T@miflu), but I can't bring myself to give it to her.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh, poor Mini! So many hugs, as you deal with sickness and the approach of Christmas.

AW: presents purchased online have arrived! One more shipment should be here tomorrow (and one order from the US will HOPEFULLY be here before Christmas: oh boy, do I wish I had paid extra for faster shipping). I'll only have to do a little shopping, and make some easy homemade presents, and I'll be done! (I'm doing jars of my signature bbq dry rub, plus a little box of tea, for friends.)

Question: do any, more experienced parents, have thoughts on the whole Santa business, and how to approach it? Neither Mr. Q nor I grew up with Santa being real (more just "this is a nice story, and please don't ruin it for your friends"). Neither of us are really into it, and feel more like we're lying than that it's make believe. (It doesn't help that my best friends were relatively traumatised when they found out the truth, and are still a little mad about it.) We figured we were on the same page, but there are now a couple of older kids in Mr. Q's family (his sister's boyfriend's kids), and they're really, really into Santa, and the whole elf shelf business, and everything. It won't be an issue this year (E doesn't understand what's going on, and will just be like, "Yay present!"), but next year we're going to have to make a call. Do we go with the original plan? Teach her that Santa's real, so that she doesn't spoil it for the older girls? It's not that I think it's bad or anything, it's just outside my experience, and not what I'd ever planned on doing.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Or will this be a non-issue by next year? They're 9 and 6 now. Maybe we treat it more like a pretend game?

kathy a. said...

Elf on the shelf -- this, I do not understand. L'Elf seems like a giant pain.

We went with Santa's real, and he has a lot of helpers everywhere -- and I encouraged the kids each year to help by being generous to others. So, we put coins in the bell-ringing cans; we gave a little something to homeless people we passed on trips to the city; we donated gifts to kids whose tags we selected and to toy drives, we donated food. And so on.

My kids figured out in due course that Santa wasn't an actual person who went to every house on the planet; but they also decided amongst themselves that it would be stupid to tell the parents they knew.

E is not too young, and the cousins are not too old, for you to promote Santa as representing a spirit of love and caring.

kathy a. said...

I stand by the love and caring part being "real."

kathy a. said...

And Esperanza -- yeah, this thing will run its course. xoxo

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Kathy, that sounds like a lovely way to approach it. I didn't think too much about ask this before, but these kids with their shelve gets intense. It seems to raise the stakes on all of this, somehow? (When I was a kid, some of my cousins believed in Santa, but it wasn't a big deal. Now, it's like it's a major focus of the entire month!)

esperanza said...

No, just no to the elf. One more thing for Mama to take care of? No thank you.

A tiny bit more wishy washy on Santa. They are both afraid of him, when we see "real" Santas. I do not encourage them to sit on his lap because sitting on strange men's laps = creepy. I have said "He doesn't come to our house," in the same way I might say that we don't observe Hannukah, but they have never met a Jewish person so wouldn't understand that (we are not exactly cosmopolitan out here in the sticks). I can't find the blog post I'm looking for, but she told her kids about St Nicholas (concern for poor, etc) as a way to talk about giving rather than getting, in line with kathy's thought process above.

Sue said...

Poor Mini! I hope she feels better soon.

I'll add another big NO to the elf on the shelf discussion. Just no.

I like kathy's approach re: Santa, but Esperanza's makes sense too. Perhaps a combination of those? Santa doesn't visit our home, but we can share his spirit of giving by sharing what we have with those less fortunate....

AW: my nephew and his partner are new parents of a baby girl today. Yay!

W: my head - it's tired and hurting today. Bleh.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Congratulations, Great-Aunt Sue! Wonderful! But hugs for the hurting head.

I really like the approach of talking about St. Nicholas and giving to those in need.

Classic Parent of Toddler Whine: starting at 7:30 this morning, E begged me for shepherd's pie. (It was mentioned on a show.) I said that we could make it for supper, and repeatedly explained to her what's in it. (Last time I made it, she refused to eat it.) She kept saying "YUM!" about it. On our way home from visiting my parents, before her nap, she shouted, "Miss you, shepherd's pie!" When we got home, she ran to the stove and begged me to cook it, but I said she had to wait until after her nap. After her nap, she enthusiastically helped me make it, and ran to the table when it was done, cheering, "SHEPHERD'S PIE!" She got into her high chair, took one look at it (note: she'd seen it a million times already), and started crying, begging to be done eating already.


AW: Mr. Q eventually wheeled her into eating about half of her bowl of it, with the incentive of ketchup (she pretended that the ketchup was blood). (Yeah, I have no idea where a two year old gets these ideas.)

esperanza said...

It's a classic for a reason, QWP! Totally typical. (replace "shepherd's pie" with "pancakes" and we did this a couple weeks ago. Except pancakes are a lot simpler to cook!). Maybe we can institute a "Classic Whine Award"

Mini update: about the same. Boo.

kathy a. said...

And then she needed ketchup! And pretended it was BLOOD! Oh, yeah -- classic.

Toddlers get it out of thin air. I promise. Nobody knows where it comes from!

kathy a. said...

We lived in Japan when my son was about 15 months to 28 months. Somehow, he used everything longer that it was wide as a gun -- bananas, duplos, sticks -- and I had no idea where this came from. Fortunately, he loved garbage trucks, animals, trains, the giant budda, music, flowers, taiko, sumo, "my" ocean, and etc. just as much.

This new cat, she's gonna kill me with the peeing outside the box. She is very happy with the new mats by the box, and happily pees all over them. Santa better bring more mats.

Sue said...

W: ugh. just ugh. Sore head, too much to do, blah, blah, blah...Insert whines from every other year when I get to OhMyGoodnessIt'sChristmasNextWeek!!!

AW: It's snowing pretty heavily and very windy, which is close enough to a blizzard for me to call a snow afternoon and go home. I'll have to work once I get there, but I'll be at home.

esperanza said...

Oh, Sue. We're in the Total Stress Monster mode here, too, but without the pounding head. So sorry. Hopefully home will be a bit more relaxing.

AW: Mini seems slightly improved today. She's eating. Low grade fever rather than high. And she's feeling well enough to be grumpy that she's sick. Hopefully we've turned the corner.

kathy a. said...

Get outta here!! It cannot be Christmas next week...

((( Sue ))) sore head be gone.

Esperanza, so glad Mini is on the mend.

Happy Hanukkah!

esperanza said...

nevermind. She feels crappy again this afternoon. Fever back up. Sleeping, which does not bode well for the coming night.

kathy a. said...

Esperanza, this is when those videos come in -- wake her up and give her the stuff. And whatever she'll eat. xoxo

What is it with the stress monkeys? Things pile up against the holidays -- work things, family things, things like bonus illnesses. Ho freakin' ho ho ho.

But I have to admit that some small extra joys pop through, when you least expect them. xoxo

esperanza said...

It's been nonstop screen time, never fear. That's all she's felt like doing.

kathy a. said...

My son came home to use tools, make loud noises, and eat my refrigerator. He's ticked off that I mentioned his gf said on fb that she was sending him all these "bring me a burrito" brainwaves and he wasn't responding. heh.

KLee said...

I also agree with the no elf on the shelf. Not only because it came into fashion after my child was pretty much grown, but also because in everything I see about it, the elf is a jerk! Messes stuff up, hides toys, gets up to stuff that would get kids punished.... Uh, NO. I do not want anything that encourages my child to act like an ass.

I'm so sorry, Liz, about your friend. The only good thing about situations like these is the chance that you get to say goodbye, and that is small comfort. Sending you hugs.

I had a big episode of vertigo the other day. Not fun. Still occasional vertiginous moments, but on the whole, better.

Have applied for the new job, finally. Hoping to hear something BEFORE the holidays, but I don't think that will happen.

Sue said...

All appendages crossed about the new job KLee!! Sorry to hear about the vertigo.

"Bring me a burrito" brainwaves - made me chuckle. :)

Poor Mini! Poor sleepless and stressed Mama!

kathy, you're right about those great Christmas moments, of course. I am anticipating a few this weekend when our son arrives for the holidays. He hasn't been home for Christmas in 9 years because he was working in retail (Boxing day sales - phooey!). With his new job he has a nice long break. Yay!

AW: Less pain tonight.

kathy a. said...

Klee, fingers and toes crossed about the new job! But boo on vertigo -- I mean, is that even fair?

Sue! Does this mean the whole tribe for the holiday! yay!! Also yay about less pain.

Pixie dust to Mini, and generous doses of what works to Mama.

Liz said...

KLee, all my crossable appendages are crossed.

Sue, yay for less pain and family togetherness!


I'm loving burrito brainwaves.

And I'm procrastinating dialing for dollars. It's not my favorite thing to do.

esperanza said...

oooh, KLee, I'm crossing fingers too! And you're a contender for a Mullet this week, I'm just not saying which sentence yet.

Liz, I would be procrastinating that too. I don't like dialing for any reason at all. Email and texts are my friends/enablers :)

W: Day 6. Fever not gone.

Sue said...

Fever begone!!!! Now!

AW: Yup, the whole clan will be together this year. Yay!!

W: Just got a fb message from my sisters (the two local ones) inviting me to a sister lunch. They are both retired so the invite was "Our calendars are wide open, so you pick the date - Friday, Saturday, or maybe Monday"


I barely have time to eat and sleep, never mind do a lunch. My to-do list is literally keeping me up at night because it simply can't all be done.

I already sent back a polite but firm "So sorry, but lunch will have to wait until the new year. I am swamped at work and D is only here until boxing day. I look forward to seeing everyone Monday night."

We're all getting together Monday evening for a family dinner at a local restaurant. That will have to do.

Ugh. Is it New Year's yet?

kathy a. said...

I'm pretty sure things are set on the gift and stocking front. But I have done absolutely zero cleaning, and we have nothing resembling a menu. And people started putting random festive things on top of undusted / unpolished spots, so now there's more to move before minimum hygeine is achieved.

This is our first year without Persephone the diva cat. For 15 years, we could not put presents under the tree, because her little cat brain decided the presents were for her! to pee on!! Not pushing our luck with the new cat; presents will still go under the side table. After it gets dusted.

kathy a. said...

Hmm, you'd think they'd understand this is a busy Busy BUSY time of year! It's really OK to say thanks, but later. Besides, how many family social events can anyone fit into one Monday? ;)

esperanza said...

Cluesticks to clueless sisters.

And a pox on dusting.

kathy a. said...

Wish list: [1] Peace on Earth ; [2] cleaning fairy; [3] litter box fairy; [4] dish fairy; [5] work elves, not the kind that sit on shelves.

Sue said...

Agreed - a pox on dusting. It's not been done here either. I'm thinking the best I can do is sit the cat on the table and hope she swishes her tail. Whatever works, right?

Liz said...

What is this "dusting" you speak of?

DFD went well today, got 2 donations of $500 each and only one "piss off"

Gotta make more calls now.

Esperanza, 6 days of fever means it's time to go to the doc again and threaten to have a meltdown right there in the waiting room if they don't DO SOMETHING! RIGHT NOW!

kathy a. said...

Go, Liz!

Esperanza, somehow I didn't add up the 6 days of fever -- I mean, your crew has had a lot going on. But Liz has a definite point. And maybe it's good they decided to run tests.

Sue for a special Holiday Dusting Mullet featuring the cat!

I used to do a big holiday clean-a-thon. We have a lot of brick-brack, and all that got washed and the relevant surfaces cleaned. And we have a ton of jars 'n stuff on top of kitchen cabients -- and all that shows in the front room and dining area, due to the wonders of an open arrangement. I can kinda fake-clean that, but the cat fur everywhere is going to be more of a challenge. I bet everyone is just dying for an invite to my house just now... LOL

esperanza said...

Liz, she is definitely improving. When under the influence of ibuprofen, she has a sparkle back and is arguing with me again. The fever is nowhere near as high as it was and doesn't immediately return as the ibuprofen wears off. So I feel like we're moving in the right direction. We went to doctors on Day 2 and Day 4, and I spoke to him on Day 3. I have heard rumors of a viral illness going around that is lasting up to TEN days. I plugged my ears and said "la la la."

esperanza said...

There is a fierce mullet competition this week. I guess I'll have to do an awards show :)

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Cheering for Liz, for successfully Dialing for Dollars!

Sue, your sisters need a serious cluestick. It's almost as if the Christmas season would be ridiculously busy, for their sister, who has long been a minister! (I used to live in a Famous Retirement City On A Western Island, and most of our church members were retired, and they were constantly surprised to find that we weren't home on weekdays, or were unavailable to have a party at 2pm on a Tuesday.)

W: molars. We didn't get a lot of sleep last night.
AW: last of the baby teeth!

Huge AW: a friend (who happens to live in the same city as Sue, quite a distance from here) mailed us all the most thoughtful present. A book for E, with a personalised cartoon in the front. A whole pile of tea for me, all variations on my favourite flavour. And a gift card to the movie theatre. I was only planning on eventually mailing her a card. Hmm. I need to figure out something thoughtful (which will clearly arrive after Christmas).

esperanza said...

Sweet up all night vomiting.

Sue said...

Go Liz - hooray for a good day of DFD!!

(((esperanza))) Oh NO!! Sending all the love and hugs and hand sanitizer and buckets.

QWP - small world for such a big country, isn't it?? Your gift parcel sounds lovely. And Yay about the last of the baby teeth.

W: It sounds like a bunch of us were awake last night. Hubby woke up around 4:00 am with a fever, noodly legs, and vomiting. His fever is down a bit, but still there. It's going to be a long day.

I propose IV Caffeine Drip for the pixie party today.

esperanza said...

oh no, Sue! Passing you the vat of hand sanitizer. I hope Hubby feels better soon.

esperanza said...

Also, has anyone seen my box of sympathetic clucking noises? I seem to have run. right. out.

kathy a. said...

Esperanza, I'm so sorry about having the party house for all the germies in the universe. Hope both Baboos are on the mend soon, and I bet I can guess what Mama wants for Christmas...

Ack, Sue! Poor hubby.

Think the sympathetic clucking noises are backordered; they've been very popular this season.

Liz said...

(((Esperanza))) (((Sweet))) (((Sue))) (((Sue's Hubby)))

I may have a spare box of sympathetic clucking noises around here somewhere. I know I packed them away when MM got out of the stage of trying to spit out medicine.

esperanza said...

Well, Sweet is already asking for food. She is generally pretty wise about listening to her body during these episodes. Now I'm wondering if it was the turkey she ate out of her lunchbox after she returned home yesterday, rather than a bug...the dry toast seems to have settled fine. She's exhausted, as am I, from being up all night. She had a slight fever this morning, but that has disappeared. Hmm.

Thanks for checking on the sympathetic clucking noises, pixies. I will also take any puns/jokes/funny pictures you run across.

kathy a. said...

I nominate sympathetic clucking noises, box of, for an addition to the lexicon.

QWP, such a sweet box! Cheers for the last of the teething!

Ethical note: one can't harm the cat who continues to pee outside the box, and now with bonus off-the-mat features. Especially when this cat is hilarious and sleeps on one's feet. But the off the mat activity tests a person's resources.

For the amusement of all, here are dogs and a cat eating.

esperanza said...

AW: Mini was fever free all day

AW: Sweet's tummy issue is resolved, I think.

W: is she running fever? Either 98.8 or 99.4, depending on which side of her forehead I measure. What? She usually runs in the high 97s on this thermometer, so I'm calling it low grade fever. Which is entirely different than Mini's Mystery Virus pattern. What to do? Doctor? or not?

kathy a. said...

Those temps are only a toe over the normal range -- low grade fever might be overstating it. Hoping both Baboos are sincerely out of the woods, and that Mama gets some peace. xoox

kathy a. said...

Oh, that didn't come out right. Higher than usual; it could be something. But it's not at all a notable fever. And KNOCK WOOD, if it's a quiet night with no further developments, this will not be anything to remember.

kathy a. said...

W: an old reliable bra has lost the oomph in one of its straps. It's not a violent death, but the poor thing just collapsed into a strand of sadness.

esperanza said...

You are of course right on the temps, and that is exactly what the doctor will say if I took her tomorrow. We will just see what the night will bring.

The death of a bra is no small thing.

Sue said...

Poor Baboos...poor Mama.

I love the sympathetic clucking sounds. :)

A moment of silence please for the death of a good bra.....

Hubby still feeling awful. Fever is up and down. Doc put him on antibiotics for bladder infection. poor guy.

He's achy and tired. I'm hoping a good night sleep will improve things.

W: You know the sisters who wanted me to lunch with them? One of them is having a big holiday party tomorrow night and I'm! Invited!

She told me about it last month and I gave her a polite "I'll see, but it's a busy time." She reminded me tonight. I could feel her eyes rolling when I said it might be tricky with hubby sick.

Why does she even want me at her party? I'm cranky, I've got horrifying dark circles under my eyes, and I don't want to be surrounded by people in a crowded room. Not exactly life of the party.

kathy a. said...

Sue -- you will have less stressful times to meet with the sister. So what if her eyes roll right out of her head at the idea you have other stuff going on??!! Actually, we'd like to see that on video, but not badly enough that we'd make you go. xoxo

kathy a. said...

p.s. -- sending healing vibes to your sweet hubby.

Liz said...


I went to a shindig tonight with tons of friendlies, who I hugged (I'm a hugger), and one person who I know hates me, who I also hugged. With malice. Did you know that it's possible to hug maliciously? I hugged AT him.

Sometimes, I'm really a very nice and loving person, and sometimes I use niceness as a weapon. I'm not really sure I like the person I am when I do that.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who hates you is clearly misguided and desperately in need of a hug. So, I would say the greater good of a hug trumps the other stuff.
:) Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

I have greeted someone nicely/maliciously at the grocery store. So I know what you mean. But I agree with what NL said.

NL, how in the world are you?

AW: Sweet is *not* sick with Mystery Virus. She is perfectly fine this morning, as long as you don't count the months-long cough she has. And Mini is basically fine.

...bringing us to the inescapable conclusion that: Whining Works!

Sue, hope your hubby's infection clears up quickly. That's miserable.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I second esperanza's question: how are you, NL?

So many hugs, Sue. I really hope your husband is feeling better soon. And another cluestick for your sister, for rolling her eyes because you were concerned about leaving him alone!

Cheering for Sweet and Mini being so much better today.

AW: right now, two of my very best friends are on airplanes (one from the West Coast, and the other from the UK), heading here. And they'll be staying upstairs for the next couple of weeks! (They're Upstairs Cousin's little sisters.) I haven't seen the UK cousin in years, and she's never met E in person. I'm so excited, I may jump out of my skin. Also, today is Mr. Q's last day, before 16 days of vacation.

W: does anyone want to read E her new favourite book for the thousandth time? We just got it out of the library of Wednesday, and we already have it memorized. This should be a good thing, but she's become so obsessed that she won't let me do anything but read her that book. I'm hiding from her right now.

Sue said...

Liz, what NL said.

How are you doing NL? Does your school break start today? If so, I'll add you to the list of teachers I know who are doing the dance of joy (Mr Q is on the list as well, of course).

Yay for friends and family visiting QWP!! WooHoo!

So glad to hear that Sweet and Mini are feeling better today.

AW: Hubby is fever-free today. Yay! Still feels a bit nauseated, but that could be from the antibiotic.

Question for the Pixies: One of my sisters is a new grandma this week. Baby #3 for her son and his partner. They live on the East Coast and said sister is going to visit over New Years. Should I pick up a gift and ask her to take it to the family, or do I get the mailing address and send it via online shopping?

kathy a. said...

Liz, what NL said.


Esperanza, glad the baboos are better. Sue, your hubby, too.

QWP -- sounds like wonderful visits and a nice time off for Mr. Q.

Sue, it might be less trouble to send a gift - easier to shop online (and you're busy!), no bothering sister to add one more thing to the suitcase.

esperanza said...

Sue--whichever is easiest for you. Either way is plenty thoughtful.

kathy a. said...

Starting to get a little panicky here. We have guests coming for Christmas dinner (son's gf and her fab parents), and I'm still dithering on a menu. Ham is out, since our guests are Jewish -- not all that kosher, but it doesn't seem polite.

And I am uncertain where the stockings are currently located -- but I also need to make 2 new ones for the kinda-inlaws, because when they came 2 years ago, they took their personalized stockings home. (Which is fine!) I don't believe in going overboard with the ho ho ho, but the stockings are my big holiday vice -- everybody here on the day gets one from Santa.

Sue said...

That sounds lovely kathy a!!

We're having stocking location issues here as well. Still haven't found Son #2's stocking. We have an extra on hand just in case.

kathy a. said...

I think we're missing one of the Christmas boxes. Found the stockings for son and his gf; have stocking-making materials; but I know there are more stockings somewhere in the garage.

Liz said...

Kathy: Standing Rib Roast. Easiest thing in the world and super delicious. I use Alton Brown's recipe.

Sue: Ship the gift.

Esperanza: Hooray for baboo health!

NL: Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hi all!
Thanks for the fantastic greetings!
W: I am not off for vacation yet-- we have full days on Monday and Tuesday.
AW: I know someone in another district who is also supposed to work next Wednesday, so I can't really complain.
W: Kids at school with all kinds of illnesses.
Trying desperately to avoid them because I am
AW: traveling with our immediate family to see my sister and her husband, and.....wait for new nephew who is supposed to be born Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Due to complicated pregnancy, surgery is scheduled, so that's why the certainty on the end date...)
So, I have to stay healthy!!!

W: I have been having this weird sensation on my right leg for about a week that feels like my pants are wet--but they are not. Figured it is something to do with my back where I have had a herniated disk before. But today, I started feeling the weirdness in my right arm and right cheek. Trying not to flip out. Some weird skin sensations on left side too but not as much. I am thinking that I might be Vitamin D deficient as I have on occasion before been to the doctor about weird skin stuff (feeling scalded,etc) and she thinks it had to do with Vitamin D and it went away when I took some.

Or, it's something freaky and scary that has to do with something else and I'm missing it.

Anxiety much?

My husband thinks I should not worry, take some Vitamin D and see what happens.

So, I am basically a stress ball trying not to get sick and worrying that some huge thing is wrong.

But, aside from that, I' know....fine.
Aren't you glad you asked? :)

AW: The students are so awesome this year! So awesome! I enjoy them all--even the difficult-er ones.

Sue, hope hubby is feeling better soon!!!! And I hope you manage to find some relaxing time for yourself too.

Esperanza, you deserve a break in your house!!! Hope you get it!

Kathy a. your stockings sound wonderful!

Hooray for Mr. Q being off for break! Have fun with the cousins!!!

--Neighbor Lady

Anonymous said...

W: In trying to prove I am not a robot on the previous comment, I incorrectly entered the teeeny numbers they gave me.

So, now I have definitely shown I am not a robot but I am old enough to need reading glasses!!!!


:)Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

NL -- yay, baby! Yay, awesome school kids!

Boo on the weird skin sensations, but pushing vit. D sounds like a reasonable course. Also, passing the vat of hand sanitizer, that can't hurt with the travel plans.

I've basically been ignoring the anti-robot thing, and apparently that hasn't been much of an impediment to posting.

esperanza said...

So you don't have to prove you're not a robot? Huh.

NL, I hope the weird stuff goes away soon. That's odd.

We were all feeling great....until Sweet puked up her supper. I think she overfilled her still-recuperating tummy, because she is not acting sick otherwise. I guess we will wait and see.

kathy a. said...

Ah, poor Sweet. But if she's not acting sick, all to the good. Road to recovery.

~*~*~ The stockings are found! ~*~*~

esperanza said...

Well where were they?

kathy a. said...

Another box in the garage. Under a box of who-knows that was too heavy and too high for me to move. (We have a lot of extra SIL stuff now.) Lesson learned; am keeping the major stocking stash in a more findable place.

Sue said...

Yay NL! I'm so glad you have a great bunch of students, and I'm happy for them, because they have a great teacher. Yay also for the upcoming baby celebrations!

esperanza, here's hoping the post-meal pukeage was a one-off and all of you are on the way to having a sick-free Christmas.

AW: Hubby still feeling a bit ick, but mostly okay. Fever is staying away. Yay!

kathy a. said...

AW: We just got rid of the ugliest recliner on earth.

W: My husband deconstructed it right there in the family room. Because nothing says happy holidays like the junkyard look. (aw: he is cleaning it up. but how does a person decide to tear furniture down to its components?)

esperanza said...

AW: Sweet's puking was indeed just because she overfilled a sensitive tummy.

W: Mutual spousal frustration levels are quite elevated here.

kathy a. said...

Pixie dust! It cures things! knock wood.

Let's toss some on all the spousal frustration levels, and teh family frustration levels. xoxo

KLee said...

I am still sick. I WAS getting better, and then, apparently re-infected. One of my students was picked up early from school mid-week because, as Mom sai, " I suspect he might have strep throat.". Um....WHAT?! Why in holy hell would you even bring him to school if you think he might have something that Dan infect everyone around him?! I seriously do not understand this line of thinking!

So, now, my throat hurts. I can't tell if it is psychsomatic or it actually hurts...

(This is probably TMI, but I had a dinner with friends the other night, and I coughed so much and so hard that I coughed my tampon out. So. Not. Cool.)

Am nowhere near done with my Christmas shopping, but am almost out of money. I made beautiful Christmas cards, and they sit on my desk, un-addressed and un-mailed. I am sucking at this whole "being a grown up" thing this month. All I want to do is sleep.

This fever is not helping on the "getting things done" front. I have no energy, and no stamina. My body is falling apart, and I'm only 44. Lately, I feel like I'm 84.

On the flip side, I am lucky to have what I do, and should not grouse so much.

esperanza said...

Oh goodness, KLee. Hope you are feeling better soon and have no more coughing disasters!

Pixies, whoopsies, I forgot I was hosting this week. I actually have some awards in mind, so I will try to get to them tomorrow.