Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Awards Show

Buckets full of sympathetic clucking noises for any who are in need of such. Or anyone, really--a stockpile is always a good idea.

Classic Whine Award to QWP, for the toddler about-face on food related items, along with its ketchup resolution.

KLee gets a Mullet Award, Common Sense Division, for "I do not want anything that encourages my child to act like an ass."

And Sue receives a Mullet Award, Domestic Division for this stroke of dusting genius, "I'm thinking the best I can do is sit the cat on the table and hope she swishes her tail."

A moment of silence for the death of kathy a's good bra. This is no small grief.

Hooray for improved health, new babies, great students, and the departure of the world's ugliest recliner.

We are arming the Cluestick Posse this week with that infernal Elf on the Shelf (because those creepy eyes are pretty scary, if you ask me), and they will be paying visits to kitties who pee outside the box, slow-shipping gifts, sisters who don't understand that a clergyperson might be a bit busy during one of the two most important holiday weeks of the year, anyone not appreciating the phrasing and/or concept of "burrito brainwaves," vertigo, headaches, coughs, molars, dusting, and people who schedule winter breaks at Neighbor Lady's school.

Stay tuned for more whining next (this) week!


KLee said...

Thank you kindly, and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, no matter what you celebrate. I hope your pockets stay full, and your 2015 is prosperous and healthy. Love to all from Casa KLee.

esperanza said...

Right back atcha, KLee! You feeling any better?

kathy a. said...

Lovely ceremony, Esperanza!

Hope you're feeling better, KLee!

Sue said...

Great awards ceremony esperanza!!!