Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday prizes and pixie dust!

Congratulations to Neighbor Lady on the birth of a brand new nephew!

Hooray for the anti-robot device on this page that doesn't really require anyone to follow the rules.

Esperanza gets the Mommy Challenge Award, for nonstop illness and bonus biting.  We hope that was a one-time thing....

The Pharmaceutical Victory Awards go to KLee and Esperanza, each of who was able to get the bad mess-ups fixed.

The coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Esperanza, who suggested dealing with cobwebs by throwing some glitter in them, and calling them snowflakes!  Brilliant!!

Queen of West Procrastination wins the Style Award for "Deck the halls with low-grade fevers, fa la la la la la la la la."

Mini wins the Potty Humor Award for asking if Santa was bringing a Poop Shooter, whatever that means, and we don't want to know.

Liz wins the Overcoming Cooking Adversity Award for producing a roast that resulted in actual kvelling, despite the fact it could not fit in the pot as some cooking deity recommends.

Kudos to: Cleaning Goddesses, and reasonable facsimiles thereof;  doctors who step up;  Santa's many helpers; parents who more than fully fund the Couch Project; and other deserving persons.

Cluesticks to:  sisters who don't get it, and who also put people in the doghouse;  our old friend Insomnia;  the sadness monsters;  pharmacies that mess with people;  the Universe;  cats with a burning desire to eat the holiday dinner rolls;  all those nasty bugs infecting the population;  and idjits.

2014 is almost gone!  But tune in next time for the grand entrance of 2015!


Miranda said...

This is funny, y'all. I have been absent because my mobile device does not like leaving comments on WW so I fire up the barely functional laptop, type an update, and the internets eat that too.

I think I am not meant to be comment on life right now. :(

So let me say I wish you all a happy start to 2015 if I don't end up leaving comments again in the next week.

kathy a. said...

((( Miranda ))) Whines and AWs are welcome anytime, even on this post. Sending love.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

I'm sorry your whines haven't been posting here, Miranda! We miss you!