Saturday, October 18, 2014

Worst! Awards! Ever!

It's been quite a week pixies. Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey Coma became Leftover Turkey Coma, and yet, the Insomnia. Where's the justice?

But I digress...

Hugs and love to esperanza for losing a friend to the fireplacing cancer so soon after diagnosis. I'm glad the childcare has been arranged so you can all attend the memorial.

Happy Birthday to Neighbor Lady!!!

Happy Birthday to KLee!!!

Birthday cupcakes for everyone!

The cluestick posse is on the run and has Couple 2 in their sites. Thankfully they have declined to attend the event and it will go on quite nicely without them (imagine!). :)

The posse will also be visiting kathy's SIL's social worker who needs some help with the job, but shouldn't be looking for that help from SIL's family! For this continuing annoyance Kathy receives the "Grown Up Person of the Week" award for handling it all with such class.

The "Always On Call" Award has many recipients this week. Between bronchitis, antibiotics, flu shots, mysterious aches and pains... and upcoming tests with varying degrees of  ick and discomfort...well, we've been keeping the medical folk busy.

Hugs and hot water bottles all around.

Sorry for any missed prizes. Not the best awards, but it's almost Doctor Who time, so that's it for now.


esperanza said...

Far from the worst awards ever! And besides, you have priorities!

kathy a. said...

Oh, great awards! Thanks.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Fantastic awards ceremony, Sue! Definitely not the worst.