Sunday, October 26, 2014

No, these are the worst awards ever.

My hair's kinda been on fire the past few days, so apologies all around.

Passing the curry with pumpkin, some good jasmine rice, and ice cream plus fudge.

Bah to all the bad things, including but not limited to (in no particular order): nighttime accidents, migraines,  more fireplacing shootings, bad news at bad times, change of season chores, vertigo, erupting teeth, tone-deaf chunky big-wigs, colds, surprise piercings, too much work and no time off, and various other stressy / nasty things.

YAY for all the good things!  Including but not limited to:  shared parental wisdom;  good dentists; people who step up;  heroes;  visits from the big kids;  bat/bar mitzvahs;  meaningful goodbyes and fond memories;  news via Raffi;  JAM!;  also toast;  shared wisdom on inner ear issues;  nice times with good friends;  a great retreat;  speaking up when that is needed;  things done in time, or close enough;  hugs from afar.

Much love to all.  See ya next time!

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Liz said...

These were terrific awards!