Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Release the Kracken - or the Whines - You Decide

Greetings pixies,

Sorry for the delay in starting the Pixie Party this week. I blame Turkey Coma. We had a lovely Thanksgiving celebration with family last evening, after which I succumbed to the powers of tryptophan.

So, here we are! Whine away friends!


Queen of West Procrastination said...

We are likewise in a turkey coma here, which leads me back to a perennial while: why are holidays always so difficult with my kid? She refused to nap at either grandparent house (on Saturday it meant that she didn't nap at all; on Monday, we had our dinner at lunchtime, and could just go home to salvage the day). She also would hardly eat any of our dinners.

Of course, immediately before all this, I was just bragging about how much she loves napping and eating.

AW: in spite of E, we had two nice dinners with family. It was Meet the Girlfriend Weekend (both of our brothers have new girlfriends, and it's not serious enough to meet the family). Both are lovely.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

"Now serious enough", not "not serious enough"!

kathy a. said...

Happy T-day to our Canadian Pixies.

Oooh, Meet The Girlfriend! Twice!

No worries about the not-napping, not-eating toddler. That is practically a holiday rule -- everything is so darned exciting.

AW: Got this unusual work thingy together -- on time, under the page limit, have the picky finishing details figured out. Yay.

AW: Minerva the new cat keeps getting braver and friendlier; she is just funny as heck, going nuts at least twice daily. But W: she has decided to get my attention (and petting) using her claws. Ouch. And W: she keeps chasing the big cats away. Spot also complains loudly that she eats his food; he gets a little panicky when he can see the bottom of the kibble bowls.

esperanza said...

Our Baboos are not known for good behavior, especially good sleeping, at family gatherings. One memorable (U.S. version) Thanksgiving saw me walking a baby Mini up and down the street outside so she would fall asleep. Ugh.

W: fireplacing cancer. Church friend this time. Probably not going to make it. The doctors "have never seen anything like it."

kathy a. said...

((( Esperanza ))) Fireplacing cancer. Sending love.

Anonymous said...


and thanksgiving wishes to those who recently celebrated...

-Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

Neighbor Lady! What's new?

Sue said...

Ah yes, holidays with little ones. Good times...

Hooray for the work thingy and Brave Minerva kathy!

Hi NL!!

((esperanza)) fireplacing cancer.

Anonymous said...

It's my birthday today.
Had a lovely dinner made by Neighbor Guy, and cake also made by him.
Coworker made brownies for me.
And, neighbor boy is now in a splint instead of a cast for his wrist.

It was a lovely day.

And yet, I talked to my parents today, who did not wish me a happy birthday--nor did they this weekend when they were visiting, though this weekend they did tell me they sent a card for my birthday.

But, their house got broken into while they were up visiting here, so I guess they're off the hook.

And, my sister called me! Our relationship is SO much improved, it is my AW of the year.

A lovely day.
Feeling lucky.

Happy Birthday Klee! (if I remember correctly!)

Passing cake!!!

:)Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...


So glad NB is better, and that you are having such a great improved relationship with your sister.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Happy birthday, Neighbor Lady!!! I'm sorry that your parents didn't acknowledge the day (regardless of their own crummy circumstances).

(((esperanza))) I'm so sorry.

W: need to book a last-minute appointment with my doctor tomorrow, because I think of have a bladder infection. It could be my fibroids making things weird, or both, and any of those possibilities require a conversation with my GP. In the meanwhile, I'm uncomfortable, and spending a little too much of my time taking potty breaks.

AW: I'm so glad that my GP saves a few spots per day for whomever first calls in, first thing in the morning. It's nice knowing that I'll likely be able to see my own doctor tomorrow, and won't have to take my chances with a walk-in clinic.

kathy a. said...

QWP, sorry about the thing. Glad your doc can fit you in.

Anonymous said...

((QWP))-- feel better soon!!!!!



Sue said...

Happy Birthday NL!!!

Happy Birthday Klee!!

Birthday cake and ice cream all around, as well as cranberry juice for QWP (I'm glad you can see your doc asap - I hope you feel better soon).

esperanza said...

OH, QWP I hope that can get cleared up quickly, whatever it may be.

W: Mr E and I are planning a conference, along with two other couples. Couple 1 announced a couple weeks ago that they can't come. Couple 2 starts whining yesterday that there aren't very many people registered (true), they think we should cancel, their kids aren't going to sleep and they just moved and it's too far away and costs money and and and. None of which is a good reason to cancel. Feeling a bit grumbly about Couple 2 and I would be just as happy if they decided to stay home.

Sue said...

Couple 2 makes me grumbly as well. It seems to me that if they've recently moved a Fun Weekend would be just the ticket.

W: Thank you Insomnia. Today is extra full (complete with bonus evening meeting) and I feel like it's all happening through a layer of gauze. Or marshmallow fluff.

A quick look in the mirror brought the word "zombie" to mind. I don't think that's a good sign.

kathy a. said...

Hmph. Grumbles sound about right.

Sue, here's some Zombie-B-Gone! ;)

Happy birthday, KLee!

kathy a. said...

AW: good breakfast with my friend! The place is in a log cabin, built from a Sears Roebuck kit in 1930!

W: My SIL's locked memory facility seems to really want to offload her, and the social worker seems to think it is my job to run around talking to new facilities. She has this impression that my work is housework or something, and calls me so as not to "bother" the hubby. Last night she wanted to know if I had done all this looking around, and when I mentioned I have to file a big deal something with a Very Famous Place, she laughed and brushed that off.

Then she suggested a board and care facility -- which is absolutely inadequate to the level of care my SIL needs. SIL flunked one of those, twice. She has psychiatric symptoms and needs medical oversight. She acts out, and tries to escape. so I said that would not be appropriate.

I try not to get my back up or wallop people with my professional credentials, but damn. Hard to imagine how she thinks insulting me is going to improve the situation.

And we really do not want to move SIL unless it is to a place that can better meet her needs, and there really aren't any such places. We especially don't favor a move since they changed her meds and she is calmer now; and because a move is really disruptive with her dementia.

Just venting! I will probably end up looking into some options -- because the distinct lack of enthusiasm is probably no good for my SIL's care. But not this week. And I will resent it, because they are backing off their obligations to a very ill patient.

Every one of us is going to go through something hard with care of a relative, one time or another. Not special. But oy.

esperanza said...

Well, but y'all keep having to explain yourselves over and over about her condition and needs. It seems that (at the very least) her current placement would not need such reminders.

Sue, I agree, a nice little getaway would be a welcome relief for Couple 2. Want to hear the sad irony? Subject of the retreat: Sabbath. Mmm hmm. Haven't heard what the final decisions are. Staff person at retreat center is a good friend of mine, so we talked this morning and agreed that Couple 2 was grumbly for no reason.

kathy a. said...

Couple 2 is just stressed. But being with one's tribe, that really helps!

Liz said...


Looks like the cluestick posse is gonna be BIZZEEEEE

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh man, so many cluesticks needed this week! Kathy a, that's so infuriating, and it really is troubling that SIL's own facility doesn't seem to grasp what care she needs.

Esperanza, I definitely can relate to Couple 2's stress (I have bailed on a few things because of having just moved and the baby not sleeping), but it's ridiculous that they're putting it all on you! It's not up to you to give them an out, and they shouldn't be complaining about the retreat because they're under stress.

I saw my doctor this afternoon, and while she sent me for tests, she suspects that my bladder is irritated because my fibroids are growing. She's ordering me another ultrasound, and I'm going back next week to discuss my options.

W: so, if it's NOT an infection, it means that I don't get the quick fix of antibiotics to make me feel better.

esperanza said...

Rats on the no infection. And I'm assuming ultrasound is the not-fun kind. Sorry :(

Exactly, on your Couple 2 analysis: I get what they're going through and we have our own stresses here. Why should we cancel the entire retreat because of one couple's own stresses? Not many other people have signed up, true, but ~newsflash~ we can have a good time with just a few people AND even without Couple 2, if they decide to bail.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Ugh, people like that drive me bonkers. "Because it doesn't work for us, it obviously doesn't work for anyone! (Please don't force me to make a decision for myself!)"

I forgot a big AW: perfect blood pressure! I was worried that it would be wonky.

W: I googled stuff about having an irritated bladder. Why did I do this? Everyone gave lists of foods to avoid, which consisted of every food I eat. (Except bad.)

esperanza said...

QWP, given my extensive medical background (ha), I would say if your diet didn't change immediately prior to the onset of your bladder symptoms, then what you're eating doesn't make any difference. Just my two cents. And stay away from Dr. Google!

kathy a. said...

I concur with Esperanza. But yay about the BP! xoxo

Sue said...

kathy, the log cabin breakfast sounds so lovely!

The SIL situation, not lovely at all. Grrr...

(((QWP))) I was so hoping it would be an infection. Good news on the BP front though. And yes, Dr Google is the medical bogey man, sent to scare us in the night.

esperanza, Couple 2 needs to grow the heck up. If they aren't in a place to attend, a simple "Not this time, but you folks have fun" would suffice.

W: I have injured my shoulder again. Can't decide if it's repetitive stress from too many hours at the computer or from lifting heavy stuff as we packed up the summer furniture and planters for winter.

Either way, ouch.

esperanza said...

Ouch on the shoulder, Sue.

No word from Couple 2.

W: Friend with the fireplacing cancer died last night. 4 days after diagnosis. We are reeling a bit here. And if I may whine selfishly, the memorial service is scheduled at the same time as my pottery class. Wherever I decide to be, I have to find a non-church babysitter for the Baboos. (All church babysitters will be attending the service). This is stressing me out considerably.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh, Esperanza, I'm so sorry. And four days after diagnosis: that's especially rough. (With my SIL it was three weeks, and we were reeling from that! I can't imagine four days.)

kathy a. said...

Ouchie, Sue.

Esperanza, that is so fast. xoxo

Sue said...

Oh esperanza, I'm so sorry. Sending hugs...

kathy a. said...

Esperanza, are there other church kids who also need babysitting, and might know of non-church babysitters? Also, teachers might have leads on babysitters, or be willing to step in on occasion.

I'm so sorry. So shocking. xoxo

liz said...

I'm so sorry Esperanza. I ditto the suggestion to ask teachers/preschoolstaff.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry!

esperanza said...

AW: Babysitting crisis averted. Regular church nursery worker will watch our Baboos and others in the church nursery. Bonus: this means church will pay her!

kathy a. said...

Yay, good solution!

kathy a. said...

Minerva the new cat is getting a little less aggressive with the old cats -- just a little, they aren't particularly happy with developments.

She also appears to be scarfing down the kibble as fast as possible. So despite vigorous workouts with the stray toys, she may not remain a skinnie-minnie for very long.

Liz said...

Yay for free church-provided babysitting!!

esperanza said...

Whiny on another subject. Sweet has been sick, off and on, since school started. Never missed a day, just snotty or coughing or both. She has had this current disgusting cough for 3 weeks now. I took her to the doctor on Monday, he prescribed nebulizer meds, we have done that, she's no better. She (and me) hardly slept at all last night from the coughing, despite additional doses of meds. kindergarten today (she is concerned about how her teacher will function without her), back to the doctor. All of this just in time for me & Mr. E to leave town for the aforementioned conference on Monday. Grandparents will have to figure it out, I guess. Big sigh.

kathy a. said...

Hope Sweet is feeling better, and the weekend goes well.

esperanza said...

Dr says more nebulizer steroid. Antibiotics--he's afraid the low grade fever (new) is signalling the beginning of bronchitis. Not to mention her ears are red. She seems plenty perky after no sleep last night. I am...not.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Oh, poor Sweet! I really hope you guys have a good weekend, and that her cough clears up soon. That's good news about the childcare solution.

AW: we successfully got ourselves flu shots at the mall yesterday! Li'l E didn't even cry, and handled the long line! (It helped that we went with Mr. Q: I kept our spot in line while they ran around and identified the letters on the store signs.)

W/AW: my next unpleasant ultrasound has been booked, for two days after my birthday. At least it won't be my birthday?

Sue said...

Good news about the childcare for the service esperanza. So sorry to hear Sweet is unwell. All appendages crossed for a quick recovery....and some sleep. :(

kathy a. said...

QWP, you get a major treat after that! No kidding, whatever your heart desires. Fingers crossed that whatever it is can be fixed up in short order. xoxox

Esperanza, glad Sweet is feeling better! If I recall correctly, both the steroids and the albuterol make for a Very Perky Child who doesn't sleep enough! This too will pass. Or in any event, the grandparents will be able to handle it, and you'll catch up on some sleep. xoxo

Re SIL: this poor social worker isn't trained; somebody upstairs dumped this on her, when her usual job is more along the lines of arranging activities. Next call goes to my hubby. Further problems, we go upstairs at the facility. And someone reminded me there is a state ombudsmen's office for long term care facilities, dedicated to investigating and resolving problems. I do so love having contingency plans. ;)

esperanza said...

QWP, in our dark days of infertility treatments, I had many, many unpleasant ultrasounds. You have my sympathies. And yes, a treat is always good.

Re: SiL--oh, man. I say it's getting pretty close to calling in the ombudsman. Not to get someone in trouble, but just to get her the care she needs, for heaven's sake.

W: Sweet is getting worse :( First dose of antibiotics in her, but her fever has gone up. Revealing I actually did make the correct decision to keep her home today (I was second guessing myself when she was bouncing all over the place at the doctor's office). She is the exception to Very Perky Child reactions to these meds. She can do the nebulizer and fall straight to sleep. Mini, on the other hand, is a different story entirely. They make me jittery, like too much coffee.

AW: Couple 2 has dropped out to the relief of just about everyone, them especially.

kathy a. said...

So long, couple 2!

Hopefully the antibiotics and so on will turn things around fast for Sweet.

Liz said...

Poor Sweet! Poor Esperanza! Sending the sleep fairy.


((Kathy)) I'm glad that you've got a plan in place for escalation if needed.

I just made appointments with: an endocrinologist for mildly high sugar numbers at my last fasting blood test and high triglycerides ditto; and my irregular doctor for a gastro check up. So now I feel grown up and responsible and extra whiny.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Liz, I completely understand "grown up webs responsible and extra whiny." That's my default mode when I'm looking forward to a lot of medical appointments.

Poor little Sweet! (And I'm glad that Couple 2 will now leave you alone and let you have your retreat.)

Kathy a: I'm glad there's an ombudsmen and contingency plan in place, although it's crummy that SIL isn't getting the care she needs in the first place.

W: migraine? Neck and back completely out? Something else? I feel woozy and I'm in pain, and painkillers haven't done a thing.

Wait a minute: I have the whole list of minor side effects for the flu shot. It's only minor, and so I'm not going to worry about it, especially since it's clearly not an allergic reaction.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

That "webs" should read "and." I can't even explain how it autocorrected to that.

kathy a. said...

What IS it with all these doctor visits?

I'm kind of proud that I could work past being so offended that the social worker was treating me like staff, and figure out that she is in the place where s*** rolls downhill onto. Things are much more clear now.

Two things done; one mess kinda cleaned up; sending a work dove + copies to a Big Place this afternoon, assuming I can find the appropriate box for mailing.

esperanza said...

I'll join in the grownup medical lament to say that I have now scheduled my first mammogram. My doctor (male) assured me that it was a fancy pants machine that "didn't hurt." I *so* wanted to ask him how in the h-e-double hockey sticks he knew that, but managed to restrain myself.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Esperanza, I am chuckling. Could you perhaps ask him to demonstrate on himself how this machine doesn't hurt?

esperanza said...

I mean, I'm going to do it. I know I need to. I don't need false reassurances. If it hurts, so be it. I'll live through it. And I would have thought he knew me well enough to know that and not be so ridiculous!

liz said...

Speaking solely for myself, mammos are merely uncomfortable, not painful. I'd much rather get a mammo than go to the dentist

kathy a. said...

What Liz said. Have to go to the dentist next week. :(

Sue said...

Yup, what Liz said. Mammos aren't that bad. A little squooshy, but only very briefly.

Sue said...

Bye bye Couple 2! I sure hope Sweet is feeling better soon.

Sorry about the social worker kathy - it sounds like she is in a rough place. Good for you for dealing with it so maturely.

(((QWP))) Ugh to mystery symptoms. Just ugh.

Keep whining pixies. I've got a wedding to conduct tomorrow and a sore shoulder that is worse today. Awards may or may not be happening.

kathy a. said...

Sue, sorry about the shoulder!

kathy a. said...

The search for new blinds at the home improvement emporium ran into a glitch, when it turned out the only measurement we hadn't taken (3 times each) was the depth of the opening around the various new windows. The emporium is like my sweetie's favorite place on earth, so he won't mind going back again.

Getting the Big Thing and the little one off to their destinations yesterday, and a little good news on #2 -- can't even describe the relief!

Sue said...

Sorry about the home improvement snaffu kathy, but as you mentioned, a return trip isn't so bad.

Yay for the Big Thing and the little one flying off to their new homes!!