Saturday, October 4, 2014

Valuable Prizes!

First, help yourself to the buffet:  soup, bread, salad, fried chicken, lasagne, BBQ, and dessert of choice.  Apparently we were hungry this week. 

The Not Terrible Award goes to Sue, for a successful weekend work thing!  We hope the "surprise" guests for soup and salad will be lovely.

Esperanza wins a Sleep Extravaganza, to make up for all the excitement in her nights lately.

 Queen of West Procrastination wins the Door of My Own Award, for finally getting the bathroom door fixed (an epic journey).  

Lil E wins a Potty Training Prize.  ;)

Congratulations (and birthday wishes) to Sweet, who got all kinds of kudos for school accomplishments!

The Pulling the Performance Out of the Fire Award goes to KLee, who made it happen despite the amazing disappearing cast member!

Liz wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award for observing that KLee must have handled the situation perfectly, since there were no news reports of untoward actions.

The Cluestick Posse is busy with a number of miscreants:  the snubbers;  those who employ the "I'm not sexist, you're hysterical" line of defense;  those who drop out at the last minute but still think they'll get a job next time;  all those nasty viruses and bacteria;  contractors who kinda don't show on the designated day, because who doesn't like 2 days of disruption?;  late-night texters, when the message does not involve a dire medical emergency;  in-your-face scammers;  and other deserving entities.

Get Well Vibes to Liz, as she recovers from pneumonia.  Butt on couch! 

Love to Sue's family, who lost a treasured member, but not the wonderful memories.


esperanza said...

Thank you for the sleep extravaganza! I was *asleep* at 8 PM last night. Despite being awakened several times by a tearful and coughing Sweet (mystery version--no idea what was wrong), I feel much much better today.

Liz said...

Wonderful awards!!

kathy a. said...

Pixies, I met a camel today! And also saw this great film about my college friend going to Mongolia and making paintings, hoping to raise some interest in snow leopards and raise some money, too, by selling these paintings he did literally in the middle of nowhere. He is really interested in the geography and history and cultures and animal life of places he goes.

Some of the travel involved having camels drag their stuff around the mountains. Today's camel was young, and very friendly as far as camels go -- she turned up for the reception. This made my husband unreasonably happy; so now he is pretty sure we need a yard camel. ;)

Sue said...

Great awards!

"I met a camel today!" is award-worthy. Definitely.

Miranda said...

Since life is so full of crisis right now (I only ask 48 hours between significant emotional events involving a pool of three people. Which is too much. Apparently.), I want to share my big anti whine: We are fostering two adorable kitties. I can wait for the offspring to be at school so they will leave the basement and play with me while I work at home tomorrow.

I will post pix on the book of visages this week. We had a dog for the weekend too. Everyone was sad to see him leave with his humans today.

kathy a. said...

Ooooh! Foster babies!! They truly do make things better.

Sorry about all the crises, Miranda. xxoxo