Monday, July 28, 2014

Go bananas!

I shouldn't giggle about a major accident, but a big rig fell over and dumped many tons of bananas all over the freeway. 

The foster momcat is still with us.  She spent days yowling for her kittens, poor thing.  We noticed that her remembering what it's all abouts are very swollen.  I suspect production is ebbing now.  AW: Much less crying the last day!  There is a report of purring in the night.

AW:  SIL's 14 year old son sent his mom a nice note and some photos of him taken recently.  W: My husband took them up to the locked memory care facility yesterday.  SIL said to "take them away," then she stormed off because her brother would not take her to get her own apartment.

Her kind of early onset dementia (fronto-temporal, aka Pick's) is just so devastating -- she has lost the ability to reason, to care about others, and to regulate her emotional responses; she needs assistance with basically every daily living activity; she obsesses constantly (the apartment is an ongoing item); she has no insight, believes she is fine and everyone else is thwarting her.  This isn't a new problem; but it is emotionally draining nonetheless, and the hits keep coming.   AW:  It is what it is; we're doing our best.  W:  people have fireplacing ideas that long term care in a facility should be easy peasy.  Not really, sometimes. 

AW:  Fortunately, the temps have cooled a bit!  AW:  had a nice dinner last night at a place we hadn't tried.

What's up with you?


Sue said...

I'm sure that whole banana accident was just a slip-up.

I hope mom-cat is feeling better today. Poor thing...

It's so sweet of her son to send a note and photos. I'm so sorry about SIL's ongoing problems.

AW: The kids at my church are the best. Yesterday I asked them to name their favourite thing about summer. The first child: "Baseball." The second: "Spending time with my whole family."

Every response (about 10 kids) was awesome and thoughtful.

kathy a. said...

~ snort ~ "just a slip-up."

Yay, kids! Very sweet.

esperanza said...

bwhahaha, Sue.

W: teh fireplacing summer is still not over. School doesn't start for another month. Baboos and I are sick of each other. Many instances of "treat mama like crap because she's the only one that *has* to put up with us."

AW: planning fun! outings! this week. We'll see if that helps or not.

kathy a. said...

((( Esperanza ))) Fun!Outings! sounds like a plan. Also, I'd bribe Favorite Babysitter heavily. Art projects? Dress-up? Cooking adventures? Inviting other kids to play? And then, because I was a bad mama interested in preserving my own mental health at a certain point, I deployed the beloved, mind-numbing videos.

KLee said...

Ah, beloved mind-numbing videos.... I believe that Offspring owned every Disney Sing-Along video ever made, and we watched them so many times we actually had to replace three or four of them due to overuse. As a matter of fact, JF just showed me a three-second clip of Donald Duck last night, and we both IMMEDIATELY recognized not only exactly where it was from, but began, in tandem, to sing "walking down the middle of Main Street, USA....". Yeah. Memories.

Well, things here went completely haywire this weekend. We had a lot on tap -- I had auditions on Saturday, we had a late lunch scheduled for Sundy for my Stepdad's birthday, and Offspring was supposed to come home from house-sitting/gallivanting.

On Saturday morning, before I was even up for the day, my mother calls to tell me that Sunday lunchis probably not going to happen because she and my StepDad have had a fight, and she's left him. She is no longer even in the state -- she's traveled to CityOfMyBirth to stay with my uncle. Nice.

My mother and my StepDad have the same sort of temperament -- they get mad easily, but it's over relatively quickly. Neither of them hold grudges, for the most part. So, while this is definitely something to worry about, I'm hopeful that the marriage isn't just over and done with. You don't spend 25 years with someone because you hate them.

So, I can't do anything with Mom in another state, and so, I call their house to speak to my StepDad. He sounds so lost and sad, and I'm not sure how I can help, or even if I should stick my nose in. I talk to him for 45 minutes. It is sad, all the way around. Both of them blew up, and now here comes the fallout.

So, after that lovely start to the morning, I have my second round of auditions. Only three people show up, but it is enough to cast the show. I have one younger actress (who I like a lot!) who I don't really have a part for, but I decided I would rather make up a role for her and write it into the script, rather that turn her away. Apparently, when I talked to her, somehow, she felt insulted, and now I am in the position of not only having to try to explain that I never meant to insult her, but also that I would rather her do the show than not, and see what she decides. Lovely.

Additionally, I get the notice that my work day has increased without the benefit of actually PAYING us,. Coupled upon several sleepless nights due to nightmares/night terrors, this weekend has really caught up with me.

Stop the world, I want to get off.

kathy a. said...

You've got a LOT going on KLee. But mom crossing state lines and voiding the birthday party for her husband x 25 years sounds like an early winner to me. Sheesh.

Sue said...

I remember those long summer days with bored children, esperanza. I'd go with bribing the babysitter. Whatever it takes...

(((Klee)) Sounds like a rough weekend. I hope the week is starting out better. That's so sweet of you to include the young actress in the project!

kathy a. said...

Breaking: Foster momcat and Spot the resident cat are starting to act friendly toward each other. Hanging out. Watching. She sees him purring. They meow back and forth. They just got within inches of one another, no hissing -- in my scary office. <3

kathy a. said...

Momcat for the win! She's playing, and she captured a pen! In the scary office!

Sue said...

Yay Momcat!!!

Liz said...

YAY Momcat!!!

I wonder how many of those bananas split?



Yay for Sue's kid's group!

Liz said...

Whine: I signed Muffin Man up for bike camp this week through the YMCA. It's a day camp. They go riding on trails, some of which are rocky. The weather today and yesterday couldn't be better. Coolish, breezy.

So, yesterday he fell on the rocky trail and scraped himself up a little. And now he hates it. HATES IT. Didn't want to go back today (we made him. Building character). Says the counselors are both mean and irresponsible.

He says he's willing to go back tomorrow (swimming), but he won't go back Thursday or Friday.

I'm irritated with him (want to tell him to suck it up), but also proud of him for standing his ground.

If I let him ditch Thursday and Friday, I'm kicking him out of the house with his bike, a bathing suit, and a packed lunch anyway.

kathy a. said...

~snort ~ banana split!

Aw, Liz. Crossing fingers and knocking wood that today will be better! First days can be hard. And he might be embarrassed about the fall, but kids doing trail bikes will fall -- maybe today he will notice it is not just him, and give someone else encouragement.

It doesn't sound like you have safety concerns, despite his protest that the counselors are "irresponsible." The boy is showing early lawyerly tendencies. ;)

Anonymous said...

((Liz and Muffin Man)) -- maybe today will be better? maybe he can be specific about ways in which they are mean, or irresponsible....

AW: daughter is home from sleep-away camp. Turns out, "No, I wasn't homesick except for the first day, and only until opening ceremony. Why did you think I was homesick??" Arg.
ummmmm, all the letters saying you wanted to come home?
OK, well, now all she wants to do is go back to camp.

Sigh. But, nice to have her home.
The vibe is different, but still nice.
all are adjusting.

--Neighbor Lady

Liz said...

He was specific, and I'm feeling like, "oh! that's why this camp is less than half the cost of ANY OTHER CAMP we've ever sent him to" OTOH, he's TWELVE. They're on flattish trails in a suburban park, he's outside doing an activity he normally likes during some of the best Summer weather we've had in years. Basically, as long as they're not touching him inappropriately, I can't see that there is much harm they can cause him.

kathy a. said...

NL -- that sure sounds like progress! Hello mudda, hello fadah, indeed.

Liz -- may the camp force be with you.

Sue said...

Special awards for all parents of kids at camp!!

kathy a. said...

And for Esparanza, and anyone else without kids in camp.

AW: daughter's phone interview yesterday went great; real in-person interview friday! She actually had an enthusiastic personal story to tell this time, and I will say no more for fear of jinxing -- but full-time employment will relieve a lot of anxiety.

esperanza said...

Liz, we had exactly that dynamic with Sweet at swimming lessons. On the one hand, wanting to tell her to suck it up and jump off the diving board again; on the other hand, being proud of her for saying "no" to a grownup when she wasn't comfortable with something. Ugh. (I made her return to the lessons but not to the diving board).

W: fun outing for tomorrow has been canceled, on account of horrible, terrible, no good very bad behavior today. And it's insanely hot. And I was feeling very stressed about it anyway. We'll just go swimming. Again.

Crossing fingers for full time employment for daughter, kathy a.

esperanza said...

AW: Baboos are playing together. Processing "going to school" and "being a big girl." Kindergarten looms.

Andy said...

Liz: The bike camp counselors sound suspiciously like the irresponsible fools in charge of games at my church's Bible School last week.

Biggest AW Ever: My cat came back. The very next day. In fact, I had called in to work, prepped a run to every animal shelter, vet, and pound in town, got all spiffed up, and opened the door to find him curled up on the porch. Once he saw me, he was all "Ok, I checked in. I'ma take a nice walk now." I picked him up and put him in the house. And loved on him for about twenty minutes before I went in to work.

Ongoing Whines: Nothing has been moved out of my house except the stuff I've moved. I'm still not getting any mail. The post office is flummoxed. I'm wondering if someone is stealing my mail.

AW: Punk Neighbor Kid Lawn Mowing Service really stepped up their game this week. They chopped down all the giant weeds, obnoxious shrubs, and small trees that had decided to grow along my fence line. I paid an extra $10 for that service, on account of classiness.

W: Weird NSFWhining whines going on.

kathy a. said...

Esperanza -- ysy, swimming?! I personally would throw in ice cream and visits to air conditioned places, but you know I don't have many principles. ;)

Andy -- WOOT for the cat that came back, the very next day! And also for the classy yard work -- we all should have such dedicated neighbors to hire.

You know how we have suspicious minds about your mail. Any other suspects?

kathy a. said...

*yay, I meant.

esperanza said...

Andy, you could fill out a "hold request" for a few days (I think 3 is the minimum) at the post office, and then pick up your mail there. Better than nothing.

kathy a, swimming is their current addiction. It's the only outdoor activity that is even remotely enjoyable at 102 F. Ice cream is a good idea.

kathy a. said...

Andy, you told the credit card people to cancel the card you didn't get, right?

Esperanza -- brilliant about the mail hold!

Momcat escaped, pushing through an incredibly small window opening. Spot the resident cat sounded an alarm. I went in pursuit. Cora the dog joined the chase. Daughter got scratched performing the rescue. All this excitement happened while daughter was on hold with the humane society, which wanted Momcat to go in tomorrow for her special surgery, until they heard of the swollen state of the tatas. Everyone is resting comfortably. More or less.

Anonymous said...

This has been a not great week.

- Family Member with Legal Troubles plead guilty to several felonies. FMwLT was also asked to leave the place where FMwLT has been staying for awhile. FMwLT has been kicked out of two family member's houses now.

- Family Member with Mental Health Issues is having an episode. FMwMHI wants to move out of FMwMHI's mother's house and into a relative's house where the rules are likely to be more lax.

- The mother is fighting this. The mother's friends/mental health professionals, church, etc are behind her but the other relatives are currently not speaking to the mother because

- The mother was outed as bisexual and in a relationship with a woman and a man. The relatives are much more interested in what kind of whore things the mother may/may not be up to than the actual relationship/reality.

- The mother (who may just be me) is all like "GOOD. I KNOW WHO MY REAL SUPPORTERS ARE."

- And may want to move far, far away inside a vat of chocolate ice cream with unlimited tissues to ugly cry it all out for several days.

The Ugly Crier

esperanza said...

((Ugly Crier))

P.S. I don't trust anyone who can cry prettily.

kathy a. said...

((( U C ))) I'm sorry so much is going wrong. xoxoxo

esperanza said...

In keeping with this week's banana theme, and to lighten it up a bit, here's your new thing to learn for today:

esperanza said...

Well shoot. How do I make that a link?

Liz said...

(((UC))) so many hugs. Sometimes there is no fixing things, but ice cream can make it seem like they are fixed for a moment. I recommend Talenti sea salt caramel (which has chololate bitties in it) or Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie

KLee said...

First of all, Ugly Crier -- no matter what's going on with all of your other family members, you have to take time for you. Are you hurting anyone with your relationship(s)? Are they hurting you? If the answer to both of those questions is "no", then the rest of the family need to mind their own damn business! You are an adult, and it is no more their business who you choose to see socially, or who you choose to sleep with than it is for you to go barging into THEIR sex lives! Next time you get shit from any of them, turn it around on them! "Will we be discussing your sex life next? No? Then, stay out of mine!" I'd be so in your face that I'd ask them their favorite position, but you may not be nearly as crass as I.

This really burns my biscuits, y'all. I have gotten a ration of shit lately for promoting the "gay agenda", and dammit, I'm mad as hell. No, not everybody is comfortable with the "gay lifestyle", but what business is it of theirs to police what goes in in private? As long as you hurt no one else, and your partner is good and loving to you, that is all that should matter. Not all straight couples can claim this, so it applies to EVERYONE. Love the one you are with. Love yourself, love each other. Period. Full stop. End of rant.

Andy, I'm so glad Kitty came home. Still worried about your mail. Is there any way you can have a trusted person keep an eye on the mailbox, or train a video camera on it? It might be mischief, it might be someone out to get your credit cards, or it may be a simple mis-delivery. I live behind an elementary school, and had a problem with disappearing mail a few years back. A sign remington people that theft from mailboxes was a federal offense, coupled with a sign that the premises were under surveillance out a stop to it, but, again, ymmv.

NL, Esperanza and Liz -- camp/swimming woes. I remember those days. When Offspring was a little older, I get all ninja-psychological on her....told her that, no, she didn't have to go to camp, but if she decided to stay home, I was only running errands (that she hated) and why don't we just go ahead and schedule those immunization that you need (which she hated, and still does!) while you're available. Worked like a charm. Now, if I ever need to get rid of her, I simply suggest a trip to WalMart, and then the craft store. She's gone before I can even NAME which craft store.

Kathy a., glad you got Momcat back, and fingers crossed on daughter's interview!

Had our first read of the script tonight....and already lost a cast member. Got a voicemail from one of the men that he won't be able to paticipate due to his school workload. I understand, but now I am desperate for someone to fill that slot.

The cast member that was angry seems to have calmed down now. She just said she wanted her feelings known, and I told her I would rather her ALWAYS tell me how she really feels, rather than holding it all inside. I hope we're good there.

Read went well, and the show looks to be fun. Got a couple of brand new people, who I think will be great additions to our pool of talent.

Trying to stay busy so I don't obsess over Offspring's leaving.

My mother came home, and they talked. Going out to their place to give him his birthday gift (birthday was today.). Hope things are back to normal there. They will both have to work on it.

I go back to work on Friday. On one hand, not ready to go back, and on the other hand, ready to have something to occupy my days. I just need to remember I am not nocturnal, and re-adjust my sleep cycle accordingly.

Anonymous said...


KLee- good luck with back to school!
and, I love the rant.

--Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

KLee, rant away. You make good sense.

And "this really burns my biscuits" is my new favorite phrase.

W: Pixies, Mr. E is in the midst of a bunch of unbloggable personnel matters. He was working on Person A, trying to get him/her to do his/her job, when Person B up and resigns, with a nasty email about everything s/he doesn't like about Mr. E. Which he is now talking over with me. And talking. And mumbling under his breath. And tossing and turning. Sigh. Stress level is a bit high around here.

AW: lunch with a non churchy friend. And the Baboos, of course.

Sue said...

Fingers crossed for your daughter kathy - I hope she gets the job. Poor Momcat and the tatas!

Andy, I'm so glad the cat came back!!

(((Ugly Crier))) so many hugs for you...

Good rant Klee! I'm glad the reading went well. Too bad about losing an actor, but perhaps better for him to opt out than for him to add his overwhelm to the dynamic. I hope someone fills the slot asap.

(((esperanza))) So sorry about the high stress level. Ugh. It burns my biscuits that y'all are going through the Church Politics Ick.

Yay for lunch with non-chunky friends!

kathy a. said...

KLee, best with back to school! Agree it is better to lose a cast member early than suffer his stress until he drops out late. Good rant.

Ugh on the chunky politics and stressed spouse. Is there someone like a mentor, buddy, professional friend he can talk some of the stuff over with? Where do pastors go for pastoral care? (You might reasonably argue that a spouse cannot be as objective as another colleague.)

U.C. -- much love. The legal and mental health problems would each be plenty. It totally sucks that family members are too busy clucking and gossiping to realize how much effort you have poured into trying to deal with these challenging situations. Also, what KLee said about none of their beeswax.

Anonymous said...

Flashback to last week's question:
late breaking comfort food: pudding.
warm vanilla pudding. yum

Neighbor Girl has a friend over and they made a concoction involving vanilla wafers, bananas, and vanilla pudding.


--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

Pudding sounds really good!

kathy a. said...

Or, ice cream. It isn't even that hot, but good thing we have leftovers, because cooking does not sound like a plan right now.

Flamingos vs T Rex. You're welcome. ;)

kathy a. said...

Esperanza, here is a page on doing HTML links. Always hit the preview button to be sure it works. Cheers!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

(((UC))) So many hugs. That's so much piled on you.


Andy, I'm so relieved to hear that your cat returned. I continue to worry about your missing mail.

I really want pudding now!

W: malaise has settled on this house. I wouldn't say that we're sick, but I've had a pressure headache for days, and E has been more tired and fussy. I don't know what's going on (other than that we're just tired and need a break), but it's getting old.

AW: after a day of E refusing to nap for her grandparents, and with a big trip to the West Coast approaching, Mr. Q has decided that we can skip his family reunion this weekend. It's a BIG extended family, and we both know that E would not have handled the crowd (and they would not understand why she would have refused to go to any of them).

Also AW: the biggest cause for exhaustion is over: we've emptied our storage locker, and have gotten rid of a bunch of excess furniture. I'm so tired of hauling heavy stuff on hot days. And we will be getting a security deposit back, just in time for our trip!

esperanza said...

QWP, hope you can get some restorative rest soon.

kathy a. said...

QWP - -what Esperanza said! Time for a break!

Banana update: most of the load was undamaged, and donated first to the food bank, and the rest to the zoo!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Nice! I'm glad to hear that the bananas are going to good homes. (Back in the late 80s or early 90s, a town north of here had an X-ray spill - - the pictures, I mean - - twice in one year. The town's name also sounded like "Bladder," and the local news enjoyed the oddity of the whole situation. I imagine now more people would be concerned with the medical records privacy side of things, but then it was just treated like this odd little story. But I digress.)

Sue said...

Follow-up to Liz' banana split comment (groan!).... I'm sure all those bananas a-peeled to the food bank and the zoo! (Tip your servers, I'm here all week...)

Love the flamingo t-rex.

QWP - that sounds like a good decision, to stay home and collect your energy before the trip out West.

Mmmm....pudding. :)

AW: Good family gathering last evening. Nice to connect with step-family members from out of town.

W: My dad is not okay. I haven't seen him for several weeks and noticed a real change in his affect. He's quite flat and emotion-less. Apparently he watched his partner fall on the grass last week and just sat there - no empathy, no helping. That is not like him at all.

My sisters and I realize he has changed since his aneurysm, but I haven't seen it this bad before. It's like something has switched off in him.

Stepford mother is not so much concerned as angry with him for changing. I'm thinking he needs a stroke assessment or some other cognitive testing done, but good luck convincing him of it! He can't hear worth a darn and won't even talk about getting a hearing aid, so I don't think we'll convince him of anything more complicated.


kathy a. said...

((( Sue ))) Glad it was a nice gathering! But the change in your Dad sure sounds worrisome, in a neurological way.

Does anyone have a connection with his GP? Is it possible the GP could call him in for a "regular checkup," having received information about family concerns? Sometimes people listen better to doctors. Just an idea.

esperanza said...

Oh Sue, Dad's situation definitely doesn't sound good. Am I remembering correctly that he *is* a medical doctor? I suspect that makes medical advice from others even harder to take.

W: Mini's mystery rash du jour is impetigo. I swear, if there exists a skin condition, she will get it.

kathy a. said...

Impetigo! Mini is up for some kind of prize. We should probably write a song to commemorate. Tune of Macarena? ;)

My husband interrupted dinner the other night to talk with a door to door salesman. [Deduct marital points.] About window replacement, which we have discussed and decided to put off. But lo, the estimator is coming tonight. Guess which one of us works at home?

Last weekend, the H0m3 D3pot people thwarted the plan for a do-it-yourself job he had in mind for replacing an enormous patio door with wall and windows, insisting he needed a contractor. Which I suppose made him vulnerable to the guy dropping by within days to talk windows and doors.

Sue said...

Yes, esperanza, Dad is a doc. It makes any medical intervention near to impossible. He doesn't have a GP locally because he spends the winter in the Southern Part of Our Massive Province (the winters are warmer down there).

Ugh to impetigo.

Double ugh to door to door deal-making kathy. Not fun!

AW: nice post-family-gathering-debriefing today with sisters.

W: sister with the Fireplacing cancer is having her surgery tomorrow. She is tough and ready for it, but still, I wish she didn't have to do all this.

kathy a. said...

((( Sue ))) Many good thoughts with your sister. Fireplacing cancer. xoxo

esperanza said...

fireplacing cancer.

As the person in our household who works at home, kathy a, I will warn you that window replacement is MESSY.

I actually think Mini has been fighting this since...March. She had two yucky spots on her face then, got antibiotic ointment, cleared up. Then about a month ago, a few nasty spots on her arms. Same deal. Now, yucky oozing spots all over her legs, especially knees. This time, we got the ointment and the oral antibiotic. Let's hope this works. Because I do not like using the word "oozing" in reference to my baboo.

kathy a. said...

Yuckeroo. Oozing -- no good comes of that.

Sue, yay for the sister bonding!

To prepare for the estimator I do not want, I have vacuumed, dusted, dealt with litter boxes, picked someone's sox and dead dishes out of the Dog Room, reminded daughter that a strange man will be peering through windows and so perhaps that top was not ideal, and made the front bathroom more presentable. Also gotten dinner ready to assemble at the earliest possible moment. See? Easy as heck.

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Sue, I'm sending good thoughts for your sister with the fireplacing cancer. I hope her surgery and recovery go well. I'm also sorry to hear about your dad's health problems. I've been through the stubborn parent with health problems/siblings debriefing after gatherings business, and I'm glad you guys can support each other through this.

Esperanza: impetigo?! Oh that poor baboo. I hope it clears up quickly, because "oozing" is not a good word in reference to anyone's skin.

Kathy a, I'm chuckling about the process of preparing for the assessor.

W: today turned into another tiring and busy day, and E is still wound up.

AW: my friend, and E's four little buddies came for a visit this morning (their basement is getting a new window, which involved loud cutting into concrete, and so the contractor advised that she get the kids out of the house). We had a nice visit, even if the process of getting them here was a comedy of errors (she locked her keys and purse in her car; Mr. Q left our carseat in his parents' car and so we couldn't take E anywhere; I ended up driving across the city to retrieve her spare car keys from her husband's work).

kathy a. said...

Oy, QWP, about the grand key/purse lockin. But yay for the visit!

Liz said...

Update on the Muffin Man whine from earlier this week. We let him drop out of the camp and yesterday the three of us got on the brand-new silver line to head into DC for a touristy day. It was terrific, and I'm glad I let him drop out (and not sit at home staring at a screen all day).
Today he has a play date with a friend and, weather permitting, I am about to take them to the pool.

kathy a. said...

Solution that works, Liz! Good job. And what could be better than family tourist day?

Queen of West Procrastination said...

That seems like a good solution to the camp situation, Liz. Family tourist day sounds wonderful!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

W/AW: Well, I think that the details for our trip west have now been finalised. I heard from a friend that our staying where we'd been invited to stay was going to be an inconvenience for our hosts (their daughter is moving away after that week, and will be staying with them because she had to be out of her place yesterday). They were just planning on dealing with the inconvenience, but my BFF caught wind of what was happening, and invited us to stay with her instead. So, we'll actually be staying in our old home! (BFF took over the place from us, because it's awesome.) Her roommate is away right now, and is a friend of ours, and has offered up her bedroom.

W: communicate, people!

KLee said...

Went back to work today. Sleep schedule still wonky, so I am completely wiped out.

Return for staff today revealed a new school-wide discipline plan that *everyone* is supposed adhere to, from teachers all the way to custodians and food service, so our admins pass out a new notebook which has all of the relevant information. One section even has a handy-dandy flow chart to help you determine if something you encounter should be referred on up the line, or can be handled by the teacher. Consequently, there is much back and forth through the book, "please see page 12," "use the flow chart on page 21," and " the verbiage we'd like everyone to use is summarized on page 4" are bandied about all morning.

My level of employee? *NOT GIVEN THE DAMN BOOK.*. Even though this is supposed to be school-wide, and EVERYBODY is expected to not only participate but must also expect to be randomly quizzed on it, and we are not considered important enough to rate our own book. They even wanted us to sign a paper that said we were in receipt of the book, and we would comply and implement this behavior plan! I have no problem implementing, but I turned that paper into our discipline committe chair and told her that I wasn't signing it because I WAS NOT IN RECEIPT OF THE BOOK, and I was not going to falsify records stating that I was.

If they want me to sign it, they can damn well print me a copy of the book. At least PRETEND that I'm an important part of this school, like you claim! Go through the motions, if nothing else.

I'm so ticked off right now......I have literally worked myself into a fever, I'm so pissed.

No wonder we had so many in-district transfers away from our school this summer!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

KLee, I'm so glad that you spoke up, and refused to lie on your form! That kind of treatment of school staff is unacceptable.

Liz said...

Holy guacamole. How dare they NOT GIVE YOU THE BOOK. What the hell are they thinking?

kathy a. said...

What QWP and Liz said. How can you sign the legal document they require, when they haven't given you the stuff?

Sue said...

Liz, family tourist day sounds lovely!

I'm glad the plans for your trip are coming together QWP.

(((KLee))) I'm glad you spoke up. Cluestick posse on the way.

No word from my BIL yet re: my sister's surgery. I called my other sister about an hour ago and she hadn't heard anything either. Gah!

kathy a. said...

((( Sue ))) xoxo

Liz said...


Liz said...


KLee said...

Sue -- sending many prayers.

Sue said...

My sis is out of surgery and in a room. She is doing well and settling in for the night. Yay!!!

Liz said...


esperanza said...

Glad to hear the good news about sis, but long day!

AW: I slept 11 hours last night, in a few separate pieces. I am a new woman. Who still has no sermon written for tomorrow, but a new woman anyway.

Liz said...

Write a sermon on the restorative power of sleep.