Sunday, July 6, 2014

Awards of chocolaty goodness!

Filling in for our fabulous host, Liz, who is in transit and with a balky Bl00ger connection.  Apologies for the briefness of the awards, but passing tons of chocolate.

Kudos to everyone who did good this week!  Yay for all the good things!  Which include but certainly are not limited to the 2 emergency fill-in weddings by our Sue.

Neighbor Lady wins the Old Skool Award for mixing up the recycling bins.

Andy (aka Beauregard) wins the Style Award for his epic battle with the invading flea forces.

Esperanza wins Mother of the Year for that little poopcident.

Condolences to everybody struggling.  Fingers crossed for Liz's MIL.  Glad QWP's concussion is better, and we'd better hear a full report next week.  Hugs to Miranda, who has waayyy too much going on, and to KLee on her cat's illness.  xoxo

Cluesticks to jerks everywhere, and yeah, Mr. "Take Your Daughter for Tats," we are looking at you in particular.  Also, 5 members of a high court.  Health hecklers on the book of faces.  Allergens.  Stupid hospitals.  Skunks of whatever technical species.

In conclusion, want ice cream, too?

See ya next time!


Sue said...

Thanks Kathy!

KLee said...

I'll always turn up for ice cream! ;)

esperanza said...

~snort~ poopcident. Thanks.