Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bananarama Awards

This week's ceremonial refreshments include the world's largest non-contiguous virtual banana split, and warm pudding with bananas (courtesy of ND).

Many camping tales this week!  Neighbor Lady wins the Not So Bad After All Award, since daughter now believes camp is the only place to be, following last week's "I hate it here" letters.  The Let's Ditch and Go Touristing Award goes to Liz and family, who did just that after giving bike camp another shot.

Future Campers Prizes go to QWP's Lil E and Esperanza's Baboos, who suffered variously from boredom, crankiness, and other ailments of kids in summer.  Featured ailment of the week:  Mini Baboo's impetigo!  Word we don't want to hear:  "oozing." 

Andy wins the coveted Elevated Risk of Mullet Award, for "Punk Neighbor Kid Lawn Mowing Service really stepped up their game this week. They chopped down all the giant weeds, obnoxious shrubs, and small trees that had decided to grow along my fence line. I paid an extra $10 for that service, on account of classiness."  Also, yay, the cat came back!

Unpacking and Decluttering Award for Queen of West Procrastination, who has been busy as heck.  But that part's over!  Best with the trip west!

KLee wins the Interstate Parental Breakup Award, for the 'rents feeling so darned upset that mom fled the state.  Seriously.  But then she came back, so hoping peace and happiness are restored.

Many hugs to U.C.,  who had a couple truckloads of bad happen, but extended family is more focused on her love life.  Huh?  Priorities, people!  Cluesticks have been dispatched.

The Posse will also be visiting persons who dis KLee for thinking gay people are, like, human; and to the administration at her school, for not giving the books that teachers are supposed to certify they have read.  Oh, and also increasing the work day without increasing pay. 

Much love to Sue!  Glad the family is on the same page about changes in Dad.  And such a relief your sister came through surgery OK.  xoxo


Sue said...

Thanks kathy. Great awards!

KLee said...

I echo the above statement! :).