Saturday, July 12, 2014

Duffel Bags for Everyone! Awards Ceremony!

Duffel bags of pointy sticks and ethics workshops for doctors who don't take care of people who can't stand up for themselves. Really. And hugs to kathy a and family and her sister-in-law, and to Liz's crew and her mother-in-law.

Duffel bags of quiet rooms, comfy pillows, and sleeping children to anyone who has a shortage of same.

Duffel bags of  fire extinguishers for all who possess small kitchen appliances which communicate via smoke signals.

Duffel bags of sno cones (thanks for that suggestion, kathy a) for all experiencing Teh Hot. And for those not experiencing Teh Hot, we will send you some. In a duffel bag.

Duffel bags of stubborn laundry stains for anyone messing with a little kid online, and double for anyone messing with someone standing up for little kids.

Duffel bags of earplugs for anyone with stressed out sweeties.

Duffel bags of dinosaur playgrounds for people dealing with Offspring issues of all kinds. And big hugs for KLee. You're a good mama.

Duffel bags full of hugs (hey, I'm making this up, I can fill them with whatever I want) for anyone with sick relatives/friends, anyone dating anyone with sick relatives/friends, anyone overwhelmed by family and/or work, and anyone with the dreaded INTJ personality type.


kathy a. said...

FABULOUS AWARDS! wooot! Thanks, Esperanza!

((( Miranda ))) on your late-breaking W.

kathy a. said...

Has everyone in the universe except me taken the braxton-hicks personality thingy? (OK, I know the real name.)

I don't like pigeon-holing people based on a quiz. This kind of thing reminds me of the awful teen magazine quizzes that left the popular girls feeling popular, and everyone else urgently trying a new diet or zit cream or outfit or exercise. Or, the labels that relatives put on kids, the ones that stick around forever and cause collateral damage down the road. /end rant/

esperanza said...

I took it (the real test, not an internet quiz) in college as part of Resident Assistant training. Then I was required to take it as part of psychological testing to be a minister.

kathy a. said...

That was just spouting. But it makes sense in both occupations to have an idea of where you tend. So long as there isn't a judgement attached.

Sue said...

I took it (as well as the Enneagram) as part of my training.

GREAT awards esperanza! Thanks!!!

Miranda said...

Another INTJ here although I'm pretty balanced between introversion and extroversion. So I hate new groups and will talk to everyone there.

Thanks for the hugs everyone.

Liz said...

I took it as part of my BS degree. But I don't remember what I got, 'cause I also took it for a job-interview-training thing and got something different.

Liz said...

Dufflebags full of kudos for Esperanza for these terrific awards!

esperanza said...

My two testings were pretty close together...within 5 years of each other. And they had the same result. The last one was about 15 years ago. I suspect I would score differently now.

KLee said...

Am rather loving the duffle bag imagery. I have to laugh, though, because I was just watching an episode of "Drugs, Inc.", and the bust was 200 lbs. of marijuana that a group of Mexican illegals were attempting to smuggle into Houston via backpacks and several duffle bags. It make me snort and guffaw a bit.

Thank you for all the support. When Offspring came home, I tried not to belabor the point, and didn't quiz her about it or fuss at her. I think hearing from you guys that I hadn't totally blown the situation calmed me down, and let me not grill her like a suspect iat a police station. 'Preciate it, guys.

Liz said...