Saturday, July 19, 2014

Awards! Bark Bag Edition!!

This week there was general agreement that anti-barkage medication, even though it will induce sleep, is a good idea.

We have multiple pixies who are very sensitive to motion. Sympathies and No Tilt-A-Hurl rides for Andy and KLee. (Do y'all have that spinning nightmare at your county fairs?) Epic Wet Wipes award for Klee and her unfortunate flying experience.

esperanza gets the special edition Duffle Bag of Polar Bears Vortex. Canadian cool weather is enroute.

Liz wins the Name that Tune award for "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" - good work. Earworm anyone?

For Andy - the Don't Box Me In award. Hope the moving ends soon.

For QWP and Mr Q we have the Fancy Anniversary Lunch award. A wonderful AW for an anniversary celebration!

kathy a gets the Creative Celebrations award. It's hard to plan a gathering when the focus is on what it's *not* supposed to be. You've done a great job.

Hooray for helpful financial aid people, helpful docs from big hospitals, good unbloggable news, upholstery projects, and flowers.

Hugs and love to everyone with parenting worries, partners on different pages, stoopid administrators who dock pay, bad unbloggable news, unsatisfying school supply shopping, and all other posse-worthy whines.

Finally, the pixies agree that Preschool Solutions for Grumpiness are always good.

Clippy made a cameo appearance this week! Sorry if I missed anything - I'm off to lounge on the patio and read a good book....


esperanza said...

Great awards, Sue!

Enjoy your birthday lounging!

kathy a. said...

Lovely ceremony! Happy bithday, Sue!!

The not-a-funeral went well -- really a good gathering! Only down side was the 6+ hours in the car.