Saturday, February 2, 2013

When we said "Culture," we did not mean the infectious kind...

Many apologies for the host's distraction and lateness (again) this week.  Heck of a week!  Here, have some guacamole and chips.  And, a toast to everybody!

First, congratulations and huge thanks to Liz, for beginning the Wednesday Book Club and hosting the first book, Venetia!   This is a lot of fun.

Esperanza wins the Best Architectural Feature Award for telling us about that slide from the second story balcony, at the fabulous horse place where the Baboos ride.  We are insanely jealous.  Also, yay for Boring Well-Kid Checkups!  And haircuts!

The Extreme Athlete Award goes to Sue, who added 1.4 km IN SNOW to her walking regime. 

JenR wins a contingent of Moving Fairies, and the New House Award!  We are also sprinkling Pixie Dust around the old house, to attract buyers asap.  This award comes with a voucher for a full night's sleep. 

We are sending the Divorce Fairy to Sarah, so she can get this over with already.  Also, Pixie crossed fingers on the job hunt.

Neighbor Lady wins the Be Prepared Award, and the BSA wins a visit from the Cluestick Posse.  Which in this case has increased ranks from a whole lot of former scouts explaining why BSA needs to Do The Right Thing, already.

Liz, unfortunately, brings the Bodily Fluids with MM's barfiness.  Kudos to Daddy, and yay for a quick recovery!  Hoping also that the vertigo just gets done with.

The So Long, January! Award belongs to Sue.  Good riddance!

The Posse is also dispatched, with appropriate quantities of cluesticks and legos, to:  insurance companies; stress monkies;  people who don't reply to heartfelt requests; soon-to-be exes; the universe; and other deserving parties.

Thanks for playing!

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