Friday, February 8, 2013


Seriously, today is national GS cookie day, and not a moment too soon!   Thin mints -- do we need them, or what?  Virtual boxes for everyone!

Therefore, Neighbor Lady wins the Our Hero Award, for sorting the cookies!  And also a tiara for being Super Organized About One Thing.  And that one thing is GSA, a really great organization for girls (which is not afflicted by some exclusionary policies that the similar organization for boys cannot freaking seem to figure out). 

Sue wins the Water, Water, Nowhere Award, for soldiering on through a "tea" despite no water, and no washroom, which meant a trip to the dreaded Mall, but just to use the facilities; and finally things were restored, so it's all good.  Also, Sue wins the Calm One in the Room Award, for another occasion in this busy week.  Keep calm and carry on!

Esperanza conquered, and wins the  Slayer of the Insurance Demons Award.  So glad things are moving in the right direction on that front.  Many hugs on some other items, especially losing a friend so young, and that sleep thing.  xoxo

It is hereby decreed that Sarah gets to just spend "a day where I just veg out & hang out & watch TV."  Sounds good to us!

The Cluestick Posse is dispatched to deal with those in charge of RIF's (real interesting fireplacers), because really?  Our Liz??  And many hugs to Liz. xoxo

Kudos to everybody doing something thoughtful about gun violence.  This is a public health problem; it deserves attention from many angles. 

Everybody affected by the stormzilla, please be safe and warm -- tell us how it's going (assuming you have power)!

If I've forgotten anybody, have some Thin Mints.  I swear they fix almost anything.  :)


kathy a. said...

PS -- This is not on the book club rotation, but I'm about 1/2 way through Justice Sonia Sotomayor's book, My Beloved World, and I really like it. Non-fiction; it is a memoir. Does not cover her court years. But it is a very interesting look back at her early life, her family, challenges she faced, and how she kind of scrambled by to overcome obstacles.

I'll admit some biases: [1] she is only a few years older than me, so some of the cultural/historical matters of that era ring true; [2] I really like her work on SCOTUS so far, and think she is a particularly engaged justice; and [3] this is not a brag-fest. She is very clear about her own shortcomings, about needing to work hard and not knowing how to do that, about problems in her family. About some lucky breaks, and how much help she needed.

But wow. I think she wrote this not to advance her own image, but to encourage young people who might feel discouraged for any number of reasons. She is definitely one to help others climb the ladder, instead of pulling it up behind her. And I cannot say how much I love and admire a busy person in her elevated position feeling that encouragement is so important.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awards, Kathya. And also, thanks for the book suggestion!
Snow is coming down fast here, and governor has banned all road travel that is non-essential, so we are hunkering down. No idea what's for dinner tonight, but am thawing beef for tomorrow's stew and thinking about baking bread tomorrow.
Very glad for a fireplace in case of outage.
Hope the next 24 hours goes ok--all good thoughts welcome.
:) Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

Thanks, kathy a. The Sotomayor book was already on my to-read-when-the-library-has-it-list. I saw her on Sesame Street. Though she is not a fine actress, she was very charming. In fact, she's such a lousy actress that the charming-ness must be genuine.

All you East-Coast pixies stay warm and cozy!

kathy a. said...

hope all the east-coasters are OK! one of my CA friends ended up stuck on cape cod (helping an elderly relative), which sounded like it was getting wholloped.