Monday, February 18, 2013

First World Whines

I have plenty of weighty whines that I'm pretty sure I've whined before. So here are the silly ones.

The Domestic Goddess (God bless her) only cleans one set of windows. They are ones that I use frequently, but there are a few more that bug me. I am somehow incapable of asking her to wash the others, since some deep part of me is uncomfortable that I even have the blessing of said Domestic Goddess. Neither can I motivate myself and/or my children to wash the windows that are bugging me.

Karma is biting me in the butt. I remember vividly, as a child, going shopping with my mother. She would point out some kind of outfit or garment and ask me if I liked it. "I don't know" would be my consistent refrain, whether I liked it or not. Sweet is doing the same thing. I don't know how my mother did not bonk me on the head or make me wear burlap.

My refrigerator door does not open all the way, because it hits the wall. This means that the right-side vegetable drawer doesn't open all the way either.

These whines are scarily easy to think of, so I think I'l stop now.


liz said...

A person who is still on a committee I am no longer on tried to drag me into a drama on said committee. I told her to forward the whole issue to higher authorities, because there was no way that I could possibly be of assistance to her.

She still tried to drag me in, and I stood firm on my refusal to be dragged, stating again, "refer to higher authority, I can not help you except to tell you to go to them." and she's given up trying to drag me in.

Thank you, spine.

kathy a. said...

Yay, Liz! I mean -- you gave good advice, and it is not your problem.

Esperanza -- oh, my about the shopping. It's possible that rephrasing the question might get more response (what is pretty about this? would this be good for riding the horse? whatever...) -- something less personal than "do you like...?"

I think you should just ask the Domestic Godess to do the other windows, and explain you don't need them done all the time. See how it goes.

kathy a. said...

AW: lovely day with daughter yesterday! we visited the rosie the riveter national historic park, and had a delicious lunch! and talked about books!

W: SILfH again. she actually will be evicted shortly, and has no plans; she has a court date on criminal charges, but won't go; nobody knows where her money goes; and she does not understand or care about any of this. she wants her car back, the one she isn't allowed to drive and does not own any more. but otherwise, she thinks she is perfectly fine, needs no help.

my beloved is a saint, but a deeply unhappy one with no good options. his mom's been yelling at him, too, because apparently he should have a magic wand around here someplace.

i'm off to buy some food he likes. ok, that's lame, but we are now at the crash part of the slo-mo train wreck, and there is nothing else to do, currently.

liz said...

(((Esperanza))) on the weighty whines

(((Kathy A))) on the SILFH. Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to know that there's nothing you can do to help someone who needs help badly but won't take the help they need because no-one's giving them the "help" they want.

Sarah said...

Esperanza - I think the windows would bug me too. Sympathy!

Liz - Yay spine!

KathyA - That's sweet that you're at least going for the comfort food. Hope the crash doesn't ricochet and hit you and your Beloved. What a mess...SILfH

W/AW: I think I'm ready to unfriend the in-laws on FB. The new BF is great and has been around for 3 months. I never check in on FB, but he does. I hope there is no fallout from this action :-)

Whines I am la-la-la'ing ignoring: soon to be ex spent $1300 on a Superbowl weekend (at home) (does that sound better or worse than if I had said a small 4 digits...), he's talking about the new car he's planning to buy, we owe for taxes this year A LOT (4 digits, much more than the party...does that make the party less bad? Hmmm. No.).

AW: a solid networking job lead. So ready for the rest of my life.


esperanza said...

Sarah, the party is bad. I'm angry on your checking account's behalf, if nothing else. But hooray for BF and job leads.

Hopefully, this is my last potty training whine. I'm not even sure it's a whine. I'll let you know in the morning. Mini (age 3) has been sleeping in underwear (rather than diaper) for about 6 weeks now, with only one accident. She had been dry at night for many weeks before that, but I'd kept her in a diaper because....Sweet (age 5) was still wet almost every stinking morning. I didn't want Sweet to feel bad, but Mini finally asked to get rid of the diaper, so we did. Ever since, I've been asking Sweet if she wanted to wear a diaper or underwear. She would sweetly inform me that she needed a diaper because she "can't" use the potty at night. Tonight, I asked her as usual, and she responded "underwear." I thought she hadn't heard me or paid attention when she answered (a frequent occurrence), and she confirmed the answer three times. So, underwear it is. She is giddy with excitement.

Here is the possible whine: she's already been up twice, saying cheerfully, "I'm going potty, Mommy." She is generally an excellent sleeper, which is one reason I haven't pushed this earlier. I don't like to mess with the sleep.

I'm sure you're on the edge of your chair, so I'll be sure and update the results in the morning. Could this be the last package of diapers I buy?

kathy a. said...

sarah! yay about the BF, unfriending the inlaws, and job leads!!! (if you unfriend, they do not get notice. they just stop seeing what you post. win!)

your soon-ex is a pathetic ball of leftover guacamole slime. i mean, $1300 on a football party? and with taxes due soon?

esperanza -- crossing fingers for dryness! there will be an accident some time or another, but it sounds like sweet has decided it's time!

i think my sweetie is having a heart to heart with SILfH's first ex, who has been overly-hopeful about her "just needing a little more help." my, and it was just 15 years ago that this ex and SILfH were having their bad divorce! /faint/

esperanza said...

"pathetic ball of leftover guacamole slime" is a powerful, early contender for Mullet.

esperanza said...


kathy a. said...


Sue said...

Yay for potty success!


(((kathy a)))so sorry about the SiLFH. What a horrible situation.

(((Sarah))) - Gah! Almost-ex is what kathy a said (in perfect Mullet form).

Yay Liz for spine useage!!!!

W: Still living in World of Hurt, though somewhat better than last week. Some unbloggable work stuff threatening to unravel a Huge Project I've been putting in extra time to make possible. ~sigh~

AW: Stayed home today (stat day for Family Day) - hubby and I watched Season 1 of house of c@rds. So. Excellent.

esperanza said...

Oh Sue, hope the World of Hurt is bearable. And I don't like the sound of "unbloggable work stuff" at all. :(

For those following the underwear play-by-play:
Successful night was rewarded with ice cream celebration.
Night Two is underway as we speak.

kathy a. said...

Yay for ice cream and underwear!

Yay for a stay-home-watch-an-epic day! Sue, you are talking about the british version, I assume? Hear it is much better than the US thingy.

Sue said...

Kathy a, we decided to watch the US series first - the UK edition is for next weekend!.

Yay for ice cream and undies!

kathy a. said...

I am saying so darned much on the book club thread. Please don't take that as trying to steal the thread; I really liked this book, and love discussions.

And, I am in serious distraction mode, due to the ongoing saga of SILfH. Beloved is headed back there tonight, and he is one very unhappy guy.

Sue said...

No worries at all about book club kathy! I'm slammed with work this week and checking in when I can. I'm so pleased that folks enjoyed the book.

Miranda said...

Kathy A - I wish I had advice for you and Beloved. I wish I could help you. I can make you some virtual soup and offer hugs to the whole A team as you deal with SILfH.

kathy a. said...

Thanks, Miranda -- and everybody. My SILfH is so very seriously mentally ill. This all would be easier if she was a nice cooperative mentally incapacitated person, but she isn't. Also if she was closer to any of the approximately 2 people with whom she still speaks, but no; she is in a pretty rural county 2.5 hours from here, with no resources for any of the kinds of trouble she has.

It just is what it is; if there was an elegant solution, we would have found it. So, we're buckling up for inelegant. She cannot stay in our house; it is truly that bad. But we do not want her homeless and on the street. Like I said, my beloved is a saint.

esperanza said...

oh, kathy a. If there's anything worse than the state of mental health care, it's the state of mental health care in rural areas. Almost nonexistent. Sorry that's adding to SiLfH's difficulties, and your beloved's.

Unbloggable disappointment tonight.

Miranda said...

W: I wish I knew why I was so anxious. I've awoken to awful nightmares two mights in a row. This morning's was at 4:03am and sleep was not possible afterwards. I'm afraid to sleep because the dreams were seriously bad. Think horror flick scary. Tomorrow is yet another long day at Paychex R Us due to work drama and I must somehow go to sleep because I will not function on yet another five hour nap this week.

AW: Teen Daughter and her friend have been building blanket forts all week. It has been so refreshing to see her laughing and happy.

Observation: As awful as teen daughters are to their mothers, it appears that they frown on other teens being rude to the other teens' mothers. I've somehow managed to only nod when the topic is discussed around me.

Miranda said...

Sorry about the disappointment, esperanza.

Sarah said...

Esperanza - hugs for the unbloggable. And yay for potty training successes. It's a journey, but yay!!

KathyA - oh so hard, with the SILfH.

Sue said...

Sorry for the unbloggable esperanza.

Miranda - so sorry about the anxiety and insomnia. Those technicolour nightmares are so horrible.

Yay on teens who advocate for their Moms!!! It's great to see young women setting boundaries.

kathy a. said...

((( esperanza)))

miranda, hope last night was gentler. that is very sweet about the forts; and about not liking girls who say bad things about moms.

my beloved went to court with his sister, and said he didn't think she was competent to understand the criminal charges and assist counsel. she's been ordered to see a psychologist. so, that's something.

Anonymous said...

W: i have been doing spring cleaning all week (school break) and the kids have been great (antiwhine!) but there is still a never ending list of stuff to be done/organized!
--Neighbor Lady

Hugs to esperanza, and kathy a., and miranda, and sarah! ((((())))))

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Apparently, those times when I kept pushing that little "publish your comment" button and it seemed to be doing nothing, it was doing something!
Could someone maybe remove a few of the extras?
Thanks so much! Sorry for the extra work!
--Neighbor Lady

kathy a. said...

done! yay, spring cleaning!

JenR said...

Moving. Snow in the forecast. Boo.

esperanza said...

Ugh, JenR. Moving is plenty enough whine without snow. Blech.

kathy a. said...

Oh, JenR. Prizeworthy. Pizza to all!

Miranda said...

Taking a page from our dear Liz's book, I informed the participants at today's 10am meeting, "If you all want to scream at each other unproductively, I am going to walk out of this conference room."

I lost track of the number of meetings I was sucked into today, y'all.

JenR said...

In a moment of procrastination I hopped over to the book club and noticed that I might actually get to join in around April... Since despite my crazy schedule, I have already read that book and can do a quick re-read. Yay!

liz said...

Yay Miranda! So glad that my whine was helpful!

And many hugs to everybody else.

Sue said...

Well done Miranda!

Yay JenR - we look forward to you joining in at book club!