Saturday, February 23, 2013

Awards Show

So this isn't exactly THE Awards Show that's coming up, but it will do for today.

Liz gets the Spine Award for her firm and careful handling of a work issue. Liz, would you be willing to conduct training workshops for the wimpy spines that some of us seem to possess sometimes? OK, for me?

Kathy a. and her Beloved get extra hugs and comfort food for the ongoing SiLfH Saga which gets worse every time we hear an installment.

Sarah gets the Moving on Up Award for making progress on separating from soon-to-be ex and his family. He, on the other other hand, gets a visit from the Cluestick Posse, for behaving like an 18 year old having a frat party.

Kathy a also receives the Mullet Award for her description of Sarah's soon-to-be ex: "pathetic ball of leftover guacamole slime." If that's not descriptive, I don't know what is.

Hugs to Sue for the return of the fireplacing headache and work troubles. And hugs to Miranda for bad dreams.

JenR gets a massage, pizza, and warm mittens for moving in the snow.

Neighbor Lady gets the Spring Cleaning Award just for remembering it needed to be done, and then doing it. Hooray, NL!

For those keeping up with the underwear saga, we are 2 dry/3 wet at this point. It appears that was *not* my final potty training whine.

Chocolate, spines, and dry underwear for all!

1 comment:

kathy a. said...

Thank you, Esperanza! Lovely awards. And omg, a mullet!!!!

Wishing you more dry underwear than not, my friend. It will happen!

I'm very grateful for everybody's patience with the saga.