Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whew, this post was autosaved when I accidentally closed the screen....

This has been a week of such shock, tragedy, reflection. I'm grateful to my fellow Pixies for being there. We are not going to agree about everything, but it is a comfort to be able to share some thoughts in a civilized manner, at a time when all our minds are reeling with the horror.

But life, as always, goes on. Congratulations to JenR, who shares the fabulous news that her wee one is due in September! Baby!! Wooot! We are thrilled! Wishing you good luck with the hunt for maternity wear, and we're passing the saltines, the ginger chews, the anti-nausea wristband, and lots of hugs.

Old Skool Awards to Liz, whose son came home from school sick, but made a miraculous recovery soon thereafter; Sue, for her papercut; Sarah, for PMS; and Esperanza, for the return of AF.

Elevated Risk of Mullet Award goes to Sarah, who got to visit with friends and reports: "And we have 3 kids and our friends have 3 kids and having 6 kids around is ridiculous. Taking 6 kids under 10 out to dinner should probably be illegal. At least immoral." Maybe the excitement will ramp down sometime soon. ;)

Oh NO -- Not the Pizza! Award to Esperanza, who dropped a pizza "goodie side down" in the oven. On the up side [heh], one of the Baboos was spared a burn; they were not spared Mama's four-letter words, a mental image that makes me giggle.

Real Jobsville Award to Jenevieve, who scored not one but two interviews! Crossing fingers. And we hope your back is better!

Snow + Strep Sucks Award to Neighbor Lady, for reasons that should be self-explanatory.

Pre-emptive Cluesticks to PK's insurance company; hoping they cover the OT for daughter.

Laundry Fairy to Sue's son. Oh wait; he has one. ;)

Best wishes for a quick recovery to all the Pixies who are afflicted, or whose households are afflicted, with illness, pain, nausea, etc.: Esperanza's Sweet AND Mini; Jeni; Liz's MM; Neighbor Lady's hubby AND daughter; Sue; JenR; Sarah's daughter; and Amy. Apologies if I'm leaving anyone out! And thanks to Days for passing the curative chicken soup and/or margaritas, to be taken as needed.


liz said...

Hooray for autosave!

amy said...

HAHAHA! "Laundry Fairy"! HAHA-- oh wait. That's me in this house.

Thanks for the love!

kathy a. said...

we are all the laundry fairy, i think. one's good intentions about Delegating Tasks go down the drain [heh] from time to time....

in my case, the darned cats really do not have any appreciation for the litter box fairy, the cat food fairy, or the laundry fairy. the dogs are even worse, except when it comes to food.

Sue said...

The Laundry Fairy pay-off this time around was a metric butt-load of awesome New York City t-shirts, key chains, hats, posters and more. He's a sweet boy to think of his Mom and Dad when he's in the Big City.

That, plus the always wonderful bear hugs makes a little fluff and fold worth it. Really. If he just dumped his stuff here and took advantage of us, we wouldn't do his laundry.

But he is very generous with his gratitude by running errands for his Dad and letting me run sermon ideas past him any time. He really isn't working us over. And when he's gone next year, we'll miss him - even his laundry.

kathy a. said...

ya done good. he's a good son.