Friday, January 28, 2011

Fresh Frozen Awards

This week's ceremony is brought to you by Snowpacalype '11 and the letter F, for fireplacing freezing. Our thoughts are with those wielding snow shovels, racking up the snow days, and otherwise struggling with the weather. Passing the hot chocolate!

There Ain't No Justice, There's Just Us Award to Liz, who braved the frost to get to court, only to find that court was closed and they were alone. Bleah.

Thanks a LOT, Teacher Award to Emily, whose youngest had to make a snowman for homework. Meaning, of course, extra hands-on parenting for parents already fuzzy of brain and body from all that shoveling. The Cluestick Posse is all over this one.

Happy Birthday to the fabulous Mini Baboo, who is absolutely perfect in every way, even if she appears to be a new member of Short People United. That particular club has many distinguished and accomplished members, so she is in good company.

Good Neighbor Award to Sue, who is keeping an eye out and a helping hand ready for her elderly neighbor.

Family of Origin Vexation Award of the Week to Neighbor Lady. Much sympathy from the Pixies, who are dispatching the Cluestick Posse to deal with the situation.

Old Skool Decision of the Week Award to Sue, who went with the bangs. Yay! And congratulations on the upcoming vacation! Send postcards!

Hello? Hello? The Connection Sounds a Little Damp Award to Liz, whose cell phone had a small encounter with the washing machine, and is now resting comfortably in a bowl of rice.

By popular demand, the Pixies have formed a Kudos Posse, which is proud to present the Festive Garlands of Awesomeness Award to Sue's doctor, who came to the house to do hubby's exam! (Thanks to KLee for the excellent award suggestion.)

Watching a Train Wreck Award to Esperanza, whose colleague "is bearing the brunt of an unhealthy situation."

Speaking of unhealthy situations, the No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Award to KLee, who tried to help a friend, only to have the friend turn on her. Oy. The Cluestick Posse is adding another stop.

Condolences to Sue's friend, who just lost a loved one.

Do you ever read about someone else's job and think, "Oh, my -- I should never complain about my work again"? (Not that this will stop us.) This week's Battle Duty Award goes to Esperanza's husband, who is in a "two funeral week."

Best to all who are suffering maladies, sadness, family angst, work angst, and/or a shocking shortage of GS cookies, especially Thin Mints, the very best cookie ever. Let us sally forth into the next week bravely, hoping for the best, avoiding the pook, and knowing in our hearts that Cluesticks and Kudos await the deserving.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Thanks kathy a for another fab awards gala!

Mwa Mwa - throwing pixie kisses to all of you. I will not be whining next week as I will be busy being pampered and wouldn't every want to find whineable material in that experience. Nope. Just going to enjoy the pampered ride for a week.

Catcha on the flip side.