Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's almost Wednesday!

Let the whines and anti-whines begin!

W/AW: busy busy busy busy. Mostly work stuff -- some thorny substantive problems, and the adventure of change of address cards. I think everyone who needs to be notified is, but labels are not one of my areas of expertise.

AW: Baby blankie and a care package received by their respective recipients!

W: OMG with the pook again. It really sucks when one accidentally tracks it down the hall. Especially when one is the designated pook monitor, and the quantity of such has been decreasing.

AW: Sunshine!

W: The baby toe injured by a wild falling can before Christmas was healing up fine, but now it is swollen. Waa.

Question: Does anyone use dictation/word recognition software? Any tips?

I'm keeping my eyes open for the appearance of GS cookies locally. Will virtually pass them when located!


liz said...

We have an embarrassment of GS cookies here. I bought boxes from two separate co-workers and had to turn down a Brownie at church.

kathy a. said...

liz! one can never have too much. i think the sale hits the west coast later than the east coast. my main source for last year is off at college in another state. sigh. [although that's a big YAY! since she not only recovered from cancer, but spent the last year doing good things -- including service work this fall at Our Chalet in switzerland, which i gather is the mothership for GS worldwide.]

Anonymous said...

w:Supposed to be getting yet more snow tomorrow. ugh.

w: also, my family (the one I had growing up--not my husband and kids) continues to vex me with various things. not worth going into here, and not even really worth getting worked up about. My husband, who is mr. nice and laid back and would never say anything mean even about annoying people readily says this person is messed up. So, I should be able to let it go, not second guess myself, remind myself I am not the ogre s/he paints me to be. And is surprisingly hard to do. arg!

a/w: current immediate family is a joy

a/w ummm chocolate?

-Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

oooh, I neeeeeed some GS cookies. I'll have to be on the lookout, because I missed them last year.

W/AW: Today is Mini's first birthday. She celebrated with a yeast infection (yes, again), a new tooth (ugh), and climbing up on the hearth and almost into the fireplace (no fire present).

W: It's the second two-funeral week in a row for hubby. Haven't seen him much, and when we do, he is a fried little potato chip.

AW: Grandmotherly reinforcements coming Thursday for the BD.

AW: potty habits getting better, for unknown reasons. W: *still* not there yet.

W: unbloggable, even if I knew the details, "paid administrative leave" for a colleague at a former church. I'm suspicious he's bearing the brunt of an unhealthy congregation.

AW: sunshine! and the after-school program is canceled this week! Yippee! And chocolate birthday cake for all!

Sue said...

Girl Guide cookies. I remember them well. All we ever got up here were the half chocolate/half vanilla variety, but even those are hard to find now. Wah. (like I "need" cookies).

esperanza - I'm glad you've got reinforcements coming in. Sounds like a rough couple of weeks. My sympathies to hubby - been there, done that - it's awful. The best way to get through, for me at least, is to remind myself with the mantra "It could be worse. I could be the family." Seriously, I say it out loud in the car as I drag my sorry bee-hind home after funeral #2. Sorry about your friend too. Fireplacing toxic churches anyway. Bleh.

kathy a. - bringing the pook. Again. Double bleh. I hear ya on the busy too.

NL - family nonsense is SUCH a pain. Now that my obnoxious SIL got the message about me NOT doing her fourth wedding, I'm good to go. My family looks like the fireplacing Brady bunch by comparison.

Liz - enjoy the cookies!!

AW: Vacation starting Sunday afternoon!!!! For one whole week. Three days of which will be at a lovely spa!!! Eeeeeeee!!!! Should I really be this excited about being alone for three days? But I am. I'm seriously, NEVER alone. Not at work. Not at home. The only place I am ever alone is in my car. So, yes, this is pretty cool.

W: Haircut tomorrow. Cannot decide on bangs vs. no bangs. Presently the no-bangs is feeling a little old - same style for about 7 years now. Decisions....decisions....

kathy a. said...

oh, neighbor lady. yes, family of origin vexation -- hate it. you are truly not alone there. my fabulous aunt and i were talking yesterday -- one of those wide-ranging talks -- and she commented about my sib: "she's going to go out complaining. what can you do?" sigh.

happy birthday, mini!!!! but oh, esperanza -- "another two funeral week" sounds exhausting. so does the unbloggable admin leave situation.

yay, sue, for the vacation! no advice about the haircut, since my hair is a disaster zone; go with your heart. [also, bangs grow out.]

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the support, guys!
It means a lot!
Happy birthday mini!
And hugs for poo (ick), and happy hugs for vacations!

--Neighbor Lady

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Mini!!!!!

AW: Went for the bangs. Subtle but a nice change. So far, I like them.

AW: I love being a woman. Srsly. Hubby had his annual check up at home today. All is well. Yay!!!! Family doc (and yes, I haven't always agreed with him on everything) is so thorough and he genuinely cares about his patients.

He can as stubborn as the day is long, but it's pretty much always for the good of his patients. That he will take time out of his lunch hour to come and see hubby at home is really appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I think we need something in pixie lexicon that is the opposite of the cluestick posse (or should I now say "cludstick posse"?--I love that image).

And whatever that is, we should give it to Sue's hubby's doc--at least today--for making a house call during lunch!

So, what's the opposite of a cludstick posse?

Neighbor Lady

esperanza said...

Good idea, Neighbor Lady! I will try to think of something clever.

Thanks for the concern about my admin-leave colleague. He's not really a friend, per se. He has the position I once held at that church. So like I said, I'm afraid he's bearing the brunt of an unhealthy situation. I hate when you can see a train wreck coming but can't do anything about it.

After the grandparental visit, I"m sure I'll be back with some family of origin vexation myself next week.

Mini had her checkup today with the doctor. Remember how Sweet is so tiny she's off the bottom of the chart? But she has the preemie excuse. Mini is in the third percentile for weight and height. That's the bottom line of the chart. Giants, we are.

Sue, I may be inspired by your adventurous haircut.

Sue said...

Thanks esperanza - I'm feeling downright light-headed. My hair hasn't been this short for a looooong time. I like it!

NL - I like the idea of an Anti-Cludstick Posse. It really is a nice thing for him to do, especially when it`s stoopid cold outside. A home visit means hubby can stay indoors where it`s warm.

W: Our neighbour at the condo knocked on our door about an hour ago. She`s so confused (and possibly over-medicated). She was sure she had locked herself out of her car and her condo and needed to go to the pharmacy.

I drove her to the pharmacy (where she did have a prescription to pick up, but no wallet, so I paid the $10 processing fee - no biggie) and to the long-term rehab hospital where her husband is presently staying. She visited for about ten minutes.

Then we came home to find her door was open and unlocked. She also had severe aphasia. I don`t think she managed to finish a single sentence. I asked her several times if she wanted to go to ER and make sure she was okay, but she said no.

I`m really concerned about her and asked if I could check on her later, but she said no, she would be sleeping. Oy. Poor thing.

kathy a. said...

the kudos posse? go ahead and keep working with names for awards for real life heros, in everyday life....

oh, esperanza -- those slow-mo train wrecks (especially in places you have left) are painful. i'm about 9 years out of the place i loved but left for good reasons, and am a little astonished at what i still hear -- and how much a little encouragement helps in their continuing difficulties. listening helps, i think.

sue -- your poor neighbor! it doesn't sound like she is so safe on her own right now. you're a good neighbor. xoxo

kathy a. said...

esperanza -- so mini is little? so what. some of us are not giants in the physical sense. so long as she is healthy and growing, all is good.

KLee said...

Crawling out of my hidey-hole to say hello to all the Pixies! I have been busy, and distracted by Facebook. Mostly the latter, I will confess...

I actually posted a week or two back, but, of course, Blogger ate my comment in its entirety.

Girl Scout cookies don't arrive here until Valentine's Day. We only have 6 varieties this year, and are still expected to sell as many as we sold in previous years. I wonder if that will be the case?

FYI, the WAGGGS (or World Assoc. of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) has 4 world centers, with Our Chalet in Adelboden, Switzerland; one in Pune, India, called Sangam; Our Cabana in Mexico, near Mexico City; and Pax Lodge in London. When we visit London in July, our girls are participating in a program at Pax Lodge. We're very excited! Six months!

I say that Sue's doc should get the Festive Garlands of Awesomeness award!

I'm dealing with a bit of a personal snafu at the moment -- a friend asked me to do her a favor, which I did. When I related the outcome of the favor, the friend freaked out over a detail, and did not seem happy about the outcome. I was upset that the favor didn't seem to please her, so I spoke with a mutual friend about the situation. now, my first friend is pissed because she thinks I talked badly about her behind her back, which I did not. It's no longer about the original issue, she now says she can't trust me anymore. I'm just so tired of being in the middle of all of this. She's my friend, and I care about her, but she was awful quick to believe the worst about me....

esperanza said...

Oh KLee, it's stories like that that make me glad I don't have friends. Oh wait. Maybe not. I just get impatient when grownups act like middle schoolers. Yuck.

kathy a., yes we're small. Nothing wrong at all...she's growing at a nice steady pace, development is right on track, doctor isn't concerned about her size. Though I did get told that a baby her size cannot be expected to go 12 hours without food. Hmm...maybe that's why she's been waking up at 3 am? As for Sweet, she's always grown at a good rate, with the exception of a few months. Those few months, combined with her low birth weight, have put her behind the growth curve. Doctor isn't worried about her size either. Not-so-coincidentally, he's only about 5'4" himself :)

Sue said...

Hi KLee - so sorry about your school-yard behaving friend. What a delicate road to walk. I've been there. You don't want to lose a friend, but you also don't want to be stepped on.

I like Festive Garlands of Awesomeness!

Off to bed with me.

Sue said...

W: A friend of ours died yesterday. Funeral is on Monday at 3:00. I'll be out of town. I know it's not about me - at. all. The family does not go to my church, so I wouldn't have had any part in the service except to attend.

I didn't know the deceased as well as I know his wife and she will be surrounded by good support from friends and colleagues (she's a prof in the education faculty), but still....

Darn it, I wanted just ONCE to go away without any guilt, or a sense of "should" following me. If I go to the service and drive to the inn afterward, I'll be driving in the dark, on snowy roads which have been salted and therefore attract ten gazillion deer.

I'm going to skip the funeral because I've already paid for half of the spa package (hotel fee, etc...), but I know where my mind will be Monday afternoon.

Again - just a personal whine - I understand completely that it isn't about me.

Life - always throwing the curve ball. This one's pretty hard to catch.

amy said...

Sue, please be kind to yourself. Could you touch base with the wife and express your condolences before you go? You'll be out of town for the funeral, it's not a trip that can rescheduled, and you feel terrible about it, but you want her to know you are thinking about her and you will be back _____.

Re: Lexicon
I like Cluestick Posse and Kudos Posse. They sound nice next to each other, and I concur about sending out the Kudos Posse to the home-visiting doc. :)

Sue said...

Amy, I'm going to do just that. I'll call later this morning and go to the funeral home later to sign the guest book and drop off a card and donation. My friend will understand.

AW: Our sanctuary now looks like a beach. A big blue tarp is the lake, complete with fine sand and river rocks. We have leis and hair clip flowers for folks and sand buckets as collection plates. Sunday is going to be FUN! :)

kathy a. said...

keep whining! i'm thinking the ceremony will be tomorrow.

liz said...

W: I had a court date this morning (from the accident in Nov).

W: Court was closed to due to Snowpocalypse

W: Court website has NO alert regarding said closure.

AW: Spent a nice time with husband, son, and the lawyer.

W: Now at work in my suit.

W: Will have to go back to court when they set a new date. Husband thinks that the fact that they didn't give adequate notice of no court and thus we arrived and they didn't should be grounds for lawyer says it's not in VA.


liz said...

Sue, sending condolences to your friend. I am sorry you can't be there, but agree with others that you should feel no guilt around it.

KLee, I am sending you hugs and sympathy for having a sucky friend.

Esperanza, short people of the world, UNITE!

kathy a. said...

what liz said! all of it. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hugs to Sue and KLee!
--Neighbor Lady

emily said...

I am a wuss--snow shoveling has left me a whimpering mess. I understand my body not functioning--but why is my mind so fuzzy? (Having shoveled yesterday after round 1, along with the absence of DH--the major shoveler--probably contributes)

Also, my youngest had to make a snowman (?!?) for homework and that got accomplished. I'm not sure what academic standard it supported, but--since she's the third child--I know not to ask!

kathy a. said...

emily -- maybe the teacher came up with spontaneous homework that would make everyone happy? ;) it can't hurt to take advantage of the snowpacalypse. a kid making a snowman is a kid not on your heels whining about boredom. for a little while.

liz said...

W: After shoveling snow, having a rambunctious snow-ball fight, and making a snow angel, I put my wet clothes into the wash...without removing my cellphone first.

It's in a bowl of rice now, drying out.

emily said...

Hope the rice works liz!

Idk about the homework making everyone happy. Kid was not whining about boredom (but wouldn't have been anyway as she was happy to help shovel and then play in the snow), but she had to be photographed with her creation, she had to be helped to get the snowman accessories, etc. which she couldn't do by herself. It felt more like homework for *me* which I really didn't appreciate, especially being busy with the shoveling.

Parent homework makes me crabby!

Sue said...

Oh my. I hope the rice works Liz.

I have spoken with my grieving friend, who is doing well and completely understands that I can't be at the service. She suggested that we go for lunch once all the hubbub (she actually said that) of the funeral is over.

Hubby checked on our confused neighbour, who seems to be okay today. Or at least better than yesterday.

AW: I had about five different reasons to skip my workout today, but I went anyway! Go figure!!! I am SO good at talking myself out of going to the gym. Today was an exception to that pattern. A good one!

liz said...

Sue: Yay for going to the gym!
And it sounds like your friend is doing okay now and will need you more later.

Emily: Homework that the parents have to be uber-involved in is poo.